President Obama on National HIV Testing Day

Uploaded by whitehouse on 26.06.2009

The President: One of the reasons that we're here today is because HIV and
AIDS have ravaged the community.
Now, too many people have gotten sick;
too many children have gotten sick.
So one of the things that we're here in front of this van to do
today is, my wife and I are gonna get tested for HIV/AIDS.
Because if you know your status, then you can prevent illness.
You can prevent passing it to your children and to your
families and we can make everybody have healthier,
happier lives.
So I just want everybody to remember that if a U.S. Senator
from the United States can get tested and his wife can get
tested, then everybody in this crowd can get tested.
(cheering and applause)
HIV/AIDS makes no distinction and knows no borders.
The message I gave to the people of Kenya three years ago rings
just as true for us here in the United States today.
Get tested.
By knowing your HIV status, you can take control not only of
your own health, but the health of those around you.
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