Halloween Series 2012: Look maléfica ( ver en HD)

Uploaded by SatansDolly on 01.10.2012

I'm here again!
this time also with a halloween look
this time I wanted to do something more familiar
in this case a Disney look
aaaaaaand whatever... here is it!
it's quite easy, right? is quite easy makeup.
perhaps is more complicated cover the eyebrows
what I found difficult...but not because it's difficult, because I didn't have the right materials, but the rest is easy.
If you don´t have the right materials to get the proper black,it will happen to you as it does to me
to get the black, because is not as black as I want
you would have to give a few layers
until it is actually black
But if you are going to a costume or makeup store
there are some very cheap makeups and they make your skin dark black.
I didn’t have this kind of makeup
so I did this make up with the materials that I had.
Sorry if I go a little bit fast but my battery runs out.
If you try this look you can send me photos, video responses, twitter, anything you want.
I will come up with my next look very soon, see you then!
a little kiss and "ciao"