Lars Stindl im Portrait

Uploaded by SportsTotalTV on 23.05.2012

I scored my first Bundesliga goal here in Hannover,
when I was with the KSC
Concidentally, I play here now,
which is somewhat special because you know:
That's the goal I put my first score in.
I remember exactly: long pass, Joshua Kennedy extends,
I run alone towards it, shoot,
through Flo's legs, Bam, Goal!
Yeah, you don't forget that, you'll always know...
I wanted to develop myself athletically
yet also personally and Hannover,
which was very interested in signing me,
was the right decision for that.
Then I moved here, with my girlfriend who followed soon.
That was very important for me,
because I am a family person.
I am very close to my family and friends.
Yes, I really like Hannover as a city,
because you find everything you need in a big city.
It could be improved climate wise,
it was a degree or two warmer in the South,
but you can't blame the city for that
Apart from that, I'm happy here.
The atmosphere within the team is really good.
Actually, we always have a joke or two in store.
I get along with everyone.
Sure, with Jan Schlaudraff, Koka Rausch
or Moritz Stoppelkamp
We hang out a lot in private life,
but we also are the main instigators behind
jokes and pranks in the dressing room.
Sometimes we tease our equipment manager,
he needs to take the occasional prank-
like being put in the washing drum
and being pushed around in it.
When I first came to Hannover
I was rarely recognized in the street.
Then, through our great performances
and achievements this increased, naturally.
Sometimes I'm being confused
with our Norwegian goal getter Mo Abdelloue,
receiving some autograph requests.
But we now agreed that
if people confuse us,
I simply sign "Moa" and he signs with "Stindl"
Table football is definitely on top
of my list of bar sports.
I don't want to toot my own horn,
but I'm a very good football player
and hard to beat at the table.
Of course, my greatest game in the last years
has been the Europa League match in Copenhagen,
if just for everything surrounding it,
the many people following us to Copenhagen.
It was crazy, how many of Hannovers fans were there
and then of course the goal
I managed to score,
which I don't do every day.
All in all this was a very good performance by us.
The goal celebration has of course been
something very special,
I had prepared something there.
I can cite a certain part of the song:
First round Bucharest, second round Rome
and then the lyrics in question:
the phone rings in Copenhagen
and that's how that goal cheer came to together.
Well, I don't know exactly what the deal is with that song
I believe its origin lies back
in the days with the Karlsruhe SC,
which made it to the Europapokal
and I think played in Bucharest
and against AS Rome, followed by Copenhagen.
Based on this trip, they texted that song.
And this is emblematic for all teams that tour Europe now.
Really quick: I'm not 100% sure,
you need to google this or something,
I remember something like this in the back of my head.
If this is the truth...
I sold it pretty well though, just like the jersey earlier.
First impression is very positive,
looks good, feels good, too.
I think especially the print on the back:
style wise convincing is what it's called these days.
Therefore all we need is success wearing the uniform
and all will be good.
If there's a reason to celebrate,
we naturally party a little.
I don't want to call myself a party animal,
but I'm also not a fun killer when going out.
Of course, I wish to further
be internationally represented with Hannover,
to develop myself further.
Score a little more often then and now,
because there is still room for improvement
and yeah continue this development!