DIY Sephora nail patch tutorial (Lace"Black boudoir" nails)

Uploaded by giugizu4ever on 28.12.2012

>> Hi everyone
and welcome to a new tutorial
to paint your nails lace style
perfect for New Year's eve
To create your lace nails
you'll need
A nailpolish remover
a paper napkin
A topcoat nailpolish
Sephora nail patches
a nail file
some scissors
and a cuticle pusher
first of all
degrease the nails using some nailpolish
I used a paper napkin
to avoid fuzz
this procedure degreses the nails
and makes Sephora patches last a bit longer
Using a cuticle pusher
prepare the nails for the patches
Now let's open the box
and here is how the nail patches look like
Let's open it
and first of all
let's decide which shape is best for our nails
If the patch should be too big
you can cut it to the right shape
using the scissors and following the contour
I suggest to cut the patch when it still has its cover
because it is very hard to handle it
once you remove the cover
Once you found the right size
gently remove the patch from the back and front cover
Set the rounded side of the patch
at the nail base
and position it in the right spot
if you are not happy with the result
you can try to gently remove it
and position again
Once you found the correct location
press and adhere it to the nail
use the file to remove the excess
repeat the procedure
on all the other nails
to finish the manicure
take the top coat
and apply a layer on all the nails
to obtain a glossy finish
and here are your lace nails
ready for the New year's eve
Have fun, celebrate
and happy new year to everyone