How To Make An Animatronic DIY

Uploaded by DrN0OB on 16.08.2012

for this project will need two 3 volt watch batteries, two colored L.E.D. lights
some duck tape and a lightweight Halloween Mask.
you will also be a small desk fan and a camera tripod. You can also build a
wooden tripod from scratch if you need to. we also recommend these items to
enhance the effect. For example a boombox with a laugh track can really make your
creature come to life
first thing is to secure the fan on the tripod with duct tape.
When done it should look something like this. Now onto the mask.
Take your L.E.D. lights and connect them to the batteries like so
Flip the mask inside out and tape the active lights to the mask just below the eye holes.

it should look something like this
now you're ready to put the mask over the fan.
make sure you test it out to see how it looks.
now all that's left is to use garden mesh or a dark sheet to create robe. That's it!
if you have a boombox you can play an FX sound on loop.