Ariser - From the inside (documentary film)

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This is the story about the young and promising heavy-metal band ARISER. Taking the best of the 1980-s classic metal and combining this with components of other different music styles, this band became the deep breath of fresh air for the Russian heavy-metal scene.
When the other bands perform on stage - the contrast is always seen, it's that ARISER plays - the people are headbanging! With an adrenaline rush and things like that.
In every town there were some people that had already heard our music before. There were a lot of them when they came out
When we arrived in some club, a lot of people crowded in there and in whole the gig occurred in the atmosphere of drive and the excitement of the public
During 5 years of existence ARISER achieved the visible success in their native city Samara.
Escaping the influence of popular main-stream, guys from the very beginning play good metal, proving the fact that heavy music is in demand as it has always been.
The originator of the band is its vocalist and guitar-player Paul-Masters.
In many ways the group got to the top of the Samara's metal-scene due to his leadership. But at the same time serious controversies in the band take place very often because of that.
His pursuit of leadership makes me furious of course. or in fact made me furious. at present I don't care much about that.
He is a kind of. meticulous person. He will cavil at every trifle Until everything is exactly like he wants that to be
Honestly, I would like to have such moral and spiritual qualities as he does. and initially he was like a big brother to me.
The Passion to good music and aspiration to the perfection appeared in Paul's life in his early childhood.
I grew up at that times of. 1990-s, the beginning of ninetieth, it was a kind of devastation after our USSR's breakdown and. the childhood. I can't say it was happy times.
You know, I have never been a normal kid, I had problems with my parents, because on each issue i had my own point of view
I always knew what exactly I want . and how it must be set. and frequently I had to go to sleep at my friend's places.
the anger, that accumulated in Paul's life since his childhood demanded the discharge, and he searched for the way to let it out, practicing the martial arts.
But these sports did not provide the desired result until he discovered the world of heavy metal
It is so! The musician's advantage is that he can let his aggression and negatives out without any bloodshed. in his music.
during one of the school's lesson a man entered the classroom and suggested his services in teaching the guitar playing. Paul got enthusiastic about that idea.
Together with his classmate Sergey they attended these guitar lessons and soon started their own school band.
Their first drum player A nton was recommended by the guitar-teacher.
Gaining the experience in playing and perfecting the technique, Paul took place of the frontman in a short time
By that time the band was consist of 2 guitar players and a drummer. So guys began searching the bassist. The drummer recommended his friend and guitarist Nick A as a bass player
in fact I didn't want to be a bassist . naturally I waned to be a guitar player from the very beginning . but the band already had a guitarist.
We said - :"You wanna play? Play the bass" So he really did not have a choice. so he agreed (.) He had a guitar. and he had to buy a bass also. to rehearse with us
I was impressed with the rehearsals. with playing, with communication particularly with Paul. so in whole . I saw that band as a promising one. and wanted to stay in there anyhow. even as a bassist.
By that time Nick was an experienced musician skilled in playing the acoustic guitar. He had 5 years of music school behind and he also played in a classical guitar ensemble.
But what he really wanted to play was heavy music.
My parents stipulated that if I want to get a good and expensive electric guitar, I have to be through the musical school.
Inspiring with the classical music and playing in the ensemble Nick A did not forsake the dream of taking the electric guitar and performing in metal band with solos.
I just wanted to play. cool. and the guitar solos was that thing that fits to my own definition of "coolness".
When Nick entered the band, he played bass only during the rehearsals. The remaining time he spent playing solos.
During the rehearsal he could ask me "Hey, can I play your guitar?". so . and he showed the high class that times.
And that was the time when I thought that Sergey - our today's guitarist. mmm.was not so good as Nick A.
Paul said that there is an possibility to start a new group just for ourselves where I can play guitar and just.I did not listen after that .
The dream came true. Nick became the guitarist and started to advance his technique very quickly.
I used to stay at home all the days playing the guitar for 4 - 6 hours a day, if I had no plans I could spent all the day sitting with the guitar.
Guys watched tens of foreign bands concerts and listened the world's best metal groups records, concluding every time that there is nothing like that on russian metal stage.
All that inspired them to create their own music that will differ from anything they heard before. But the band still needed a bass player. No one of bassists they knew did not fit the group. But one day fortuity helped guys with their search.
Once our rehearsal was almost done . the next band came in. so and their bassist came in also and began playing some familiar melodies.
and I recognized " Oh shit, that's Metallica - Master of puppets. My favorite song.
And so .I hear - the guy from the other band accompanies me!
So and acting on some unanimous impulse we just played that song till the end. So I understood "Oh, that's our man"
On the next rehearsal Nick Z entered the team, that will become his family afterwards
Nick Z was born in Samara in shattered family by today's standards.
