How to Apply Natural Makeup : How to Apply Lipstick for Natural Makeup

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

I want to thank you for visiting Today we’re going to learn about some makeup
techniques and this is my beautiful model Ana-Lucy Corona. So I’m just filling it
in so it lasts long, and I’m going to take a brush and I’m going to take a little bit
of this lipstick color and put it on my palette, and I’m rolling my lip brush into the lipstick
to get the lipstick on it. If you take your brush and smush it in there, all the color,
you’re really just depositing too much makeup on your brush and going to ruin your brush
in time, so roll your brush, and you’re grabbing the lipstick as you roll and that’s
what I’m doing. I’m rolling it’s a little bit of a cooper look, and it’s nice and
warm and pretty. And we did that lip liner first so now her lipstick is going to last
even longer. And once again when you use a brush, you have more control then taking this
whole lipstick and putting it all over; you’re not going to get the control. I’m going
to lift up her lip just slightly like we did with the lip liner, now I want to make sure
that I got lipstick in every little part. Alright and this is a nice pretty warm golden
look, and we take her hair down and now she has a really pretty look that’ll take her
to college, take her home, easy to do and we kept everything a very warm natural palette.