Vice President Biden Talks #My2k Over Lunch

Uploaded by whitehouse on 10.12.2012

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Ann Marie Munos: What I did is I went online and I responded
to the My2K website and went on and typed a short paragraph,
some feedback, about what $2,000 more would mean to me if I had
to pay that next year as extra tax.
I felt it was important for me to get involved,
to start participating, and I think if more people did that,
I think they would have their voices heard,
and I think we could change the dynamics as to what is happening
in our country right now.
I'm a firm believer of that.
Vice President Biden: There is [inaudible] the neighborhoods we come from
2 to $4,000 less in your paycheck next year makes
a material difference in the way each of these
individuals can live.
There are circumstances here where a number of people around
this table, we shared something in common,
where they have a family member who has hit hard times,
either because of health reasons and/or because of financial
reasons, are living with them in their home,
sister being brought into the house,
husband having a stroke and being partially paralyzed on
the right side, mother in her eighties needing
additional help.
An additional 3 or $4,000 here fundamentally impacts on what
you can do to provide for those, those people who are your blood,
your family, and relying on you.
Ann Marie Munos: I was honored to see Mr. Vice President, to meet with him,
to discuss some serious issues, and to know that what I talked
about with him is going to be taken away with
him to do something worthwhile for all of us,
because I don't just represent myself and my family,
but many other people who didn't have the same opportunity that
you have.