CNN's Abbie Boudreau Explains How James O'Keefe Was Going To Try And Punk Her & CNN

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bjbj BOUDREAU: When I pulled up to the property, Izzy was waiting for me. She said, "I need to talk to you. Can
I get in the car?" And I was like, "OK." So I noticed that she had like a little bit of
dirt on her face. Her lip was shaking. She seemed really uncomfortable. And I asked her
if she was OK. And the first thing that she basically said to me was, "I'm not recording
you. I'm not recording you. Are you recording me?" And I was, "No." And she says, "I need
to tell you something." So I said, "OK, is everything OK? You're making me nervous."
She said, "No. No, not everything. Everything is not OK. I -- I'm a moral person. I need
to tell you something." Well, what is about to happen? "Tell me what is going on." And
she said, "You're about to be punked." Izzy told me the plan was to bring me close to
the dock and then ask me if I would consent to having my meeting with James recorded on
an audio recorder. If I said yes, she would get me on the boat, where James was waiting
and where hidden video cameras were rolling. "Why is the goal to get me on the boat?" She
said, "Because on the boat, he's going to be there, dressed up, and he's going to have
strawberries and champagne waiting for you. And he was going the hit on you the whole
time." She said the sole purpose of the punk was to embarrass me and CNN. I went to the
back yard to see the boat for myself and to try to meet James. But he didn't get off of
the boat, so I walked back to my car. Then right before I left, James walked up to me
and explained that it would make him feel more comfortable if the so-called interview
were recorded. "That's not something I'm comfortable with, is to have this conversation recorded,
plus, it's not an interview. I mean, we're -- I'm just here to try to address your concerns
about this upcoming shoot, but you ended up wanting me to come all the way out here. You
told me you were going to be at your office and instead, you want me to come on some boat
with you, and -- and you want it to be recorded. Those are ground rules you should have said
over the phone, and you didn't." And he said, "Well, what are you ashamed of?" And that's
when I said, "All right. This is where the conversation ends." And I said to him, "It
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