Lambeth College Graduation Ceremony 2010

Uploaded by LambethCollege1 on 23.11.2010

It means a lot to me, I'm really pleased to be graduating today.
It's something I've never done before.
I've got all my family coming and I wanted to graduate in style!
We both completed a course at Lambeth College and we think it's great
that they have a day like this where we can celebrate what we've done.
For me, it makes me feel very proud but more importantly
it makes my mother very proud, and that's important to me as well.
I'm very happy to be here today. I'm an international student.
I'm meeting with my friends my family and my classmates.
It's a very very nice day for me.
It's an event which is memorable, which marks our achievements and
is a chance to celebrate with our families. So that's what we're doing this afternoon.
A very big welcome to, what is a first for Lambeth College, this Graduation Ceremony...
for students who have been studying at the most advanced levels within the College.
I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Henry Thornton Award 2010 is... Georgi Kovachev.
I think this should be a yearly event.
It just shows that they are proud of the people that go through and do level 3 and 4 and...
that they want to show them that they are proud of them and want them to be proud of themselves.
Anyone who sees this and feels they really want to do a course, then they can achieve this as well.
We have a range of our students here today, from Construction, Engineering and Media Students.
All of them have been successful in achieving our level 3 Qualification, many of them progressing to University.
This is a wonderful event and I am really proud to be here today.
I went back to college after 25 years of bringing up my own kids to re-educate...
and I've done my first, second and third level. It's excellent. It's good for the young and old.
The college ceremony today really was fantastic. Very welcoming, very well organised...
and the teachers are wonderful, very supportive, down to earth. A very welcoming college I would say and really I'm having a fantastic time there.
This has now become a permanent fixture on the Lambeth College calendar.