Learn All The Things - Creating a Review Show (Tips & Things to Avoid)

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hi guys, I am Matt Refghi, and this is
Joseph Pereira
We are working towards creating a YouTube web series that's about reviewing tv
shows and movies
and uh...
we decided to make this video to describe our experiences
in the process of making the show
uh... we had a few attempts at filming it nothing has been released so far and we
think that we went through could be valuable for others, a learning experience
so i'm just gonna start by first explaining the idea behind the show
where that came from and how Joe came to be involved
so what this was as i mentioned is a team review show for TV shows and
at the moment we intend to review
a particular tv show known as the walking dead
where this all came from is that i was just
regularly contacting friends and actually talking to them about how
what i felt about tv shows and movies
and in doing so
often found myself listening pros and cons as you would expect in any typical
review but also
going into the depths of the storyline and sometimes
noticing that thing that happened in the TV show
are sometimes a little too convenient and what i mean by that
is really moments where
uh... something happens that is really unlikely to occur in real life
and that happens in the TV show and affects the show a negative way
have you, you've experienced this before? sometimes in the movies you just wonder
well you don't actually wonder that's the... that's the thing
you're just like... woah
that would never happen in real life
yea and that's just too convenient
it just ruined it
so we're saying too convenient here because the show is called all to convenient
and from discussing this with you know from talking to people and finding that
very often i would say too convenient
i realize that you know what all too convenient would be a good title
and uh...
so that was the idea for review show it was originally just me just supposed to
be me
but then I eventually brought it up to Joe here yeah
i liked the idea i loved it and uh... i also liked and watching movies
reviewing them and talking about them with Refghi
so it was perfect
so it seemed like a good moment to include your own something's doing and
that we always get along something if i thought of you to dynamically
web series
and that that's largely how we got started
now well we'll get started will explain the first attempt
which is you know has its share of comedy
and uh...
and yet learning experiences as well so
all right so how it started is
well always start offering me we knew we needed that equipment will not go
department police you know better than the system
a camera microphone so we want and uh... we want the
what couple of i love the leader of mike's in on these mike's
and uh... doug just give us pretty good sound right from the start uh... we put
them on two separate channels
and could really be able to hear each person on the under different side and
looks pretty cool
and there is a really over powered mixer behind all this time
yes we actually borrowed and fourteen channel mackey mixer it's in
great it's just such an overkill for what we're doing where basically using
to my key inputs and uh... yet but that that
fourteen giles before ready for a live band stuff or that they are exactly we
could actually recorded band with this thing it has uh... mike preamplifier
than everything with expr and uh...
so that's the audio uh...
we we enjoy it i think it's it's
definitely adds more quality foods down compared to the camera because the
camera itself is usually far from the scene
usually far and you hear the echoes and uh... both voices are makes there's a
lot of warnings
as you have to boost up the game to get the proper uh... sound levels
and because of the since the end
so they have been having the mites close to leslie first of all reduced noise by
a locked because it's so much closer to the source
and you can play around with it so much easier you can just put down
both nights on the same
fifty-fifty left and right or dis happens separate
hundred-percent left harvard a hundred percent reitman because it's a fact
they can play with it
so that we
uh... the way we want to go with that there were other elements to it we we
needed batteries for the camera
minimal constant source of power
and uh...
that recordable batteries in switching them out
not great but for a percipient molten batteries was our approach
and that turned out not to be too great because she uh... one
dampened proteins in variable we've been really maintain the same position on the
chairs are at the table
it wasn't a great uh... did accept itself would
patty murray felt you know
because manipulating the camera while it's recording is not the best thing
or even between c
but uh... i have to mentioned for the first attempt at we were doing anything
advancement we just we have no script
just showed up and said let's try and profits and you know uh... it doesn't
work that way in work
we sat there
repeating lines
community cameras recording just out there working lines in an attempt to
come up with the lights but it's like we're working on them on the flight
having to try them a bunch of times and then finally got it but punctual
supermodels write this the laughter
first attempted with you know the conclusion was we need to split
so we went with the script we have not actually wrote the script the lines
uh... we need
but what money does not want the president
um... so
that's all for from that we went to the script
will get to that but apart from that we had setup construction lights which we
actually still use with it
uh... we'd set up a large grateful table
is good newfield
maybe a bit to and
bland brian lamb
alum definitely blend in
the wall behind it
wasn't supposed to be to but uh... it didn't turn out to be move it it was
just grain because it's a very light blue
and uh...
