DPR Korea food crisis, UN aid chief urges world to not 'turn our backs on the people'

Uploaded by unitednations on 21.10.2011

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea -
it's a country facing a food crisis.
That's according to Under-Secretary-General
for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos,
who completed a five-day visit to the region Friday.
Years of chronic poverty and under-development
have left over 6 million people needing food assistance.
Child malnutrition is also increasing -
as high as 45 per cent in some parts of the country.
The basic humanitarian needs of the people must be addressed, says Amos.
"There is no way, with the best will in the world
and even with the best climatic conditions,
that North Korea, DPRK, can feed itself.
We are committed to trying to support the people of North Korea.
The underlying policies need to be looked at,
need to be reviewed, so that we can make
a real difference in the development of this country in the longer term.
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