I didn't know my father, I have never seen him. My mother brought me up by herself, and I can't say that she was a good mentor because she is a kind of person . like a nervous one.
His mother was against her son's musical interest, just like all others, and that accumulated hatred and aggression towards the people in him.
I came home embittered, having a grudge against everyone for nobody understands me.
I turned on Metallica. and that released my nervous tension somehow and that's how this heavy music helped me.
Being an individualist he could not get on with other people and preferred the independence from public opinions.
I never had a lot of friends because. the majority of people I know do not fit me. there's a lot of people that just talk. and their words do not approve anyhow afterwards.
In other words - people lie too much. Paul was a person who made things done. I highly appreciate that kind of people, but I don't know many unfortunately.
The other important fact was the friendly atmosphere: alcohol parties, watching the documentaries about metal and good company on the whole.
The band was consist of the individualists . just like me.
This man used to play bass every day I guess. and every time on each rehearsal he came out with some new bass stuff , and that amazed
He makes the impression of a man. like full of soul, very experienced person. But he is young in heart
He doesn't expose his sophistication and life experience and tries to behave naturally, and this is his crucial quality
With the Nick's Z arrival, the band started developing quickly, but the one who impeded the progress was the drummer. He was not so entirely submitted to music as others.
I just realized that we are growing as musicians. and Anton just comes for some playing. And I realized, that he will impede us in the future
But Paul did not know then, that it was not so easy - to find a good drummer. Searching through the associates and expanding advertisements, the band auditioned a lot of drummers but without any result
Oh. these drummers I can't stand seeing them anymore! There were so much of them on our way!
There was a lot of time wasted with those people, who can not appraise themselves properly.
And once there was so much ignoramus. that he just hit the crash so hard. and the cymbal fell upon my wire and cut it in half!
And the wire was bought 2 days before that. and was pretty expensive!
We did not choose any one that time. We just played in three .concentrated on composing of new songs, make a record and with a record complete try to find someone to play drums like it was done on record so. the person that will really fit us
Yeah, and now everyone of us can play drums.
So, when the goals were set. The and started an intensive work on their new album. But there was still one thing missing - the band had no name.
Once, our ex-drummer's girlfriend came to our rehearsal. and when we played Damage Inc, she said
"Oh guys, you're so much on top!" got on top!" and how it is put in english? Arise.rise - arise - rise - arise Oh, yes, "Ariser", why not?
He send me an SMS . with the text like "I thought of a name for a group. Ariser - how is that?"
And the answer was "Yeah, I like that"
It is striking, not very long, it is clear, and may be depicted cool with some kind of arrows
so our bassist Nick Z . he's an artist. and we decided that it will be him to draw the logo
The new songs were ready for the record, but the good sound was needed. And then the time has come for Nick A to remember about his parent's promise.
so and after all I said, that it's time for me to get my promised guitar. it's more then 10 years have passed.
And I went and chose some Jackson that was quite good. I felt like if I don't get my guitar right now, I gonna kill someone.
His parents in all ways tried to talk Nick out of that and give up their promise, but Nick made them to buy it, and after all got his guitar. But the album recording became a surprise for him.
When got down to work with our record, there were a lot of controversies between us Paul recorded practically everything by himself
We started recording with the guitar records. with the rhythm-guitar record. yeah, with what I play.
and I thought that is was unnecessary to fetch Nick A, I can record his guitar I did that.
I remember when Paul said that to the guitarist, Nick A called me on the phone. and he was quite near leaving the group, because he couldn't stand that Paul everything does by himself, like he wants to, and says nothing to others.
By that time, I had a better guitar! I did not feel like I am an important part of the band, because of that, I wanted to leave.
wanted to create my own band, to work on my own music, where I shall play a more important role. As a result, there was a long time when I did not communicate anyhow with others in the band, just played the guitar at home. for myself.
and somehow the dramatic period was over. and I said "fuck that". recorded my solos, and decided to stay and see, what's going to happen then.
Yeah, and after that there was a bass turn to be recorded, and we called in Nick Z.
And it was ridiculous then. Paul told me what to play!
I don't know why, but he was not prepared properly
It was like We've discussed my notes before that, and I decided, that I shall play like I want, and deny his suggestions, and here he tells me, that "c'mon, play like that."
eventually during the whole record, I stood beside him and and pointed the finger at the notes, that must be played.
I was a little bit at a loss. but finally . I recorded everything like he wanted. I thought it would be easier to agree then to argue endlessly.
If I like something. a riff, a track or some band name, most probably I will defend my position long enough, till the end. And it will be my opponents who realize that it is a good decision.
Despise all the arguments and misunderstandings the band recorded the demo that had a name "Posthuman". The drums were electronic and were composed by Paul.
