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North Korea got an up-close look at U.S. and South Korean firepower as massive live-fire
drills south of the DMZ were held on Friday. Fighter jets, attack helicopters, armored
vehicles, and 2,000 allied troops took part. July 25 is the 62nd anniversary of the start
of the Korean War.
Doctors and scientists are now looking for ways to use the bacteria that live in our
healthy bodies to help ward off disease causing bacteria and reduce doctors’ dependence
on antibiotics. There are 100 trillion microbes living comfortably in our body and helping
all its organs and systems work normally.
The government held its first-ever nationwide blackout drill following high demand earlier
this month that caused electricity reserves to fall below the safety threshold. The drill
also helped raise public awareness of the need to curb energy use.
The mood was jubilant at the Tesla Factory in California as its first electric sedan
rolled off the assembly line. The price tag isn’t cheap, between $57,400 and $77,400
before rebates. The modern design has a windshield that blends into the roof.
The Rio+20 summit concluded with a report by participants on sustainable development.
There was prolonged deliberation and intense sparring before the document was finally signed.
Most experts have labeled the conference a failure because no concrete commitments for
decreasing emissions and today’s unsustainable human consumption were made.
Over 400,000 people commute to Seoul’s Gangnam district daily. The total inflow of people
into Seoul daily exceeds 700,000, mostly from Gyeonggi Province.