THIRTEEN DAYS - Live @ Two Days A Week Festival 2012

Uploaded by thirteendaysrocks on 05.10.2012

Ok, one, two, three...
THIRTEEN DAYS, the best band on Earth!
We're on our way to the festival grounds at TWO DAYS A WEEK 2012
Um... What time is it? 10:30 AM?
Yeah, it's 10:30
We actually wanted to check in at 10. But we're a bit late as always...
Always the same.
He who arrives late - arrives anyway.
Exactly. He who arrives late, laughs the loudest.
A nice and cold Zipfer beer!
Yeah we're just at the camping site! Handing out flyers and stuff.
Thank you guys! Thanks a lot!
Thanks. Roman: There you go
You know what's really terrible? No one says thank you anymore...
Everyone's so ungrateful these days. Especially those damn teenage kids!
2012's most popular illness is definitely bipolar disorder.
And now for a real life example... THIS guy!
What? Are you even filming or just looking at the camera?
I think he's been filming the whole time.
I know you can sing a lot louder, TWO DAYS A WEEK!
Now that was AWESOME!
My in-ear totally broke right in the middle of our set. The cable just cracked.
I don't think I've ever felt this shitty in my life...
I really thought I was gonna hurl just as we were driving down the highway now.
Well, this is how it goes sometimes...
We already dropped of Freisi.
We just threw him out of the car in Styria. In the backwater smalltown he's from.
So Freisi, if you're watching this: You live in a (mumbles)
You really live in buttfuck nowhere, man.
There's literally NOTHING there...
Except long wide plains and hills.
I'd go crazy in that place. No wonder you're as crazy as you are.