day individually at the scene of great even after color correction and
there wasn't
notable aliens and noticeable enough so everything just clicked brain and i was
we had also hope that maybe he would serve as a green screen
no yahoos known him for faces too much of the people
there's undoubtedly as temporary
soul so that's that we also have a laptop on the desk means just out of
sight very clever just out of sight
but uh... that clever part that idea den because on one of the well on nyc upload
takes we could actually see the quarter which we couldn't see on the camera
but it seems that they can only displays the
safe rain which is what you
and to keep jane video editing but uh... since where we're not
there yet uh... we can still see we didn't wanna resize the the video
and we can still see a corner of uh... had a lot pop
we have to throttling late this afternoon
management but did lesson you know then pop uncertain shots
and also the laptop is necessary for the only recording
that's why was there
but what we learned to change that later on
so we realize in the first group
uh... improv can really work very well
and that means that the second attempt and as you mentioned we had a script
that was the biggest change uh... we
will not have to write the script and uh... love
minor modifications to tend to suggest and uh... looks pretty good from inside
but uh... when we filmed believe realized something else
we've we've realized many things but among them is the fact that
from a writing perspective
me writing bowl for lines was
not breaking that
jules lines didn't feel like it was coming from joe
uh... no that was more difficult for many kind of how to act yearly whereas
anzac read this happened
not throw up the lines but delivered and and uh... this memorize them saying and
you know in financial actual i was in the same way
bipin my head
but what we had discussed
we both watch the show together it was our feedback combine white bindles words
not the content but the words themselves were not mind that's the difference a
big difference
so that was the purple for him uh... meetings as well the meetings in person
uh... we determine
ultimately when it came down to his i realize that this writing is very
different from what to do normally
you know if you got a right for speech you don't simplify it
uh... to prevent
you know painful
takes prognosis
so so that was living writing listening here and uh...
conflicts is known as the wind up on from them
venerate thinking about whom i've known him for a a remember it well i remember
some partisans what's not said what if we have it will put up more politically
s up okay
any were city morris here
the censuses
it also
since yes
what's your
it's the
it's safe
drawl fellow is you in
well said
uh... alright so apart from that
uh... the camera was filming nonstop
so that was the same approaches we're doing
now ur other moment and um... the audio heavily parliament off so
truly been reported on the laptop
yes and then one day later when i'll talk about adding world talk about the
complications with that but uh... there
the from a battery perspective
you know that we had freedom at that point for the second thing
and that they lasted only forty five minutes per battery
not very long the filming nonstop
and uh...
we're filming nonstop in your even we were even filming when we were
rehearsing reading the lines trying to memorize them
uh... so that to a couple lot of battery and space
and i was basically useless in the end because there was even be taken
but uh... but fooling ourselves we heard something what the reasoning behind why
we do that as this week felt that we would
i guess we hope that we would get the scenes down quicker you know that we
wouldn't have to be sitting there too long so
you know uh... that's
and unfortunately had supper for that but we're we're learning
so the tartars okay here's something interesting
so we have got additions
and uh... shift
this is what happens when you don't actually silencer phone
and you know that
new should be filming and its when i got telemarketers that's great
manages the actually more considering marketing so that is great in the middle
incomes of criminal to avoid
all right so reporting on batteries and because of the variations for having of
you don't need the charge
needed to keep charging them flopping
and the problem is that the charging rate the rate at which we can charge is
slower than the rate at which we consume the batteries
it was just too slow so i actually alan
for federal charges mind from north carolina and uh... analyzed of batteries
uh... said that
want actually both cartoons
significant rain the millions are involved in just a everything and uh...
