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Hi, Geraldo.
Hey, ma’am, careful.
– My boss should arrive any minute. – Screw him.
Can’t you realize that all I want is you?
– My shift is almost done… – Don’t worry, I’ll pay you overtime.
– Stop. Cut. – Cut, cut!
What happened, Romero?
I’ve lost control. Sorry.
Man, this is so adolescent. What the hell.
I was just saving to be bulky. So that on the right time… bam!
So that I could... right?
But she touched me unexpectedly, right?
That was unscripted, I think. Did she have to touch me like this?
Now we do what?
– We’ll roll another take... – Straight?
Yeah… Can we take a 15 minute break?
– 20. Is that ok? – 20 minutes for the actor, guys!
I just need to change my pants. Costume department!
Hi, Geraldo.
Hey, ma’am, careful.
– My boss should arrive any minute. – Screw him.
Can’t you realize that all I want is you?
Oh, Ellen…
Cut! Again, Romero?
The way she kissed me catched me off guard.
Am I doing something wrong? Should I…
No, it’s the opposite, Ellen. You’re doing it too good.
Ok, look. Wanna change the scene a little?
Don’t worry. You can…
I mean… Now that you mention it,
could she not kiss me like so?
Man, but It’s a porn movie…
I know, but she could avoid kissing me like so, right?
Cause she’s just kissed me with such lust. You know? That’s it.
Ok. Hey, Ellen. Try not to kiss him like so.
– Fine. – Fine? Thanks.
Hey, Romero, come here.
Romero, dude, want me to fix it on editing?
How does it work?
I’ll make a long shot with you,
and make a close up with some other guy’s wang.
Whose wang?
I don’t know. My wang. Don’t know.
But I don’t know how your wang looks. It could make me look bad.
Then choose another wang… you choose it.
Do you want Rubens’ wang?
– Rubens? – Yeah, Rubens.
– Rubens who? – Rubens.
My wang? Do you want my wang?
No, no. Never mind, Rubens. Thanks.
We won’t need you wang. Don’t worry, I’ll use mine.
Yours? Are you sure?
– I know what I’m doing. – Sure?
I know what I’m doing. My wang is…
Can we make it after lunch?
– Yeah, maybe. – Then I’ll know what I’m doing.
Ok, guys. Let’s take a break.
New pants, please.
Hi, Geraldo.
Cut! Fuck, Romero!
With this sexy little voice, shit…
Ok, guys, Let’s do a close up on Rubens’ wang.
Sorry, guys.
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
Get off…
Ellen, stop.
Oh, Ellen… fuck.
Get off.
Careful, Ellen.
Get off, Ellen.
Hi, Geraldo.
It doesn’t make sense anymore… it doesn’t…
– I’m so sorry. – It can’t be. Right?
It doesn’t make any sense.