A thank you, lighting IronMan's repulsors & water traps...

Uploaded by jiminboo on 03.02.2013

Hey guys, this is Jim welcome to another "Quickie"
A few things that I wanted to share with you I'll get back to pre-shading the RX later
So I just came back from... a week away from the house
I was actually working, and prior to leaving I had about 60 something subscribers
and I upload my latest work in progress for the Perfect Grade Blue Frame
and I go away for a week and I come back and I have over 160 subscribers now so...
you guys are amazing, thank you so much to every one of my subscribers
Feel free to comment or send me emails if anything
I'm thinking I'm getting close to holding a contest for you guys, out of appreciation
I'm still working out the details and the timing 'cause I'm traveling a lot right now
and I don't wanna hold a contest right in the middle of travel
but I am going to try and make it a nice prize and stay tuned...
Stay tuned for that, just sit tight I'll announce it on a "Quickie" video
It's amazing, I'd never thought like in a week I get 100 subscribers right off the bat
so thank you guys for giving me shout outs and for subscribing
and in general liking my videos so thanks again
Okay, another thing I wanted to share was this little book
In case you guys like to paint I always write down my ratios
For every single kit that I paint Wing Gundam Zero for example
I make notes and stuff and this is because if I start painting...
I start shading or something one day and then the next day, or the next week
like in this example, I was away for a week I want to shade again
then I'll have no idea what my ratio was unless I write them down
and if later on I like a combination of a color and I want to redo it again for another kit
then I have the formula, so there you go...
and another thing was, this guy that I'm working on
I know it's not GunPla in the strict sense of the word, but I dabble into other things
styrene related
I really like this kit, it is the Iron Man Mark VI from Moebius
Here it is
I've been watching a lot of Steve Neill's Garage
If you guys don't know who Steve Neill is, shame on you guys ^_^
Check out his channel, I'll link you guys in case you want to see it
It's not GunPla but that guy make some amazing amazing kits, I mean, just look at his videos
He uploads videos almost every day just following the progress of this kits
He builds mostly star ships from what I've seen
It's just insane his LED work is just mind-blowing
I've been kind of inspired by the work that he's been doing
I've been working on this little guy
Just a little simple circuit I have here, a couple of LEDs... I'm just testing this
but the idea that I want is this
Let me just...zoom in so you can see what I'm talking about
So this is his repulsor
This has a white plastic piece here but the idea that I have is to remove that piece
and replace it with an LED, like this...
Alright, and what this circuit does is when I turn it on...
It slowly glows
and when I turn it off, it slowly fades away
Glows on
Fades away
So I'm still tweaking the circuit a little bit 'cause I need to add more LEDs
But that's kind of the idea
This of course will be blacked out so only light comes through the hole
Putting this guy together Same thing with the eyes
I want to do something similar with 3mm high brightness LEDs
But yeah, that's it...
That's pretty much what I wanted to do with the "Quickie"
Oh! one more thing...
One of my subscribers, Yudha Taufik and I hope I am pronouncing the name correctly
asked about water in the airbrush
and water spitting out whenever the airbrush is used
and my answer to that is I believe maybe it's too humid where you are airbrushing
The best line of defense would be a water trap
Now, when I lived in Arizona, I lived in the middle of the desert, it was very very dry
I didn't need a water trap
but when I moved to Florida I had no choice but to not only add one water trap
which I have here, this glass cylinder here
that comes after my regulator
That's the first line of defense, water would just accumulate here
and has a valve which I press and the water would just come out
that's the first line of defense
Then after that I have an additional water trap filter
I also has an air filter there to capture any particles or something
This is mounted right after the line and just before the airbrush
So this is my second line of defense
In addition to that, my compressor has a tank which also helps trap some of the moisture
so, there you go, my suggestion is to try and get yourself a water trap in your line
and see if that works, if not, try adding a second one at the beginning
after your regulator and also extend the length of your air hose, that can also help
Hope that was a good tip for you guys That's it for this "Quickie"
Again, subscribe if you haven't subscribed already and thanks for watching
I'll talk to you guys soon