Uploaded by DolceviMU on 10.09.2011

Hi everyone, we're meeting today to see an extravagant makeup tutorial
I'm starting with a small angle brush and black eye liner
And I draw a line slightly leaning to the side
we will draw an another parallel line which doesn't reach the eye
Finally I draw one last, to link the two lines
Make sure that both sides are correctly symmetrics
And to give the illusion of a bigger eye, we will going to draw a line like a cut crease
And on this same line I will perform short movements
And I do the same thing on this one
Then I filled the area with the liner
But we can also use a pencil
and to finish I draw a line along the lash line
Then once that's done I can apply the black shadow on top of that
now turn to the eyebrows, I need a longer line than mine, as I don't have an
of course we will see them, but it will not be obvious
Next, I take a very iridescent white eye shadow. And I applied it under the eyebrow
and also below the line
if you don't have a base you can use a concealer too, then I apply it in the inner corner
and even on the lower eyelid
at last I take a bright yellow eye shadow
that I apply just on top of this
Then I lengthen the line, and I thicken it by blending
We put a white pencil in the water line
And with my finger, I apply the yellow shade, just above it
Now we move on to glitters
facilitating the application with a fixative
I apply false eyelashes and here what it looks like
Then I apply a gold jumbo on my lips
And I apply in the center of them a touch of yellow
Now for the contour, I take an angled brush and a shade darker than my skin color, and I put in the hollow of my cheeks
And I blend it with a large powder brush
Here is the final look !
this is an extravagant look, but I hope you like it
it was fun to realize, and I hope you'll find it funny too! See you soon !