Royal Family, 14회, EP14, #02

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Does he understand?
I doubt he will.
Now we'll go our separate ways.
And Mother?
She placed you under surveillance again.
More closely than before. She suspects you're up to something.
Mary, if it's too much, end it now.
No. It's already started.
Jihun, Johnny, Byungjun, they all have to see.
I know that.
What worries me is your insistence on rushing in like a moth to a flame.
Jihun knows everything.
He can't see me slink out of the ring just when the fight starts.
And you. Would you want that?
Mother is frightening. I've got to know what she'll do.
I've got to finish this fight, for my self-respect if nothing else.
I won't go back to what I was.
I've got to fight back.
I know.
Oh, aren't you bringing Byungjun home?
I'm still his legal guardian.
I won't bring him or Jihun back into this house of horror.
- Ah, apple. - Tomato here.
Here's my seal impression. Uh-uh.
Where you been?
Whatcha get, huh?
A present for my mom.
How nice.
For me. And... for you.
- What's that? - A couple phone.
Huh? Sweet?
Your boy's speed dial #1. Call me anytime.
You want to see your boy's face, say, "Han Jihun."
Han Jihun?
Han Jihun.
Try James Dean.
Oh, my.
No more lugging around magazines. Just say my name.
This is nice, really, but I like seeing you in person best.
What's the name of your work again?
JK, ma'am. Only commies haven't heard of JK.
So I can just say JK? "JK."
Is that the news?
Hadn't you heard? About the holding company transfer.
Aren't you a JK counsel?
C'mon, he's been busy with his mom here.
- What's this? - My negligence.
- Negligence of what, exactly? - It came certified in Byungjun's name.
It states Jo Dongho's transfer of JK Medical shares is void--
What? So we have to release them?
Is Byungjun back yet?
No. He's in America. This was initiated by Ms. Kim.
So the fortune-teller, his selection of JK Medical was--
I just called him. But he left the country yesterday.
They don't know when he'll be back.
Didn't you hear me tell you to watch her?
She's been under 24-hour surveillance. No visitors, family or otherwise. If I--
You call this surveillance? How could you not see this coming?
What's that?
It's time I left the estate.
This a show?
You think I won't let you go because you know all our secrets?
No. I'm accepting responsibility.
Who's on the estate?
If as you say K hasn't had any visitors, who is she working with?
Gardeners, maids, security, intelligence.
Even Mr. Kim.
If K so much as glances at them, I want to know.
Yes, ma'am.
There's only two ways you'll leave this estate.
In a coffin. Or in handcuffs.
Leave us.
I heard.
Don't let it worry you.
We have Dongho's signature. The statute of limitations alone--
Leave me.
I need to think.
You should count your blessings.
Can you explain your reasoning?
It holds the spirit of your late son.
Didn't you know it wasn't for you?
Has something happened?
Kim Insuk asserts the transfer of JK Medical stock is invalid.
Did she submit a complaint?
She sent proof via certified mail.
I've never seen Ms. Gong so upset, not when facing down the board.
Not even when her husband died.
She has it now.
All right.
She suspects someone is helping within the estate.
I'll be careful, don't worry.
Things will happen fast.
You should get those gems we talked about.
I was going today anyway.
All right, Kijung. Dongjin's home.
You hear?
About K.
She demanded the return of the JK Medical stock via certified mail.
But it's kind of silly.
Like you say, it's tossing eggs at a boulder.
It may be a cornered rat squealing, but you'd better check to be sure.
Ms. Gong is on her way.
She got it?
I just gave it to her.
Be careful.
As you predicted, she's on the lookout for whoever's helping you.
She would be. That's what makes her, her