Canning Green Beans

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Hi Im Tricia, an organic gardener
canning is a great way to extend your harvest into the winter months
today we are going to demonstrate canning of low acid vegetables like green beans
water bath canning is great for pickles chutneys, fruits and high acid tomatoes
but for low acid vegetables and meats you'll need a pressure canner
if your pressure canning time is more than ten minutes
you'll need clean jars
while washing check you jars with your finger for any defects in the jars or
leads that may prevent a seal
and make sure your rubber rings are nice and pliable too
i like this all-american pressure canner
its main ab tenia women and in wisconsin
features and
gunmetal c l_ an awaiting pressure regulator before you start hearing makes
your pressure pipe is clear
purely from getting scratched are sticking
lubricate the edges about every third or fourth time to use the pop uh...
container with about one hundred boxes of water and never let your china run
thickening macarena down into the cantor
never face the candidates directly on the bottom of the candor
the heat may damage the jars
to get to get back to green beans harvest or by nine pounds of green beans
tuesday renowned tender pods
discard those that are molding bug nibbled or discolored
watching beings they really and it's not the man happy if you pay for i'd like to
believe my whole
removed the tops of the beans
kitchen shears make this job is in
when implants the beans before k
that means being the beans in a large pot with enough water to cover and
bringing it to boil for about five minutes for flavor you can add about a
half teaspoon of salt to each jar although this is not necessary for
once they finish planting cut the jars loosely with beans
uh... hot water at the beans from glanced and into the jars
because the means ten to swell in processing
leaves one each in space at the top of the jar
this space will be called headspace in your canning recipe
now place your jars in the case
if you are processing enough food to fill the entire cantor
put some water film jars into the kantor said the jars don't run into each other
during processing
and just place the cover on the candidate
tightening ads but not completely
then in an alternating pattern tighten them down completely
let me show that there's a uniformed gap
all around the kantor that's normal
turning it on a hike to bring the water and they can into a boil
don't regulating weight on yet
wants to see this demand from the bagpipes
sometime after seven minutes this process is called exhausting
the pressure regulator has settings from five ten two fifteen pounds per image
descargar fifteen pounds of pressure about thousand-seat elevation when the
correct pressure has been reached the regulator weight latino and allow some
steam to escape
watch the heat
if the regulator weight jingles more than four times a minute turndown heat
start to processing time
twenty five minutes is what's necessary for the court jars
after the twenty five minutes is turned off the heat and let the kennedy
do not remove the regulator weight yet wait until the pressure gauge reads zero
once the pressure reaches zero
with amid on slowly remove the regulating weight
open the cover winner in common ants
and open the side that is
opposite to you first to avoid being scolded by steen
lived at the jars imprisonment al or wouldn't cutting board to cool
completely and feel
we've been undisturbed overnight
clips delayed should not move
interest payout to steal
in the refrigerator and eat the food promptly
story regards any cool dark place
with the clips off
and the tasks facing outward
this impression canning and grow organic for life