Happy Wheels Playthrough - Ep 1 "GODDAMNIT JESSICA"

Uploaded by Foxehify on 23.11.2012

Hello Youtube
I'm Foxehify, and
this is Ren
and no i'm not copying off of PewDiePie
if you want to say that. My name really is
f o x e h
i f y
and i did not do that it gave me a random off of Youtube to pick so i picked
that one because it looked the most..
Looked the most logical. OK anyway let's get on with this and you'll be hearing
random comments from my friend Ren
she has a Youtube account. I dunno if she still uses it..
Ren: Yeah i really don't
You really don't?
Ren: No it's not my favorite thing to do.
OK. Anyway
today's game we will be playing is
yes this is what you think it is
it's happy wheels
I have been trying to play this
And it's.. Pissing me off.
I'm gonna try this.
"See your wife in hor"..
"It's so sexy"..
That's seriously what it says..
and i'm gonna have to have to take the irresponsible bad because kids
should not have to- OH MY GOD! Ren: Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just...
watching these...
Oh my god..
I'm watching my wife do this
Ren: What are you watching your wife do?
You'll see when i put it up..
No no no..
You killed her with an axe!
Ren: Quit screaming, It's freaking me out. Well, it looks like a penis
but he- he hit her with an axe.
He's got an axe going through his body..
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i must have all the time of this video trying to jump over this wall
i don't think people are gonna appreciate
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