The band started to give concerts. There was a session musician on drums. From the first gigs the band succeeded
We had a lot of concerts in Samara. and there were many people on each gig.
there was no shortage of audience, I can't remember us performing in an half-empty club.
One concert every day. that makes an impression like. being a famous musician . In whole . I woke up one mourning with a feeling that. I'm a star, yeah.
But, nevertheless, none session drummer perform at his peak, so guys continued looking for a drummer, being known in Samara. The main fortune of this two-year long sequence of concerts
was the new drumming candidate Matt Manhattan. Once he appeared at the Ariser concert in Samara he saw the band of his dream.
Guys played so cool and performed so confidently, they so much seemed like the ideal band, I imagined, listening to Metallica, Slayer
and other familiar bands, that I remarked them and flashed in my head like a lightning.
Having their record listened, and videos watched, Matt became impatient about playing in this band.
And I found the desirable inscription "Looking for the drummer" and I realized, there was no doubt about my joining this band.
Matt called Paul and quickly arranged a rehearsal with the band.
Paul sent me a message about the rehearsal with the new 1992 drummer is going to take place. And also said that he doubt placing the bet on him because.well. he's too young. a schoolboy.
It was a lovely day, the sun, the height of summer, and I came to the meeting place.
He was an average guy. with a double pedal and cymbals in his hands.
I thought it will be the same as usual, he will drop the sticks, crush everything will show a shitty play.
So. I was much more nervous there. I mean, I tried to seem something more than I am.
but at the same time tried not to be obsessed about all in whole. I started playing my favorite music.
and suddenly he banged the semiquavers on the bass drum.
-du-du-du-du-du-du-dooh. That was cool!
I was near to going nuts!
Having some stuff played, I understood, that it was OK with me.
I and Nick just sent a message with our eyes that this guy will play with us
There's no more drumming for me.
And the guys remained silent till the end of the rehearsal. When I got into the car, I heard a spontaneous suggestion
"Do you mind going with us?" and Paul asked "What you are drinking?" I said: "juice". That was stupid, but it stuck.
Matt quickly fit in with the players. He had all new songs learned and added some new ideas. The band was complete
Matt showed himself not only as a excellent drummer, but as a good showman on the gigs.
I think, he really can be a rock star because his live performance is great. when he gets off the drums, at the culmination of the song.
make a expressive swing. shows himself like a professional player.
From the very beginning Matt was liberated. I don't know why. He played with his torso naked, plus his hair that he can use for headbanging.
A drummer adds a lot of energy to music, and our drummer adds twice more.
That time, being on the stage with guys I got imbued with such a sympathy to them . and some connection between us could be felt.
That was a success! The fans did like the new member of the band. The band became famous beyond Samara.
The suggestions of new gigs in other Russia towns started to appear.
The numerous headbangers, lasers, smoke generators!
They were crazy about our music, we signed our autographs on different parts of bodies, we were treated, our CDs were sold.
It was excellent I whole, only the best impressions I have about that.
The people were imbued with our music and they were welcoming us in when we arrived in their towns.
And from our first chords the crowd burst with energy. everyone jumped and had a good time.
The atmosphere was really cool Such a powerful energy from the very beginning. with the first chords, thrash, 200 tempo, bass drum, the complete pack of all these thrash stuff the thrashing shock wave.
This year we were proposed as a candidate to play with Metallica, they came in april, and Ariser was one of the few names who were proposed for a warm-up.
I got a strong feeling like my old dream is coming true.
But all this could end as quickly as it began. Matt Manhattan entered a university in St Petersburg and he had to leave.
Yeah. There was some dangerous moment when I had thoughts about moving to the other city, it was connected with my studing
but it will give the great opportunity for the band too
And suddenly all the band members say :"Well let us all go to St. Petersburg if so"
I campaigned for that however I got a new job before that and after 2 month I had to leave it
Not all of us came to the St Petersburg at the same time. I mean it was me Matt and Nick-bassist who came the first.
We are all together here except Nick A, but He'll be here soon and then, we will rock all of you here.
We came here to make a record of our new album And when we finish the record there will be a set of killing live shows, no one will be indifferent, I think.
Of course I greatly increased my technique playing in Ariser. We started listening to the more progressive music.playing more progressive music.
all that had a nice influence on my progress as a musician
At the present moment the Ariser band and people connected with it . they are my only true friends.
There are no people who are as much close to me as they are, adding here my relatives and parents.
I set some objects for me since childhood, yeah, and go to them.I can't remember when I gave up the fight . so that Ariser is the reflection of my attitude in some way.
The stage has boud us by so many ties It's a big part of my life. it's near the half of my life.
Moving to St Petersburg and taking a short brake, the band started the new chapter in their history. While the new full-format album in studio is being complete, guys present the new song.
This is the first single from the inaugural CD and the next step in the biography of the Ariser