Supernatural Discussion Ep 8x11 with Felicia Day!

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Hello, you guys.
I think I am live.
If I am live, go ahead and just say, "hey Felicia, you're
live." That's a good thing.
Oh, there's my face.
I am live broadcasting tonight, because I'm on
My character, Charlie Bradbury, returned tonight in
a very cool episode called "LARP and the Real Girl," and
I thought I would do something different and live broadcast
it for you guys to ask me questions, and I don't know,
just to add a little flavor.
Between commercial breaks or when I'm not on camera, like I
am right now, I will answer your questions.
So just post them in the comments, here, and I will try
to get to you between talking about myself--
not in a self-centered way, but in a way that educates.
In fact, I have not seen this episode yet.
So you're going to--
this is the first time I've seen a lot of it.
So that's a kind of cool part.
Anyway, it is time for the episode.
And let me refresh this.
Sorry if I'm blurry.
It's really dark in this room, but this is where the TV is
hooked up, because I'm usually on my computer in the front of
house, so whatever man.
Don't judge me.
I know somebody's going to ask me what people smell like when
I'm working with them.
That's an odd question, but I'll get to it
when you ask me.
The first time that I got the call to do "Supernatural" this
season, I had, actually, seen Carver--
Jamie Carver, the show writer-- mentioned they were
doing a LARPing episode, but they did not tell me that that
was the LARPing episode.
Ew, this is gross.
Oh my gosh.
OK, spoilers--
I'm gonna narrate the whole thing.
This guy just got drawn and quartered, which I read in the
script, but that was that disgusting.
Who else was grossed out by that?
I guess you can't be grossed out when you're watching
"Supernatural," because there will be blood.
That was a movie, too.
SilverSpawn2 asks, "did I ever LARP in real life." I have
never LARPed.
I've had a lot of experience with LARPers for "The Guild."
If you guys are new to what I do, I do a lot of web video.
I, actually, produce this channel that is hosting this
It's called Geek & Sundry.
And if you are interested in what I do, I would appreciate
a YouTube subscribe, or just go over there and watch.
We have tons of videos.
So I do a lot of videos, and I do "The Guild," which I write
and act in and produce and do a lot of stuff for, and we,
always, are asking people to come and be
extras for our show.
And we just, basically, put a call out on Twitter.
And we have a lot of really awesome LARPers who come.
In addition, I did of a web series called "Dragon Age:
Redemption," which was based on the world of "Dragon Age."
And actually, that is in this episode, not the web series,
but the video game part of that.
And I'll put it out, because somebody
tweeted it to me earlier.
It was pretty cool.
So I had a lot of LARPers involved to
be the extras there.
And I got to dress in an amazing costume for that.
It was supposed to be real, not a LARPing costume, but
nonetheless a lot of skills went into making the bodice
that pushed everything up.
And it was super fun.
So that's the most experience I've ever had with LARPing.
I would love to LARP.
I think that had I time, I would be super into it.
I love D&D, and I always talk in a voice--
I'm usually a little snotty, like high intellect wizard, so
I talk a lot.
I really like researching.
All right, what's going on over here.
You can kind of see it--
well not so much-- in the back behind me.
I wanted to have my head block it, but occasionally Sam or
Dean's head is popping up over here, which is kind of creepy.
Let's see--

I love that coat.
Let's see, let me look at some more questions
while I'm not screen.
LightXLullaby, "will you marry me?" Appreciate it, don't know
you well enough to commit my life to you.
I hope you understand.
"Have you ever played D&D--" Joshua Theeuf asks.
I have played D&D, like I mentioned.
I love D&D. I've played three or four-- ew,
that's a lot of blood.
Is anybody watching along with me, because these asides,
maybe, aren't very informative for people who are not
watching with me.
There's a man with a very big mustache, I don't know what
those are called.
It's not a Van Dyke.
That's, sort of, a thing here.
So I've playing D&D. I've played 3.5, and I've played 4.
I haven't played in a little bit.
I get to go to conventions, sometimes, and I get to play
role-playing games.
But lately, I just play on the computer.
But anything that has a D&D flavor to it are my favorite
video games.
Yes, it is Geek & Sundry's 420th video.
That's pretty good.
Yeah, we've been out since April.

