Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Understanding the Celebrity Mind: Insecurities

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel and we're talking about recruiting celebrities. In this segment however
we're going to talk specifically about understanding the mind set of a celebrity. What I lovingly
call celebrity psych 101. Specifically in this segment I'm going to talk about understanding
that celebrities are some of the most insecure people on the planet. Yes, I said insecure.
Now this goes completely against what most people think about celebrities. Because you
figure if they're in front of people all the time and in the public eye, they must be pretty
self assured. But the opposite is the truth and for very good reason. Think about it this
way. If you were a celebrity and every day you walked outside of your home people recognized
you and started talking to you and were really nice to you, but you didn't know whether they
were really being nice to you because they were sincerely nice or if they had some sort
of hidden agenda or ulterior motive. People will try to take advantage of celebrities
if they can unfortunately because they represent power and influence, and everybody wants a
piece of that. So as a result of being a celebrity and not knowing who to trust you become very
insecure. And when you become insecure you do something that many people complain about
when it comes to working with celebrities. You become very demanding. Why? See, if you
are demanding and you're a celebrity you're taking control of the situation. And when
you take control of the situation you become secure because you're in control. So next
time you hear that a celebrity is demanding you may want to ask yourself a question first.
Hmm, are they feeling insecure about something? And then help make them feel secure. Help
make them trust you in a way that's honest. I'll give you a great story, an example of
this. One of the events we used to do every year, coordinate is The Jimmy Stewart Relay
Marathon. Prior to this event there is a VIP reception that takes place in which the sponsors
attend along with the celebrities. And there was one particular celebrity that was arriving
that I heard was "difficult" to work with. Well, he has just come in to the reception
room. I am the first person to greet him, and I notice that he's got something dangling
out of his nose. I can't believe it because he has just done the red carpet arrivals and
all these people taking photographs of him and nobody's said anything to this poor man.
So I said Hi, I'm Rita Tateel. Go like this and I did that very nonchalantly. And when
he did that and he looked down he got very embarrassed. But you know what? At that moment
that man became putty in my hands because he knew that I was someone that was going
to take care of him and someone that he could trust. So he did everything I needed him to
do, the so called difficult celebrity. He sat there for hours taking photographs with
sponsors, talking to the media. He was fabulous to work with.