SGI-Brazil Lotus Sutra Exhibition

Uploaded by SGIVideosOnline on 20.09.2011

This exhibition, cosponsored by the Institute of Oriental Philosophy and SGI-Brazil,
was held at the Ikeda Culture Center and featured Sanskrit texts of the Lotus Sutra
that are between 1,200 and 1,300 years old.
The exhibition has toured 12 countries. This was the first showing in Latin America.
The opening ceremony was attended by various local dignitaries including Eduardo Jorge
Secretary of Environment of the Municipality of São Paulo.
I would like to extend my congratulations to the Institute of Oriental Philosophy
and to SGI-Brazil for this wonderful initiative.
I am convinced that it will lead to increased intellectual discourse and
help further the spiritual progress of humanity. Thank you for your kind attention today.
The Lotus Sutra is a collection of writings full of dynamic power that has stood the test of time
and continues to be a light for us today.
I’d like to express my sincere wish that through this exhibition we, as western thinkers,
can achieve a profound spiritual dialogue concerning the essence of Buddhist philosophy
and the spirit of the people of Asia.
This exhibition is a tool that can help us restore values.
Perhaps it can also help us to reconstruct a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.
On behalf of the city of São Paulo,
I would like to thank SGI-Brazil for giving those of us who live here the opportunity
to become better acquainted with the mission and philosophy of Soka Gakkai and the spiritual wealth of the Orient.
In conjunction with the exhibition, a Symposium on Bioethics and Oriental Philosophy
was held on April 9, 2011.
The symposium featured guest speakers and
discussions on topics ranging from bioethics to philosophy and the environment.
The symposium was brought to conclusion with a choral performance
I was impressed. Looking around the auditorium,
you could tell everyone was focused.
The symposium's theme is one that is highly appropriate in today's fragmented world in that
it speaks to the soul of people, penetrating straight to the heart
I think that SGI-Brazil is on the right path. I believe this is the path that will help us make mankind whole again,
and restore the fraternity that binds society together.