Tutorial Minecraft - #06 - Portal do Nether e Fungos

Uploaded by blackaiogamer on 06.07.2012

Hey guys, BlackaioGamer here
today i'm going to continue our Minecraft tutorial
I'm was going to teach your guys about the Nether portal
we just got our obsidian
and a lighter, and we have everything to make the portal
just going to trow somethings off here
don't need this string
what more i don't need?
the rest i kind of need
i will left, my dirt, lapis, redstone, i will get this later
until now it's fine
so let's go home
just let me gather this stone, and i'm using the snapshot, with is almost the version 1.3 already so, i don't suport to use 1.2.5 anymore
they are lating the version 1.3 too much, don't know why
just let me make my tower, o look a cow
let's go
ok, go go go!
it's almost there
i need to make a stair down there
oh, hy cown, die DIE!
give me your meat
look at there i need to pick this sugar cane, so i can make books
with we will use to make enchantment tables
ops there was a weird lag
my Minecraft always bug, when i'm generating new land
like distance you know, don't know why, nevermind
you know would be good if i go home, to store those diamonds, would be very stupid of me to lose those
here's sugar cane, oh look a forest
oh wait i need to eat, my life is short
ok, there's a cown over the clif
well, since i'm just let me take a look where i'm going to make my house
i want to make a tower over here
i should make over there, there's a good vision, alright.
i wanted to make the nether portal over there, the house over there, and the portal here, i make a bridge
i'm going to make this, alright.
just let me go home first
not a house, more like a hole
here it is
here's my house
just realized i don't have a chest over here
let me see what i don't need to bring to the nether
food i have enought, sugar cane i don't need, ok, ok ,ok, water bucket is useless in the nether
coal. iron, maybe i need to craft some picks over there
some stone, some wood
ok i think it's fine
diamong pick, i don't think it would be a nice ideia to bring my diamond materials to the nether
anyway, meat, food, ok ok
need one more pick
i think 2 picks would be fine, one sword, amor
ok, i think i'm ready, let's go
our nether portal
i shoudn't be doing the nether now but well, anyway
i just fell like it
next one i will se if i can build a house, pick up a model of one ready, and just rebuild
o i can just put the link to the project so you guys can make it too
i have one in mind already
i have stone? yes i have
so let's go, i wanna make
well, i think it was here
i will make this little way
i wanna make up here my nether portal
at least i'm not hungry in this map, there's alot of cowns
let me see, let me see
yes it was right here, my house with a panouramic view
that's cool, oh look it's generating a forest over there
in this case i make the nether portal over there
or i make inside of the house?
well, for now i make right there
how to make a nether portal
first we clear this place
we need some space
i will plane this floor
pick up the obsidian
two spaces on the half, one block here, and here
make tree blocks hight
one more, so there it is
two on the top, tree on the sides
and we make the same on the floor
so there it is, our nether portal, dont need to put on the sides
there is no blocks on the tips
pick up your flint and steel and, bum LIGHT IT UP!
anyway, let me hold this obsidian in my inventory, and the flint and steel, put some stone in case i fall
so here we go