Station Change of Command Ceremony

Uploaded by ReelNASA on 21.11.2011

My name's Mike Fossum.
I'm currently serving as the commander of Expedition 29
on board the International Space Station.
My crewmates are Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Volkov,
Anton Shkaplerov, and Anatoly Ivanishin, as well as American astronaut Dan Burbank.
Today's an important day in the story of the international space station.
We're the twenty ninth crew to call this marvelous vessel home,
and we've made the best of every minute of it.
However our time grow short.
Although expedition twenty nine does not officially end until we undock
from the station tomorrow, we have a change of command ceremony today so Sergei,
Satoshi and I may concentrate on our preparations for departure.
Dan, she'll be your ship in a few minutes.
First, I'd like to says a few more words.
Expedition twenty nine has been a very interesting time.
We were here to be part of the historic last space shuttle mission.
It was then our task to transition from a focus
on assembly operations two full scientific utilization.
With the loss of the progress cargo ship and the delay in launches, we spent all
but the last few days of Expedition twenty nine as a three-person crew,
yet we achieved every science goal that was set before us.
We are the fortunate ones living in space with the great view.
In truth, we merely serve as the hands and eyes for a huge team with the real brains,
passion, persistence and patience.
We did work hard, but our success is really a tribute to the mission teams on the ground
who developed the plans to make it all happen.
I think of it is a pyramid with only a few at the point, but they couldn't stand there
without the rock solid foundation which reaches far below.
There too many individuals to mention by name, but I have to say a few a special thank you
for lead flight director in Houston, Royce Renfrew.
He has been the unflappable quarterback calling the perfect plays,
always scrambled to run our patterns so we won't let the team down.
Finally I'd like to say a few words about our patch.
The image we chose was the international space station following the path
of the historic eighteenth-century explorer, Captain James Cook and his ship Endeavour.
During Cook's three main voyages he explored and mapped a major portion of the oceans
and coastlines under the flight path of the ISS, adding immeasurably
to the body of knowledge of that time.
As the ISS sails a stardust trail following the spirit
of Endeavour sailing towards the dark unknown
and new discoveries, it enlightens the Earth below.
The quest for new discoveries has been a significant element of the human character
through the centuries, inspiring us to endure hardships and the separation of a mission
that is greater than the individual.
The crew of Expedition twenty nine is proud to continue the journey,
this greatest of all human endeavors.
Throughout history the change of command for sailing ship has been a formal occasion,
and we continue that tradition today.
We are proud to have served, and we are humbled by the outstanding professionalism and support
from teams around the planet, in Houston, Moscow, Cologne, Munich, Tsukuba, Montreal,
and Huntsville, Alabama, not to mention the science and engineering teams
from numerous agencies and universities.
Sergei and Satoshi, this was my dream mission and you guys have been my dream crew.
I would launch with you guys on another mission in a heartbeat.
Dan, Anton, and Anatoly, You arrived at our door just a few days ago,
well-prepared and ready to spring into action.
You are ready to take over.
My only regret here is that we had so little time to spend together.
But we made the best of it, and we're happy to see you continue the continuous human presence
on board the international space station, which has now surpassed eleven years.
There are no words to express our gratitude to our families
who have endured much throughout our years of training and this mission.
We call home excited about seeing countries at night in a blaze of light
with a flicker of aurora on the horizon.
Whether dealing with kids, homework and cars which need repairs.
The stuff of real life.
Honey, I'm coming home.
Dan, I am ready to be relieved.
I relieve you, commander.
Thanks, Mike.
I stand relieved.
I'd just like to say thank you for handing us over such a magnificent ship.
Space station's in perfect condition.
It's an honor and a privilege to take the helm.
.. On, I guess, on a personal note I'd really like to recognize you and Satoshi and Sergei
for all the hard work that you've committed to us in the last couple months
by not having the two months that we expected to have and instead having for months.
It was a heavy load for you at the same time
that you were operating the entire space station, keeping the science going
at about half strength for two months there.
And .especially I think all of us really owe a debt of thanks to all the teams on the ground.
The folks that prepared us for this mission, the folks that prepared all of the crews,
the previous crews, the people in all the control centers round the world that watch
over space station systems, that fly this vehicle and that watch over us all the time.
So it's really been a whirlwind but it's been a pleasure.
I can't promise that I won't be calling you with questions here and there,
and I know you'll be there ready to help us.
Anton, Anatoly and I look forward to carrying on the proud legacy
that the previous crews have laid before us.
And I guess on behalf of the three of us we'd like to wish you, Sergei, Satoshi fair winds,
following seas, and a soft landing a day and a half from now