and this is the best
ripped apart the viola charger and uh... connected team
corrections to the right
patents on the battery and that meanwhile has to be hard whimpering
but not so interested in his stability to not make it explode into flames
and uh... n
work nutritive values and time withheld
the comedy i think the best pointed out this is that it's still took us
a whopping twelve hours the film of what was probably eight minutes
anything that happened with an arab endings of footage munson
and that was the pool
thirteen seats and by the way the scenes were not defined when this because
rebels in the state that something like yeah we had to define scenes
help with the fact that the writings of it
tough that that
who are never understand that the lines of weren't necessarily she didn't
uh... in one shot
like both var though the whole conversation going on because
yes you can deliver a line
but then the other person also has said
didn't they're lined and having both people have
both lines at the same time or even you know sometimes as he is not just two
and uh... having those cowell
and one child violence like hard
with the ones they had
so the scenes were essential
and uh... we still have out an average of
monthly complete proceed
union day by the end of the day
but well powers
that means that we were progressively getting hired on screen and it's really
and thankfully we showed some people didn't pick it up in instantly while
your you know your voice is changing you're starting to look a little
you know what you're gonna pass out
so apparently was a noticeable in their words were still
you know on keys soles of his film
watching a video not noticing and i'm on the verge of falling
yahoo co uh... twelve hours
you don't lock but we did it by the end of the day nose-dive
after that
and one of our new charges
uh... when we move to stop the camera change our positions as you mentioned
we also thought about placing out position markers on the floor and what
not for the chair the tablecloth for the table that's what we found out
uh... but then we didn't do that for the chairs exactly and uh... one week
stopped the coaching the battery
one and come back and sit down my chair wasn't exactly the same place so
afterwards at five point we have to place markers furniture as well in navy
haiti adam's mark is on the table so we know where we were something
but then
maybe it's going
the you know the more you think about is the more like a cool maybe we should
totally improper swampy cannot craft before you go
develop markers have been stopping the video and and so that's that's what's a
loss of about this but we're going to happen nolan
uh... heart soul and i was about the markers
of another thing in terms of acting issues so
but we didn't already mentioned certain facial expressions don't look good
but we were aware that we saw the video inducing parlance
you know so this will facial expressions that i would do for example i see them
just like lol
stop doing that ghana mechanical
uh... so they're even gesture is sometimes we do gestures like uh... i
remember that the first attempt
it was always
holding my hands like this on the table
and pat
was not very nice you know it it's first of all it's may be hiding my face
potential damages very whoever did this complaint
but they're very distracting so i decided to just take a normal person
to you know a lot of observing ourselves and looking
uh... learning
from that perspective
solo pieces that's the second attempt noam so everything's films is the end of
the first
persecution pulled by hours worked irish cop that because like one there you yet
to be happening on
uh... we had the first
differs in the final recordings of the spirit that was kind of all the whole
yeah full episode
was finally film
moment on
we move too
he was everything editing and that's largely goes domain
and uh... it coke
i'll just say that it took us a month
to it and it's not a mind-bending naturally naive but given his schedule
given my schedule and given the fact that uh... i have a lot of things stand
mylife uh... i'd
if really took me a month to uh... be able to find all those hours for how
had done some amy for a bit i'm not a professional editor ok it's so
and still you know
stuff that happened years before so i have to look around for it
and uh... uh... it took me a good uh...
