Bloopers of Valentine's Day

Uploaded by starimyuproduction on 14.02.2012

>>As it hurts instead.....
>>They bully me!
>>What are you filming?!
>>You were filming?
>>You forever
>>What's your feel?
>>Ugh,so sad!
>>Why you set my image forever alone?
>>Stop filming me already!!
>>Why are you walking here?
>>You stay here!
>>You just stand there, just stand there.
>>Actually I'm on my way right?
>>Then,maybe you can like from there walking in.
>>Okay ready, 1 2 Go.
>>That is so far...
>>You stop until roughly here.
>>You see me standing here, that's where you stop,kay?
>>Okay ready one 2 go.
>>Wait hello! You're supposed to like, I got the flowers...ready
>>Ready, 1 two go.
>>Who are you?
>>No, its for my girlsfriend
>>Have a nice day, bye bye!
>>It's not funny...
>>Not funny ah? Why?!
>>Can you move abit because I wanna kick this girl!
>>Okay,okay ready. 1 two 3.
>>Go nearer.
>>Failed already.
>>I'm tried of this job man!
>>oho, i forgotten what I want to say..