CGRundertow WARIO WARE, INC.: MEGA MICROGAME$! for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 29.11.2011

Woe to the one that tries to shake me out of a Wario Ware trance. I will often reciprocate
with something along the words of GTFO! Because its a known fact among fans of such a game
that test your reflexes like no other, that when you are in the zone, nothing can take
you out. In fact, you are entitled to said zone, and it must be treated like a crime
against humanity when the dog starts barking or your girlfriend calls you over and over
again. If you want a game that operates like a gatling gun of five second minigames, a
game that can truly test your reflexes and your overall knowledge of gaming, look no
further. Wario Ware Inc., Mega Microgames is here for you. We who are so addicted to
playing minigame after minigame are indeed lucky that Wario apparently wants a piece
of the gaming industry pie all to himself after seeing a commercial on TV. That's all
it took. No one questioned his ambition. Of course, he's gonna need a little help from
his friends, and it is their creativity that determines the levels that you must progress
through. Each of them pitches a theme at you, and its up to you to deliver the swing. Just
make sure you don't miss. For example, Dribble and Spitz's theme, although not entirely prevalent
in their level, is sci-fi, with spacey games that will have you shooting at spaceships,
constructing robots one piece at a time, and blasting off into space in order to avoid
asteroids. 9-volt is the man. Not only does he have the tunes crankin, he's also a huge
Nintendo fanboy specializing in classic games. Mini versions of Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda,
and Mario will challenge your skill and reflexes. I know I mention reflexes a lot, but it's
such an important element in beating each game as quickly and efficiently as you can.
You'll only have about five seconds to complete each stage, and you'll be kicking yourself
each time you screw up. Everything surrounding this game is rather fantastic. Visual quality
and sound are both on par with the best of the best of the Game Boy Advance, quirky,
cartoony, and many times, laugh out loud hilarious. As far as the cinematics go, it's hard for
me not to draw comparisons to the Katamari Damacy series in its comically Japanified
style, and you'll notice this during the aforementioned Dribble and Spitz, both before the level begins
where you can drink in the city where they work and between each minigame where there
is obviously Jpop playing in the background. If you've got a Gamecube with GBA capability
and you have a group of fun-loving friends like myself, don't hesitate to bring this
to your next party. Seriously. Wario Ware Inc Mega Microgames is like Mario Party with
a pulse. You'll be giddy with anticipation as you try to tackle each five second level
as efficiently as possible. Even your non-gaming friends will wonder what it is they are looking
at, and then my friends, so too shall they become believers.