King of Kings 3 - Tutorial - First Steps - PvP & Clan War MMORPG

Uploaded by gamigogames on 14.09.2010

Hi, I'm Silke, product manager at gamigo. Welcome to the King of Kings 3 PM Diaries.
Today I will show you how to create a character and make your first steps in the game.
Insert your account name and password to log in to the game.
This is the character creation screen. On the right side, you can adjust various features of your character.
You can choose the gender, the hair style, the hair colour, the face and the make up.
Most importantly, you can decide which class you want to play: warrior, mage or cleric.
If you are not sure, have a look at the short description on the left.
Now, choose the realm you want to start in,
enter your name and press "Create".
You'll have to enter a password which you need in case you want to delete your character later on.
Congratulations! You have created your first character.
Press start to enter the game.
Welcome to the world of King of Kings. This is where all new players start.
The first NPC you can talk to is Dundory. Just left-click him.
Good, you reached level 2.
The text on the left is your level up message. It gives you hints what you could do next.
If you want to see your further tasks, open your quest log. In this case, you have to talk to Dundory again.
Now you have to go to Mape. If you don't know where to find her, click on her name and you will automatically walk to her.
You can also open the mini map and type in the coordinates. Click "Move" to go there.
You just received your first pet.
Click on the egg to summon your little fairy.
She is going to follow you wherever you go.
The first quests generally introduce you to your environment.
They show you where to go, what to do and how to get useful stuff.
To put on new gear, just right click on it.
Since your character window is open, quickly check your stats. If you level up, you usually get some attribute points.
Depending on your class, you will need different attributes. Simply press the green cross to allocate your free points.
Now you got your first skill book.
Press this button or "V" to open your skill tree. On the left side, you can see your skill tree.
If you are interested in other classes, you can have a look over here.
These are the basic classes and these are the first advanced classes.
On the right, you can read a short description of each class.
Do you see the blinking icon? It tells you that you can learn that skill. Just click on it.
You just learned your first skill. Drag it to the action bar to use it.
Since you are level 5 already, you got 4 more points to distribute.
Now the next icon starts to blink. But there is no skill book left anymore.
You also don't have any gold to buy skill books. So we have to quest to get some.
The red name shows you that it's a monster or some other kind of enemy.
When you're done, go back to Dundory.
Well done, you just earned your first gold. You can also sell your loot to a NPC or your Imamu to get more gold.
Press auto-sell and select what you want to sell.
White equipment and potions should be fine.
Now you got enough money to buy a book. Look for the "Drill Master". Open your mini map, select merchant and here he is.
This is where you can find your skill books.
Select your class. You already got the first book, so take this one.
If you want to learn it, you can click on the book.
Since this is a passive skill, you can't drag it to your action bar.
Thanks for watching and enjoy the game!