Light Rail Funding Ceremony, 10/16/2012 - Video #4

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UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research university, and, as such, we are
intensely engaged in creating knowledge, in teaching our students, and very often learning
from our students.
We create practical, commercially viable knowledge for research and community engagement that
addresses the challenges and the opportunities of the urban core and the set surrounding
region here both in Charlotte, for North Carolina, but also for the nation.
Many times, this new knowledge creates direct economic value by way of applied research
and partnerships with institutions in Charlotte and beyond.
In my role in helping cultivate research and economic development opportunities, I can
attest that linking the resources of our main campus with the resources of the Center City
is viewed as a substantial asset by our current partners and potential partners, in business,
and industry, our social and cultural partners as well.
And of course the extension is a major asset, enabling our students to readily interact
in the Center City and beyond.