FIMO Panettone di Giada: Xmas Polymer Cake Italy - [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 03.12.2012

The traditional biscuit in Italy just for Christmas is Panettone a delicious cake.
You can also bake with polymer clay, but you are not allowed to give all the
ingredients in a bowl and mix them.
For the Panettone you need Fimo-colours in dark brown, yellow and yellow light.
Morevoer you need your tools and it is even easier if your clay is already weak.
The idea for my Panettone comes from Giada my Youtube acquaintance from
Italy. She was also busy bake and surprised me with German Christmas
cookies. You find her cake in the video response.
Have you ever tasted Panettone, a simple pastry made from dough with raisins?
No wonder why all the Italians are so thin with this light dough.
We Germans eat our biscuits made with butter, jam, fat, sugar, chocolate and
marzipan as even true calorie bombs. Therefore we must all run after the
holidays to McFit, otherwise we will not be going on our love handles.
As you can see you can with Fimo also bake cookies without calories and the
result is determined just as nice. So you save your way to the gym.