Quick start accessibility testing on iPhone or iPad

Uploaded by YahooAccessibility on 21.09.2011

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(guide) The first step to testing with iOS is to enable VoiceOver.
Click on the settings button, and then scroll down to accessibility.
We want to enable VoiceOver, using the triple-click on home.
Hit "Toggle VoiceOver".
Now go back, and enable VoiceOver,
and you're all set.
[VoiceOver] VoiceOver on landscape
[VoiceOver] home button to the left. setting.
(guide) VoiceOver has some pretty simple gestures that we'll need to learn.
The first thing we'll want to do is turn down the speech rate.
[VoiceOver] fifteen percent
(guide) You can easily navigate back and forward on the page,
by simply using a swiping guesture,
one direction or the other.
[VoiceOver] forty five percent...fifty percent
[VoiceOver] forty five percent...forty percent
(guide) Use 2 fingers in a dial motion, in order to decide how you are going to navigate the page.
[VoiceOver] speech rate
(guide) Once you've found something you want to open, such as the calendar,
double-tap on the screen to open it.
[VoiceOver] tap to open
Use a 3-finger swipe to go from one page to another.
[VoiceOver] double-tap to open
[VoiceOver] tuning...double-tap to open
(guide) Let's open up an application and see how you can navigate through it.
[iPad makes an electronic triple blip]
[VoiceOver] market desk open the application settings button
[VoiceOver] manual refresh button
(guide) The iPad will announce button. You need to provide the title for the button.
[VoiceOver] my watchlist
[VoiceOver] visit Yahoo! Finance website button
[VoiceOver] selected symbol price eleven thousand two hundred eighty eight point forty seven
[VoiceOver] went down by two hundred five point ten points
[VoiceOver] one point seventy eight percent.
(guide) You can navigate through a web page, by simply using the swipe gesture,
as in moving up and down this table.
[VoiceOver] two point twenty seven percent
[VoiceOver] symbol price one thousand one hundred seventy eight point ninety three
[VoiceOver] went down by twenty five point forty nine points
[VoiceOver] symbol caret sbc with price one thousand one hundred seventy eight point eighty
[VoiceOver] went down by twenty five point sixty two points
[VoiceOver] two point thirteen percent
(guide) You can also use your finger and move around the site.
[VoiceOver] Dow Jones Industrial Average
(guide) and VoiceOver will announce whatever's underneath your finger.
[VoiceOver] eleven thousand two hundred eighty seven point fifty six
[VoiceOver] two hundred six point zero one
[VoiceOver] change two hundred six point zero one
[VoiceOver] open value is eleven thousand four hun-
[VoiceOver] percent change one point seventy nine percent
[click] one hundred eight [click] open value is eleven th-[click] Wall Street slides after zero jobs growth
[VoiceOver] Reuters friday twelve forty eight p m eastern standard time
(guide) Double-tap on a focused element in order to open it up.
[VoiceOver] previous dim button...next dim button
[VoiceOver] Wall Street
(guide) Notice that these are reading the name of the icon, instead of what they actually do.
[VoiceOver] skip navigation...inpage link
(guide) Now that I'm inside a web view, I'm seeing it as if I'm looking at any web page.
[VoiceOver] skip navigation...inpage link
[VoiceOver] form control
(guide) You can use the rotor now, to navigate from headers, images, tables, links...
[VoiceOver] containers
[VoiceOver] characters
[VoiceOver] words
[VoiceOver] lines
[VoiceOver] headings
[VoiceOver] skip to search...inpage link...new user reg-...New York
[VoiceOver] Reuters Wall Street stocks dropped on friday
[VoiceOver] with major indexes falling as much as two percent as labor de--
[click]...by John... [click]...friday [click]...follow these stocks...links...symbols
[VoiceOver] Goldman Sachs grew...incorporated...link...image...table...end
(guide) Once again, the left-right swipe is going to take you up and down,
through the page,
[VoiceOver] related headlines
(guide) The up and down will let you go from header to header,
when the header is selected in the rotor.
[VoiceOver] heading...Wall Street sli-...Yahoo! finance headlines
[VoiceOver] heading not found
[VoiceOver] reload button
(guide) Double-click in order to push a button.
(guide) With these basic gestures, you are now ready to test your own applications.
Triple-click the home button in order to turn on, and turn off VoiceOver, in the future.
[VoiceOver] heading not found
[VoiceOver] Wall Street slides after zero jobs growth heading level one
[VoiceOver] company heading level three
(guide) Visit accessibility.yahoo.com
for more information about accessibility on the Yahoo! Network.
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