You know, it's so weird to see Jared act like this, because
he seems so serious.
And when he's off camera, he is
determined to make you laugh.
So there is a specific scene that I'll point out that, I
think, there must be an outtake reel 20 minutes long
of him just making me laugh.
And then I feel bad, because I'm the newbie on the block.
But I guess if he's fooling around, he's pretty funny, and
he always looks amazing.
God, there's a lot of blood.
What is it like to work with Jensen and Jared--
Nicole Hill asks.
You're very pretty, Nicole.
I love working with the guys.
If you saw my episode last March that I was in--
"The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo," I did a
lot of interviews, saying that a blast of
testosterone hit my face.
And I said how hot the guys were, which is kind of rude,
but it's just an observation.
OK, sue me.
But they are awesome to work with.
Like I said, they're just totally chill and cool.
And they're both from Texas, by the way, which is funny,
because I'm from Texas.
I went to UT Austin--
And so that's, kind of, something we all talked about,
especially last year when Bobby was
in the other episode.
And that actor, as well, is from Texas.
So it was like a Texas get-together.
I'm still not on screen, so I'll take some more questions.
You guys are asking a lot of questions.
Let's see, "have I ever gone to or worked at a Ren-Faire?"
That, dbrewski, I have.
I have, because we had a fan who sent us an email and said,
"hey, Felicia, do you want to bring the cast of "The Guild"
to the Ren-Faire east of LA-- in Riverside, I think.
I was like, "hells to the yells, yeah,"
whatever that means.
I was in the car pretty quick, and I took the whole crew.
And I, actually, had to leave early because I had a shoot,
but I left Sandeep and the rest of
"The Guild" cast there.
Evidently, they drink a lot of ale or mead or something.
So there you go--
still not on screen.
I do read the whole script, guys.
I don't ignore the other.
I mean, I don't read the scenes that I'm not in as
carefully as ones that I'm in.
Because I really wanted to bring it, and Charlie is such
a great character.
Hopefully, there are no Charlie haters out there who
would go out of their way to go into the chat.
Whatever, but I think she is the epitome of the girl I
would like to be.
She's way more confident than me in person, so that's kind
of fun to play, because I usually have to play shy
So there you go.
Oh, thanks, Lith--
Wow, Lithonos.
I'll say that--
Lithonos00, "I appreciate your doing this." And that's very
nice, thank you.
Let's see, would I ever consider going to a
Supernatural convention, if I was invited--
lieslld asks.
Yes, I've never been invited to one.
I do a lot of the bigger conventions, because I like to
meet as many fans at once, and also it's a big
part of Geek & Sundry.
I created this network to be able to create a
community around it.
So not only do I go to meet people and do panels and
signings and stuff, but we usually have a Geek & Sundry
presence, even if it's just handing out stickers.
So yeah, I would do that.
For some reason my comments aren't refreshing, so I'm
going to refresh the page.
Handlebars, yeah I know, it's really creepy.
I'm going to refresh this page, so
we'll just wait a second.

