Pokemon Hacking Tutorials: Spoofed GTSes - Connecting to a Spoofed GTS {DSi and DSiXL}

Uploaded by Reignofcomputer on 03.03.2012

Welcome back to my tutorial on connecting to a spoofed GTS for the DSi and DSiXL.
On newer games, going to Wi-Fi Settings in-game will tell you to set your connection in the System Menu.
If this message does not appear, use the guide for the DS Phat/Lite and ignore the following steps.
Go into your System Menu, then find and select Internet.
Select the connection that you WILL be using to connect.
Change Auto-Obtain DNS to No, then Edit BOTH the Primary and Secondary DNS.
In this video I will be using The Global Terminal's DNS as an example,
Now the system may not automatically create a space for you, like in the case of my '3'. Just press the SPACE key.
SAVE the connection, a lot of people press the wrong button.
Silly DS doesn't let you get out without a Connection Test, so yeah.
3X video speed!
And volia! You're done!
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