[Real 2PM] 2PM STAR CARD Photo Shoot Part2

Uploaded by 2pm on 01.08.2011

If you eat a lot, 찬성아
3 men holding popcorn in bed,
And one man is leaning.
Ow, just cover everything
Hold and eat
Thank you for your trouble
Let’s take off the shoes
And let’s go~
I am the one who’s not aware of the towel
Smile and do it, smile
Don’t eat
All 2PM members are like this when they wake up
Puffed as woke up in the morning
Everybody’s hair is done well as they just woke up
I like classic style
Something like vintage
We moved our place.
We’ve got additional one room
I want to keep these things.
A house for a high school guy
that is not too naughty
But the kid likes these kinds of old styles
How’s the toys brought from Japan?
I bought the toy at the real toy store
It was self-assembly
준수 teased me from the side
I didn’t know it was self-assembly
I made it all.
But battery is needed
I bought the battery
But I bought the wrong size of battery.
So I am not doing it right
See I am right; It was a boy’s figure.
Maybe correct
Who is it over there?
It is 택연.
Cinderella sister.
Yes, I really didn’t know.
Ah, 쿤
Yes, hello.
How was your sleep?
Then I will serve you a cup of coffee
Let’s eat
Would you like to have scramble egg?
Scramble egg
Someone called you this morning.
It was a boy and he was looking for you.
Just kidding.
Sorry to disappoint you.