I'm still watching them act.
Oh gosh, I knew that was going to happen.
Darin ellis asks, "is it weird to see yourself on TV.
You can save this question later, if you want." Oh, so
for when I'm actually on film, yeah.
I don't enjoy watching myself on TV as much.
I used to never watch myself.
And then after years of editing "The Guild" and all
the videos that I do, I'm a lot more objective about it.
I'm like, "whoa, she looks terrible from that angle," or
"why doesn't she comb her hair--" case in point.
So you get to be a little bit more objective about it.
I, actually, never met that actor.
It's funny, because sometimes you can go a whole episode and
never meet the main actors that are in your episode.
I did a lot of "Eureka"--
I don't know if you guys watch that show.
But Dave Foley was in an episode that I was in.
I did like two scenes.
I always wanted to meet the guy.
We did not interact at all, and I didn't even know he was
in the episode until after we shot.
Then I stalked him, and I put him in a video.
So that's how it goes.
If you know Felicia, she's going to make you work--
you know, for fun.
Let's see SpriteHeartfilia asks, "how did you get the
role of Gorgol on Mymusic?
"Mymusic" is a really cool show, here on YouTube,
buy the Fine Bros.
It's like a sitcom on YouTube, which I think is
a really cool project.
I got that because they called me up.
I wish it was more exciting, but I've known them for years.
And I love what they do, and we've never worked together
before, and they called me up, and said, you want to be in
our new show--
Whoa, wait, I'm about to come one.
Shut it, Felicia.
I think I'm coming up with a crown.
I have a good story about this.
I have a good story.
Basically, they shot these was little tiny cameras.
I think they were Canons or just little handheld things,
because they wanted it to look really real and low-fi.
Followers of the moon--
my peeps.
So I, actually, flew up to Vancouver two days early,
because they wanted to fit all these outfits custom on me--
and the saddest part is-- watch this.
Look at that, there I am receiving flowers, being
noble, wearing a crown.
That was me, and I had that dress fitted three times.
I wore it for, literally, 10 minutes.
I should call them and ask them to give me that dress.
I don't think they will.
But anyway, ew is anybody watching this?
There's blood every--
ew, grody.
OK, that's gross, his eyes are bleeding.
I do not like that.
Anywho, well now it's a commercial.
Now I'm going to answer more questions.
Anyway, so I flew up early to do that.
And then they fit the other outfit.
And let me just tell you, fittings can be scary, because
the wardrobe people at "Supernatural" are amazing.
But I went in in the interim--
The first thing I did, the pants went up to here.
They were like high-waisters, like a really old guy with no
butt in a supermarket.
That's how they were the first time, and they were, like,
calm down, we're going to fix it.
And they did an amazing thing.
Jeevz Wadkins asks, "do you ever play 'Rogues'?"
Well, I do a lot of video games.
If you guys don't know me, that's, actually, what I
really love doing, playing video games.
I watch fewer movies than I do play video
games, that's for sure.
I want to see that movie, "Beautiful Creatures."
Anyway, I don't play a lot of "Rogues." I used to play
"Rogues" early on, and I've changed a lot to playing
"Wizards," because I really like to be a kind of a glass
cannon, for some reason.
I don't know why.
I die a lot.
I play a Rogue in "Skyrim," because I love using a bow
I'm a sniper in "FPS," and I'm usually a wizard--
either isometric or third person--
that's just what I tend to do.
I don't know why, because I like sneaking, and I like
sniping at people.
So that's, kind of, my favorite.

Let's see.
"What traits did you bring to Charlie that weren't in the
script," Critia1974 asks.
You know, the cool thing is when you have really great
writing, things just come out of you, and you interpret them
in, hopefully, ways that people like.
I think that Charlie--

on the page, I tried to, actually, make her a little
braver and more grounded.
That was, kind of, my goal, because I wanted her to be a
lot different from Codex and other characters I play--
Holly, who are, kind, light and airy.
I really wanted Charlie to bring, kind of, a centeredness
and groundedness.
And I even tried to concentrate when I did the
lines about just, kind of, feeling heavier.
I know it's kind of odd, but sometimes acting things like
that, kind of, trick you into changing your body position
from the outside in.
So that was something I did for Charlie.
But the great thing is that Charlie was so on the page
when they sent me the first script.
And the script was so identical in spirit in
bringing the character out, and she even was more of a
badass, because she's a leader, now.
So I think between the first episode and this episode,
which is a year later, she has been through some stuff, and
she's very brave.
So that's, kind of, what I feel about her.
Let's see, I'm going to try not to spoil things, because
we're live watching.
So when you ask a question that's a little bit spoiler
for later--
still with this guy with the handlebars.

