Kpop Music Mondays - U-Kiss "Tick Tack"

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This week's Music Monday is the Big Clock edition
with U-Kiss' "Tick Tack"
Wow! Like…wow!
This is probably the best song that U-Kiss has ever done.
Shut up was really good. Neverland was great.
0330 was meh, cuz we don't like ballads.
This song, though, was OSM!
And I felt like every part of the song was supposed to be in there.
Nothing stood out awkwardly.
Now, the only complaint we have about the video, which isn't really a complaint
Was that we felt that this video should have been a little bit more epic.
The main chorus of the song was really intense.
It felt like it deserved a dark city super fast motorcycle chase scene.
Or maybe the storyline is that there's, like, a girl,
And she's got a bomb strapped to her chest
And U-Kiss has to rush over and save her
Or, like, something that would be perfect for Fast and the Furious part 16
Which I'm pretty sure is coming out some time next year.
After all, a song about ticking time, kind of gives you a sense of urgency, like a feel of rush.
And while the video was moody and serious,
I could have gone with something more like a panicky feel to it.
Now don't take this the wrong way; we still like the video
even though we think the song deserves something much better.
The song matched the song and also the lyrics.
Clock lyrics, clock dance move, clock set. Makes sense!
Even the props are relevant, as the members dangle pocketwatchs in their hands.
Except for Kiseop, who has been imbued with some superhuman dothraki man warrior strength.
Because when it was his turn to show his pocket watch
it turns out that he ground it into a fine dust in his hands.
OMG Kiseop Hi! I'm such a huge fan. Can you sign this!
Sure! No problem.
I'm such a huge fan. I hope this isn't going to be weird or anything, but can I shake your hand?
Yeah! Sure no problem!
Really? Yeah!
Not again. NOOOOOOOO
Poor Kiseop. It's both a curse, and a blessing.
Really? Another freaking helmet? I don't need any more freaking helmets.
Kiseop! We're out of peanut butter.
Again? Yeah.
Just help out ok?
Hurry up!
Ok that's good bro. Here you go.
Thank you. Alright. Do you want some?
No, I'm good.
We got lots of jelly to go around.
No, I'm good.
Alright, see ya.
I'm a bit confused. The song starts by them saying "Tonight I shall be here"
But…ssss. U-Kiss: you're Kpop idols.
Please tell me that this is not your house.
I mean, if you invited your mom over,
I think she'd be none too impressed with your fratboy lifestyle.
Not only did you trash the place, but it seems like you set it on fire as well.
And then you used Kiseop's superhuman man strength
to toss a solid concrete column through your wall.
And then crushed the rest of your furniture into a fine dust with his man hands.
Oh! Hold on a second!
Hello? Yeah, ok, I'll let them know.
Lord Voldemort called, and he wants his room back.
How did he even get my number?
So, just some advice: I think you should consider maybe…sprucing up the place a bit.
Especially if you've got a date coming over.
Pick up like, a hand vac and get to cleaning up the place.
Otherwise, I doubt there'll be a second date in order for you.
Hey what's up? Thanks for inviting me here…
to your very industrial…post apocalyptic house.
Thank you. Hey girl. Can I get you a drink?
Yeah, that'd be great. It's freezing in here, actually. Like a coffee or something?
I lied. I have no drinks. I have no fridge. I have no kitchen. I have no washroom.
Hahaha! Great…umm. Could you, like, turn on a light or something?
It's really dark in here.
Sure. Allow me to turn on my broken light…
…………it's on.
Is that, like, a metaphor or something? It's still dark in here. No?
Something feels like, warm. !!! It's a boy!
It's me. I am Dong Ho.
What are you…what are you doing here?
I live here with six other roommates.
You mean, there's like, six other guise in here?
That's right. And we're all watching you!
Well. You know, this has been great. I had a great time
my, like, crazy alarm bells are ringing,
so I'm gonna go. So we'll talk later. OK C U.
Ok. We should be separated.
Man! I don't think U-Kiss has ever disappointed me with one of their dances.
From Man Man Panties, to Shut Up, to Neverland, to now this,
I love their explosive, passionate dance energy
and once again, U-Kiss takes full advantage of the 7 members of their group.
They divide the dance members up, so that there are 2-3 distinct dance groups
kind of competing throughout the music video.
I thought it was a totally awesome effect.
It keeps the viewer interested at all times, and it keeps the dance from being repetitive.
And the clock dance moves were totally awesome.
It looked like everyone was a separate clock part
but then when one person moved, all couldn't help but move in union.
It was almost like they were attached to each other through an invisible thread.
I thought it was so well done.
And I loved the skateboarding stomping chorus. It just never got old for me.
I watched it like, 4 or 5 times, and then I tried to do it at home
and then I looked really stupid. Did anybody else do that?
Guise? Well, I'm glad that that footage won't get leaked online.
[dance music]
[regular music]
As for the English of the song, we give this a 5 out of 5.
When I first heard the name of the song, I thought that the English was gonna suck
Because, I don't know about you, but to me
Tick Tack isn't the sound of a clock, but the name of a small but delicious mint
in a ridiculously hard to open package.
But it turns out that Tick Tack is the Japanese equivalent of Tick Tock
so we can't really dock them marks there
The rest of the English was solid, with no mispronunciation or anything awkward
But if you were to get me to rate the meaning of the lyrics of the song
I'd give this a PSSSSSHHHHH because I have no idea what this song is about.
On a side note: is anyone else noticing U-Kiss' Peter Pan trend?
First Neverland, and now Tick Tack.
My guess: U-Kiss next song is gonna be called Tinkerbell
Let your imaginations run wild on that one.
Last week we asked you which animal in heat video you preferred:
Hyuna and JS's in TroubleMaker, or T-ara in Bo Peep.
And the winner was T-ara!
Great job, T-ara, but, not really great job,
because the song was called Bo Peep, so I pictured sheeps,
but then you were kitties, and then it was really confusing because the song was so cute
and then the video was not cute, and…ohh
For this week's Mega Clock edition, we ask you which time dance you preferred:
U-Kiss' in "Tick Tack" or IU in "You and I"
Leave your votes in the comments, or in our Facebook poll,
and we'll announce the winners next week.
A couple of announcements:
even though we totally loved this song and video,
this is gonna be the last Jpop song that we're gonna review.
We'd like to base our reviews based on what's popular in Korea,
rather than what's popular in Japan or China or wherever else.
If we ever start a Jpop Music Tuesday segment,
then these videos would be totally fair game.
Also, it's Christmas, so next week we're not gonna be doing Kpop Music Monday
We're going out of the city to celebrate with some friends
so we hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
On December 31st, How to Dance Kpop 2011 is gonna come out
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