it's a
couple of times a couple of blocks of for for six hours writing
and uh... and i was very long
because we haven't so many cakes so what's wrong footage that i have to
extracted good takes thirty to mediate jerry thirty three games of footage
eleven hours and this was ten a_t_p_ soviet states
we've got
paper here from this we might as well for me and the highest resolution we can
you know i love
they need these me after the ra i wanted to
um... but it does make rendering time a bit long so we decided that game
world distillate will of financially and seven point the it's this is good
may be better for you to
but yeah it's still took and incredible amounts of time to add it because i had
to synchronize the audiophiles that were recorded separately with the audio from
the babe it takes
so i had to strengthen did just go ahead and try to see the wave patterns
struggle with the wind them up
that lesson for syphilis interest you have for the problem here is that we we
work very disciplined in the notes
because as we're filming non-stop as we mentioned you would have invested in
one-on-one thought
we had to swap of batteries that members would be no so we'll have an inch
data card
we ran out of faith exactly because
and uh... so
yeah i mean death but not a lot of different files that weren't online for
that in time
so synchronised and that was very
and it was a very lengthy process
but at least for this one since there's no editing l to stop the line the
synchronize at the beginning of that tape meant to be aware of it
it is but you know we we determined we were doing this and we can do things to
in the future even if you think you would think
we can have a primer
that's part of the same time as the timer starts recording
antique note of the times when we finish please
you know and i'll be much easier on him in a fugitive you know
flowers complete videos quicker
so fish much quicker
sofas ideally may not want to be to restore in
my dream with me but with week but
right now the beginning we're gonna try for one every one every two weeks
of one every mun one thirty
or two weeks ideally
and then as you know as a process gets uh... we learned before we get familiar
with the process of course will take us less time to do it and will also
learning that other tips and tricks
such as uh...
just recording properly with
the mites synchronizing it right away with the camera and i think
much easier so london of some other abandoning things analyst yourself
disabling auto exposure on the camp
that was uh... yes uh... that was also another problem without having to change
a battery
since we are changing the battery and stopping the recording and starting
and the auto white balance in the order exposure on that would change from scene
to scene so i have the correct for those
jamie eddie and i have to
make it's so that uh... the takes
wouldn't look like
did the background when look different org barker later it was a pals
not easy
left emerging even in the final was video
uh... the written perfect
you know this is the colors change in that's that's unfortunate so
again improv
you know what we're gonna try that and see if we can do it in one shot or
if the camera allows the seedling yet
and uh... disable image stabilization something mentioned small yes because
uh... one of things with the sony camera is that that perhaps the image
stabilization right
and so
what happens he played discipline of thinking that that effectively
fellowships a little bit
as a lawyer very slim and because if things move in the camera it tries to
stabilize the
the picture uh... against those things
that's mostly when you're
for example if you're walking and filming something at the same time
well it's gonna see that you're swaying so it's gonna try to
balance everything outside shift image so that
it's clinton's some part of the major concert
but given that we have a giant tripod and that it is securely placed
there's no need for that in today's constructs
within find have at this table yet not not even sure that the camera supports it
and by the way to software them you said it
vegas movie studio HD
so that's what were and the the cameras Sony DSC-WX5
do you see the unified and very nice because it does that they may be p
uh... presented it's nice to have the flaws dimension very quickly
is that it's one in the lens so if you don't you mean
it's going to try and get more of the world of what happens is is worth
working along the edges
major that this is common for these new camera
use them in a little bit to one point two room point four times and and if it
wasn't a problem
uh... there
all right so um... that's largely the anything
they must be
uh... a lot of the times
we had to cut
takes appeared to put something together
and we realize that we had
improperly separated scheme like there's certain parts of the dialogue that
needed to be in one large scene but we had split into smaller scenes
and i had an effect because
whenever we meet in into the scene
uh... we have to wait to reach a neutral position and to try and help
joel hellraiser anybody's editing
and that's you can never get the same position on our so you know that's
definitely tricky
so even though we had a constant power source on the camera for some reason its
stopped recording after thirty minutes so
this will be
pretty much the only edit that will have to do it in the video
we don't know what happened it's probably
hopefully it's something that can be fixing this camera that was
you know we were exposed and it has been
so i was a bit frustrating to be sitting down watching we recorded and and then
reach a point where it just off completely
and it was such a good uh... good video that we thought was being found
and so
unfortunately we lost it but anyway here's an export we're almost finished
uh... we had just finished talking about some of the editing things there can be
from the things that can be done with this photo of disabling the auto
exposure industrialization
and a lot of white balance is world news a that's what basically means that the
big difference with uh... the caller spat between the takes
and what i have to spend a lot of time
so i'm here at the bedding and you were just about to ask me about the licenses
you mentioned
yes uh... about the licenses et not has this thing about
not just that but uh... i
the licenses are very important we don't want to use material that was
memberid wants to third party in that we don't have the right to use them
copyright laws were broken senior and uh... u_s_o_ in the video that we
produced in the second camp
there was involved in image and the song that week that you'll have put into it
but they're not you know we didn't have the right to use them which is why men
are video will never surface
uniform you might see editors but uh...