My dad was, like, "where are you." I was, like, "I'm
coming, I'm coming." Was that a tardis?
Oh no, it's a lamp.
Let's see some more questions.
"I am an English major," Gary Chessa asks, "do you have any
tips for an aspiring writer."
I'm not the best--
I'm a little slow in writing, and I have a lot of writer's
block and hard things.
And my best advice to you is you've got to embrace the fact
that the first thing you write is going to be horrible.
And I, actually, just listened to "The IT Crowd" Season 4
And Graham Linehan, I worship this guy, because his
commentary is, everything you should listen to, as a writer,
about overcoming writer's block.
And a real writer is all about rewriting and not just getting
that first draft done.
And to me, that is, like, the best thing possible.
Oh, I'm about to come on.
OK, I have to just say all these extras are amazing.
That girl with the harp, she would play the harp when we
weren't even rolling.
I was, like, "you're amazing, you're a lap harp person." I
mean, they were hard core.
And a lot of the outfits were even better than the ones--
were not better, but they were on par.
Like usually you put, like, really bad outfits on the
extras, because you're like, "oh, we won't see them." But
they highlighted so many different people.
Ew, I didn't see this scene, either.
I didn't get to work with these guys.
I worked with them on some scenes.
As you'll see, coming up, I will not spoil it.
Let's see, "how about 'Magic'--" Michael Harrison.
I assume you're not talking about real magic, I would love
to be able to do that.
"Magic: The Gathering," the cards, I don't play that.
But I do play "Dominion, ever since I started producing
"Tabletop," which is our show on this channel
about tabletop gaming.
My friend, Wil Wheaton, created it with me
and hosts his show.
And I play a lot more boardgames, now.
And I really like deck building games, like
"Dominion" and "Ascension." So yeah, I would love to try
"Magic." I think I might get a little obsessive about it,
because I'm a little bit of a collector, as well, which is
eh, you know.
Maja Milineuskinic, "I don't like guys with no butt." Well,
I don't what that means.
"Do you play "League of Legends?" No.
Let's see, Kyla Brown asks, "Felicia, do you ever go to
schools to talk to students interested in film." You know,
I would love to.
I get asked a lot to do it, and honestly, I don't have
enough time to call my grandma.
I am working--
people ask, "oh, what are you doing next."
I'm producing a network.
And they're, like, "oh." I'm like, I'm producing a network.
I work 25 hours a day, and I also have to keep my face not
saggy, because I like to be on camera a lot.
But you know, I'm behind the scenes on
everything we shoot, mostly.
And I'm there running the company.
I mean, we have lots of great staff, don't get me wrong.
I rely on a lot of people, but I'm still around.
Oh look, here I am.
OK guys, somebody on Google+, and I forget his name, he
mentioned that I should have been better at the sword.
OK, here's the deal.
That helmet kept falling over my eyeballs,
and I couldn't see.
Ooh, look at this shot, slomo Pantene commercial--
Now come on, guys.
Actually, I got really frustrated, because we had to
do that shot five times, because my hair kept getting
caught in the helmet.
That helmet was the bane of my existence, to
be honest with you.
And I have helmet hair, so we got that on film.
The fun part of LARPing-- now all that stuff, I'm wearing a
whole set of armor under that tabard.
Oh gosh, I, literally, haven't seen this, but my hair and
makeup looks really good for it raining all the time.
Anyway, it's very heavy, and the fun part about the LARPING
scenes was I wanted to make sure that Charlie was acting
like a queen, but she wasn't 100% awesome at it, if you
know what I mean.
Because we are in reality, right.
So it's not like I'm filming "Joan of
Arc" with famous people.
I'm filming "Supernatural" as a LARPer.
So I wanted her to justify why she was a leader in being a
leader, but maybe not being the best.
And I had to take all my armor off in this scene, which I
really liked to do, because you have to remember your
I'm pretty good at that.
"How awesome is Misha Collins," Ash Powell asks.
Never met him.
I would love to.
They need to write an episode with us in it.
I just fell off the whatever that was.
You'll notice that Charlie has a lot of dialogue, here, and I
had to memorize it all.
And I loved it, every single moment of it.
Because I love doing my own stuff, but sometimes it's just
a relief to get a script from somebody, have amazing words
to say, and then say them and just concentrate only on
acting and not worrying if Craft Service is late or if
we're running overtime, and we don't have
money to pay people.
That, I love that.
There was one take where Dean, I put it on crooked, and he
looked like Jughead.
I hope they put--
OK, it was even worse than this one.
That made me laugh, actually.
I, kind of, tried to do it, because he does look like
Jughead, a little bit, a hot Jughead, really hot Jughead.
You'll notice there's a painting in the
background of me.
Jim Michaels, I want that painting.
Show runner of "Supernatural," I want it, so come on, what
are you're doing with it, now?
It's like 7 feet tall.
Put it in the Geek & Sundry office.
Oh gosh, OK.
"Anything especially funny that happened during filming
that you think was gag reel worthy," Aiicyla.
Well one of the lines I just delivered about
hospital-worthy accidents--
literally, could not deliver it.
I had just quit coffee, so I had a lot of tongue
pronunciation troubles during this episode.
And Jared and Jensen teased me, mercilessly, about it, in
a good way.

