Potato Chips Recipe | Dried potato chips Recipe

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We have already made potato chips by frying them immediately,
this time let's prepare them by frying after drying in the sun.
Ingredients required:
Potato - 5
One piece phitkari (alum) as big as a chickpes grain. powder it.
First we will peel and cut them into chips.
We have already readied the potatoes by washing and drying them.
If you are making lots of chips then we will put chips into water as if kept in open might turn dark in color.
The potatoes are peeled now, let's cut them into chips.
You can use chips cutter or food preocessor for slicing the chips.
We are using food processor for cutting the potatoes.
The chips are cut into chips, now lets put them into water.
We must take enough water to immerse the chips completely.
We will add powdered phitkari (alum) into the water.
By additon of phitkari potato chips remain white in color.
Let's add the chips to the water.
Well keep the chips in this water for water around 2 hours.
We have cooked the chips in the phitklari water for 2-3 hours, now we will wash them.
take the chips out of the water and wash them with fresh water.
Now we will boil them.
Take enough water to immerse the chips completely.
Turn on the flame.
Keep the chips aside in wateruntil water on the flame starts to boil.
Put the chips in boiling water.
Cover the chips and let them boil.
Lets check the chips.
We will try pressing them a littlem if they get pressed then th echips are boiled.
It took 8 minutes for the chips to boil.
Now take the chips out of the water.
Put little oil on a plate and grease it.
Put chips on th eplate one by one.
Dry them in sulight for 1-2 days.
The dried chips are ready, now we can fry them in hot oil.
To fry chips oil should neither be too hot or too cold, just hot enough to boil them.
If the chips become reddish in color after frying, its due the variety of potatoes choosen.
The chips made from sweet potato ofetn turn red.
Put little salt in the chips, and if you want them spicy put some red chilly powder.
The chips are ready to eat.
Fry them and eat them any time you want.
You can store potato chips in container for a year after they are dried completely.
Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us.
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