Rob Tofield Showreel 2013

Uploaded by ComedyTrumpet on 14.01.2013

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Marsha! You came!
Rosie & Pete - open marriage.
Alan - allergic to his own hair
and that's Marco
he once shot a squirrel.
Anyway, let's get you introduced.
Everybody! This is Marsha.
She's the doctor that removed the polyp from my rectum last year!
Gentlemen. Watch Gavin work the magic.
Watch me.
Hello ladies!
Looking lovely this evening.
Gavin, nice to meet you.
Amber. The pleasure is all mine.
So, how old are you Amber?
A gentleman never asks a ladies age!
I never claimed to be a gentleman.
True. So how old do you think I am?
Hmm, 21.
God, you are good.
I am 21, yeah.
So, can I get you a drink?
No, we're all right for the minute thanks.
OK but
I'll be back!
Well, I think he's pretty much on board.
No, he's wavering.
There's not enough pizazz. Not enough sexual tension.
We're advertising stairlifts Gareth
not femidoms.
You need sex Michael.
Me personally or the advertising campaign?
Like it
Look, just stick a busty blonde in at the top of the stairs
and a couple of poofy boyband types in for the biddies.
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