Clay - How to Make a Simple (& Silly) Clay Chick

Uploaded by ORITAMI on 23.08.2012

Hi :-) I'm Tami Let's make a very simple and VERY silly Clay Chick.
Let's begin
so will be making a silly chick
let's start by making an egg shape out of yellow clay
we'll make a sphere out of white clay - press it down...
and place it here
we'll do the same for the other eye
We'll add a tiny dark piece of clay for the pupils
now, we'll take red clay and create a cone-like shape
press it for the chicks' beak
and place it here
We'll create a flipper shape out of a bigger piece of red clay
and place it, to create the foot
lets gather all the chicks' for a family portrait :-)
Thank's for watching! :-) you can like, comment and subscribe if you want to... and I'll see you
next time ... Bye :-)