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Holy shit, the world didn’t end!
– What, man? – Holy shit, the world didn’t end!
– Who told you it would? – The Mayas said the world would end!
How could you believe on those politicians?
Not the politicians, man, the Maya people.
Fuck, where the hell are we?
– Caçapava. – Caçapava?
Caçapava, upstate São Paulo, in the middle of…
I know where Caçapava is.
I wanna know what am I doing here in Caçapava. I hate Caçapava.
Exactly. You wanted to see Caçapava explode.
Holy shit, but are you sure that we’re in Caçapava?
Do you have any indication that we’re in Caçapava?
There, it’s Miss Caçapava sniffing some glue.
What? Where did she come from?
Hang in there, I’m gonna help you, Caçapava…
Wait, Miss Caçapava! Fuck!
– What the hell is this? A wheel? – The ambulance wheel…
– What ambulance? – The one that rolled over…
You drove down to Jardim Botânico
and broke down Rede Globo’s gate… [Brazilian TV network]
Rede Globo’s gate? No… not Rede Globo’s…
Yeah, you wanted to kill Dráuzio Varella. [Brazilian physician]
“What the hell… I’m gonna kill Dráuzio Varella! Hang in there!”
That was me! That was me! That was me!
Why would I want to kill Dráuzio Varella?
– I don’t know. – He’s a good person.
He cures people from cancer. He saves people from nicotine.
But he wasn’t there, he wasn’t, he had already left.
He wasn’t there? Thank God!
But Bruno de Luca and Fernanda Rodrigues were. [Brazilian actors]
But did we talk to them? Did we actually interact with them?
Actually you took a dump on Bruno de Luca.
– Did I take a dump on Bruninho? – You did.
I didn’t do this to Luquita from the block…
– You did a little bit. – What about Fernanda Rodrigues?
Don’t you remember anything about Fernanda?
– No, I don’t. – I brought Fernanda over.
I can’t believe we did that to Lucinha Lins’ daughter… [Brazilian actress]
– What about us? – What about it?
– Did we… Did we? – We… yeah. We did a little bit.
I gotta call someone to come and pick me up.
Immediately, this is a… where’s my cell phone?
– You threw it on the cop. – On the cop, what cop?
Oh my God, there’s a tied cop on the bathroom tub!
– Not just a cop, his name’s Douglas… – Douglas?
Yeah, you got really intimate, don’t you remember?
– With Douglas? – Yeah…
After the sphincter championship that you won. And you won by a landslide!
– Don’t you remember? – Did I? I can’t…
I did just now! I even got a little dizzy.
Oh my God…
Holy mother of God, what’s going on in there?
Get off, who is this? Suzane Von Richthofen? [Brazilian criminal]
It’s Garrincha, it’s Garrincha.
Do you mean the spirit of Garrincha? [Brazilian soccer player]
No, Garrincha, the drug dealer we’ve kidnapped.
Why is this happening? What the hell is that?
– Where is it coming from? – Calm down, it's coming from inside of you.
– Calm down... – Wait, this is not my cell phone’s ringtone.
No, wait, that’s the land phone.
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
Bruno de Luca and Fernanda…but did we talk to them, did we actually interact with them?
– Actually, you took a dump on him. – Did I take a dump on Bruninho?
I couldn’t do this with Luquita from the block…
I took a dump on Bruninho. I defecated…
– You took a dump on Bruno de Luca. – Over Bruninho?
You took off your pants and took a dump.
And how did I do that?
Fuck, you even have to read with him!