Wall Fetish - Best Rapper Alive!?

Uploaded by AreWeFamousNow on 11.11.2012

I'm clenching my booty
Oh hey what's up guys
Hello habibis!
It's me Karim
Ok to everybody watching this video
I was told by a couple of friends of mine that I can Rap, Rap, Rap!?
I like rap
In fact I think rappers are what keep this world in tact
Without rappers this world would be nothing
Rappers are the most amazing this to hit this world
and creates the Universe and everything that creates it
is withheld within that sustainability within its core!
because of Rapperism!
*Troll Face*
Of course I was lieing
You don't want to get into this brain in here
You don't wanna see what's going on in there.
mmmm NO!
Not yet.
Be a Rapper!?
That's quite interesting let's take a look!
Step into the club and then I look at that place
Everybody knows I gotta little bity case
Not here for the Women no not at all
Just here for them long 4 sexy walls
That's right Ima creep!
Move away girl you're not what I seek!
Wall so flat, so smooth, so strong, so chic...
Is that primer I feel!?
Stop shaking yo ass that sh*t wack!
These flat walls is where its at
you can tell them secrets and they never tell it back
Man they come in different colors and different textures
Everything you can think of
you can touch 'em, kiss 'em, lick 'em
White walls, black walls, yellow walls whose gonna be our next victim?
How about a chorus with Jack White?
Yea we love them walls!
1 2 3 4 All around you
Do the ceilings and the floor count as a wall?
I sure hope so
Wait wait...How about if we throw in Adam Levine, or leven, lee vine.
What ever his name is.
Yea we love all those walls
Those damned tall sexy walls
I'm pretty sure a door counts as a wall
So lets poke holes in that Who*e
Poke Poke Pokety Poke
Po Po Po Po Pokey Poke
Poke Poke Pokety Poke
Po Po Po Po Pokey Poke
Poke here Poke Poke there
Everywhere everywhere pokety poke
That was the most amazing music video to ever be created
on the face of this planet
I'll be shot I'll be killed
I think rap should stay where it is now
It does not need this greatness
To touch it!
That music video was beyond bounds comprehendable of the human mind
About a fetish with walls?
Do you know how many people in this world have a fetish with walls and keep it a secret!?
From all the people out there?
It's tough! It's really tough!
People, everywhere in this damned Universe
Have things like that that they deal with everyday
Do you know that...
You can't tell your friend without them giving you a look and looking at you
in a odd particular way asking you, why?...
Why do you have a wall fetish you disgusting human being!
What is it?
What is it about these walls? About these flat succulent walls?
Is it because they are always there for you, they never move?
They're your rock?
Thank you so much for watching this video
I am out and see you the ffff lata!
Are you done yet?
I don't get it...