Watching bowling

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[Seinfeld:] Well, ever watch bowling on TV?
[Letterman:] Yeah, you know, I actually enjoy it, on, on ABC
Saturday afternoons they have bowling and you can actually get into it.
[Seinfeld:] Well, I mean, but this is something you can do.
You know what I mean you watch it like, I watch pro football play,
but anyone can bowl. I mean, it's just, I think it's the lowest moment in life.
To watch other people bowl. I mean. [Letterman laughs]
[Letterman:] Oh, well. [Seinfeld:] Really, it is.
and there's no way, there's no way to get into it except,
you know, try and root for one guy because you can't believe the pants
the other one is wearing. [Audience laughter]
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