Huskies on the Hill 2013

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Evan: Hey everybody,
I hope you had a great break. From everybody here at the ASUW we want to wish you a happy
new year and lets make sure we make it count. Today's a very important in Washington state.
Lawmakers from all across the state are getting together to decide how to deal with issues
that affect us. And here at the ASUW, we're here to make sure that your voice are heard
and represented. And so to do so, we send a full-time student lobbyist down each session
to live in Olympia and to work down there and to make sure that our voices and interests
are being represented. Speaking of, here she is!\
\ 0:33 (Angie begins speaking): Hey, how's it
going? I'm Angie Weiss. I'm the director of the ASUW Office of Government Relations. We
have a lot of exciting legislative priorities this year. The most important is to keep and
increase higher education funding to keep your tuition low. We also have a number of
policy priorities, including a bill that will increase student involvement and decision
making on campus. House Bill 1043 will repeal the authority of institutions to set differential
tuition and we also need to work to save the GET program. Please email me at
for questions or if you want to get involved. \
\ 1:13 (Angie continues): I live in Olympia
full-time, but you can come down too. We bring students to Olympia periodically to talk about
higher education and other issues that are important to you. You can also come to our
big lobby day, February 15th, and talk to Miles Fernandez for more ways to get involved.
\ \
1:29 (Miles begins speaking): Hi everyone, my name is Miles Fernandez and I'm the organizing
coordinator for the ASUW Office of Government Relations, and its my job to get students
involved. One of the ways you can do that this year is by attending our annual event,
"Huskies On the Hill" Lobby Day 2013. Lobby day is the event that the office puts on that
allows student to meet with and lobby their elected officials. This year, its on February
15th (that's a Friday), and all that you have to do to make it successful is to join us.
It's totally free: we pay for your transportation, we pay for your food, all you have to do is
sign up. To sign up, you can go to tiny You can go to our Facebook page, the ASUW
Office of Government Relations, where we have a link as well, or you can come visit us in
our office on the first floor of the HUB within the ASUW suite. Higher education needs to
be a priority. You as students need to be a priority, and we hope that you use your
voice to make that possible. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you guys on the 15th.
\ \
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