so that something that's very important to me
uh... and and now could you know
but i can't take off those layers because uh... vegas is great and you
have multiple layers and i just hope i happened to put those
uh... while not too so happened that and then to put those uh... materials on
different layers so i just have to
castles layers and i think instal
putting new material that's actually that we can use
from its licensing and uh... that's it
most of their work is that
net so
if we have a clue provincial will show it right now
uh... but apart from that we're gonna go ahead and and that summarizes the second
temperamental him talk about the future tense what we're learning from the
feedback that we received after showing that video
uh... to certain friends
we ate happened to uh... well i a spirited
into my friends he said to a couple people
and uh... the the comments were great very constructive and uh...
about the was
you know some comments about the scenes being cut inappropriately as we
mentioned before
that's fine uh... no one noticed me getting sleepy that's good too
there were
some very good comes from a brother philip rathi
mentioning that's
the mission
first of all offer
the short version of the video of the review
in addition to long burden for those of the care
and what matters here it is really
what service already offering at the question we have to ask because if we
are stating people time in the short version will be valuable for that
and the longer term is viable for those that really care about you know the
dissection of whatever we just watched so now that it's purely a member of his
idea very good idea
uh... reagan
another idea well another comment was uh... very much for caring for a mall
three people
was that uh... actually know sorry i think phil
been mentions the
that the fact that uh...
he senses conditions were to uh... drastically cut
we needed maybe two improper more and that is the one take
and have a really fluid wanted more necessarily work for everybody but it's
definitely something that seems to be
more in line for doing
no insures natural speech
so we have is definitely that
he also mentioned uh...
knowledge you explain his but no
enforcing some sort of a standard when it comes to the length of the video
compared to the length of the media yes for example if then the fellow if the
video that were review is only
an hour long
well we shouldn't
be reviewing it for half-an-hour quest
but if anyone is finished three hours long
it could go up to twenty and twenty five minutes where even more but there has to
be a ratio
between the length of the material were reviewing and
the length of the
the review itself
it's uh... it's logic
while at the same time caring for those with just one of short dual-use
unbearably long explanation
so uh... again we have the question what we want to do and who were audiences are
the people that primary we want to save time
you know maybe we can meet those demands of so that's working
knowing also if our at target audience wants to
uh... watch the review before or after and watching the movie
their homes will be different
we also want to know what people want to do they want
more of uh... more information about uh...
things that
aren't easy to get
has information that you won't get just from watching the movie if you want to
get in background information
but i think this one comments about what we thought
of what we saw
i think it's probably going to be striking a balance between uncles points
and uh...
you don't wait for example some people don't like talking about the production
all of these militia war or what goes on but eliminate that's the because it
really just rips the
but the feeling of it being possibly you know a real story
sold so thats
you know we have to strike a balance that's what the open
so that's why i think with largely with the head just examining what we want to
do it and just learning from mistakes with his camera stopping all the sun you
and uh... learning how to shoot it
and again uh... very thankful for the people who have seen so far
christopher had a casa and philip lifted my brother yeltsin would definitely very
bold move was there
and i think that pretty much can't bleak concluded
they're pretty much concluded
so what this channel is all about you know name
learn all the things this is about learning any everything we just enjoy
learning and right now we're into the world series were into
editing stuff like that and of course
that is a
now the cross reference
hyperbole nhap depends on her
yes very defense so and we just want people to learn a lot
taillight so
definitely that's what the channels all about and uh... wall probably come back
with more information as we progress towards the first actual episode of this
snapple insists it would