FFXI Abyssea NM "Indrik" Commented Video HD 1080p

Uploaded by Pysnegnup on 03.08.2011

Hi everyone! Today we're here again in Final Fantasy XI, for a video in Abyssea
We're in Abyssea - Ulegerand, This is my first commented video here
Today we're fighting a Unicorn, They call them Monoceros
I think everyone who played FFX will Recognize this boss
It's of course Ixion, Yuna could summon him
You can see it in great quality if you have activated 1080p
About this Boss history, he was first added in the 4th Addon, Wings of the Goddess
Under the name Dark Ixion, he was wandering in the old Vana'diel
And he's back in Abyssea, under the name Indrik
If you'd like to fight him, he pop between J-10 and J-11, next to the Conflux #4
He just pop in the middle of the tiger, no need for Key Items or anything
As always we're looking for the Yellow Trigger, to increase the drop rate on many items he drop
He can drop lot of AF3+2 Body, this is the main reason why we went to fight him
He also drop a Light Belt, and a Weapon for Monk
To speaks about the boss, this fight is a little special, i'll try to explain you each of his ability like always
But the main thing about this fight, He can use a ability that will increase an really powerful attack
A AoE cone, it can do a lot of damage, up to 7k, that's really a lot
It act a little as a timer, the longer the fight get, the more chance we have of dying
One thing important to know about this boss, when he move, he'll get a TP Regain Effect
It'll be able to get TP without being hit, or hitting you
So not only he'll be able to spam his AoE, but also the ability that increase his AoE
And the boss can become really strong in a short time, that's why we can't kitte him, or taking aggro
The boss also run really fast, same speed as when the Thief use Flee, or when we're Riding a Chocobo
It's impossible to get away from him
He's imune stun, so there's no way of stopping his ability
He also resist Magic a lot, for this fight we need more Melee than Mage
My job is usualy to get the Yellow Trigger, however this time it was a Light Magic
It's the White Mage's job, so i'm probably not the most important person for this fight
He also has Triple attack, This boss is a Thief
So it also has a lot of evasion, Accuracy Food is advised
Good thing for us though : He can't use Black Magic, another thing to know about this fight
He'll some time try to use a ability with the same animation as mobs 2 hour, when they have smoke around them
When he'll use that it's really simple, he'll absorbe a kind of damage
This can be slashing attack, or a element of Magic, or Ranged Attack
So we need to be really careful since a WS or a Magic at the wrong time can make him recover lot of HP
Since the time is a problem in this fight
We need to be really careful
We just foun the Yellow Trigger, this is a Good News since we'll be able to kill the boss now
And we'll have increased drop rate on AF3+2 body at the end of the battle
About the Boss Ability, his first one is called Rampant Stance
It's a AoE that does damage and also give the debuffs Bind, it'll prevent you from moving
Thanksfully, it can be absorbed by Utusemi
His 2nd ability is called Damsel Memento
One thing you shouldn't do in this fight is what i just did, take the hate
Like i said earlier, the boss will get lot of TP when he's moving
Damsel Memento is a ability that'll regen his HP
And it'll erase all debuffs you put on him
And it'll also increase Scintillant Lance damage, the AoE i spoke about earlier
Thing to know too about this ability is that when he's using it, he'll absorbe all Magical Damage, so we need to be really careful since we can easly regen lot of his HP
The ability you just saw that killed almost everyone and would've killed me if i didn't had Mana Wall activated
Scintillant Lance is a Powerful Conal AoE and is Magic Light based
Since it's a Cone AoE, nobody should be next to the Tank or behind him
This attack has a really long range, the range is higher than the one we have to use magic
As long as you'll be able to use something of him, you'll be in the AoE Range
If you have Fanatic Drink, or Fanatic Tonic, you should use them, you wont get damage from his AoE
If you use Debuffs of him, the chance of him using Scintillant Lance will be lower
However, it'll give him the chance of using another ability called Grace of Hera
It'll both erase your debuffs and give him a regen effect, so his Hp will increase
But it'll use it only if you put debuffs on him, so it's up to you
The boss should be dead soon, i hope you enjoyed this video
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I try to add video every weeks, good day everyone and see you again!