4 String tricks with Jacob's Ladder

Uploaded by momsminivan on 09.01.2013

Today I'm going to show you four different tricks you can do
with Jacob's Ladder string figure
In my other video I show you how to make Jacob's Ladder.
I show it step-by-step very slowly
please take a look at that
once you can make Jacob's Ladder,
one of the first things to do with it is a really easy Eiffel Tower
Just turn it up
and close your top fingers together

and you have the Eiffel Tower
The next thing you can do with Jacob's Ladder is make a Witches Hat
What you do for this is use your mouth
and grab the top middle string
you're gonna drop the pointer strings
and pull down gently with your thumbs
Don't pull too hard or the witch's hat will mess up
By the way, there's another way to make the witch's hat with cup and saucer
I have another video on how to make cup and saucer
Just grab the top string with your mouth
and drop your thumbs again, just like the other one.
The next trick you can do with jacob's ladder is make pants with suspenders
To do this you need a friend to help you

ask your friend to insert their fingers

into the two triangles that are just to either side of the center
you ask your friend to pull down, and when they do, you drop the thumb strings
Another thing you can do with jacob's ladder is make a batman mask (or catwoman)
Just put the bottom triangle over your nose
and have your eyes look through the rest

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