Let's see, Aaron M asks, "Hey, Felicia, one of your loyal
Guild of Extras here!
Any future network television projects on the horizon that
you can mention, or besides this episode, are you just
going to focus on Geek & Sundry."
I don't have anything filming, right now.
I'm always available.
I don't have a lot of time to audition for things.
So generally, they just call me up.
Like "Eureka," they wrote that part for me, and
"Supernatural," they called me up and said, we have this
great part.
So that's really the only way I am able to work, because I
am producing so much stuff.
It's always a balance with me.
And just rest assured I'm working on new projects.
There's a lot on my plate, but my intention is to create
things, whether it's "The Guild" more of
that in some format--
we don't know yet, or if it's a new project.
But I always want to make the best thing that I can, and
that's one of the things about writer's block, as well.
I've been working so hard for years--
OK, this is the scene.
I'm going to shut myself up.
The belladonna line is, like, the funniest
thing I've ever seen.
And it was so hard to keep our faces straight.
In this scene, I don't know if you can tell on my face, but
I'm trying not to laugh.
They edited all the takes that I was laughing out, but the
gag reel would be that angle where Jared is talking to us.
I have to say my skin looks really good.
I've been on, not a cleanse, but drinking a lot of juices.
It's really hot in LA to have juices, here.
But I had a stomach imbalance, where I
couldn't eat for a while.
I drink a lot of kale now.
You guys don't care, alrighty.
"Any upcoming music video projects," albion118 asks.
I would love to do that.
We're, actually, in the process, right now, of
thinking of Season 2.
I'm not saying there's a Season 2 of Geek & Sundry yet.
Please subscribe if you want to guarantee it, because those
numbers help us, and watch our shows.
But I'm hopeful.
Things are looking good.
So I'm, right now, in the planning stages, trying to
figure out what to do more of, what to do less of, what you
guys really want, what I can do, and I can do best.
Those are all on the plate.
We look at a lot of comments.
So if you guys have feedback, or if you're, like, "I really
want a gaming show," or "I want more of this show," or "I
don't really like this show for this reason." You guys are
our community, so just let us know.
Oh my gosh, I am so short right now.
These guys make me look like a tiny, tiny woman.
And in my mind, I'm like 6 feet tall.
I am, really, a tall woman.
I love this line.

OK, so there's another funny moment.
Every time I walk off camera there, I'd just, kind of, walk
and bump into some furniture, because I was walking nowhere.
And they were like, where are you walking, Felicia.
I'm like, wherever the camera isn't.
I have to get out of the scene.
So there's probably a guy where--
like, one time I, actually--
Jared was like, walk and just get under the table,
and just get down.
I was like, I'm the guest star, I can't
make that much funny.
Julie Campbell--
oh, I haven't seen any of this tech tent stuff.
But did you see the "Dragon Age"?
There is "Dragon Age" footage of Tallis, and it's a little
Easter egg.
So look in the background.
On that monitor that's Tallis fighting the guys in "Dragon
Age II." which is an amazing franchise, if
you don't know it.
Let's see, Tabitha Walters asks, "what types of
books do you read--
fantasy, sci-fi, nonfiction, not a lot of time to read."
Tabitha, you don't know me very well.
I'm a huge reader.
We have an amazing couple of shows on Geek & Sundry.
We have "Sword & Laser" that does fantasy.
And I have a personal hangout I do once a month, kind of
like this, but with three other awesome women.
And we talk about romance genre novels.
Vampire romance--
we're reading "Outlander" this month.
And we, basically, get drunk and talk about romance novels
that I am not ashamed to read.
They're mostly sci-fi and fantasy.
They're not just straight bodice-rippers.
We'll do one occasionally.

Oh, here's a great scene.
So this was a scene where it was raining, and then it was
sunny, the it was completely cloudy, so
that was kind of sucky.
I love my little outfit.
They did such a good job.
And I love this scene, because it's obvious the writer did a
lot of research on RPGs and LARPing.
I mean, "Car Worlds" or "Gamma Worlds?" Those are not well
known RPGs.
So I have to give a really big shout out to the script and
the writer.

And the fact that Charlie is kind of a perv when it comes
to the ladies.
I, kind of, feel uncomfortable with the fact that she takes
advantage of the elves so much--
not really.
She's, kind of, just--
she's playing it.
Look at that, I'm checking everyone out.
And by the way, a lot of people are like, "oh, how is
that, being a lesbian character." I was a lesbian
character in "Dollhouse," as well, which was
a surprise to me.
Because between Seasons 1 and 2, Joss
decided she was a lesbian.
She was not supposed to be a lesbian in Season 1.
It was just, kind of, amorphous.
So had a whole backstory about being in love with Griff.
If you haven't watched "Epitaph One," you should
definitely check it out, because it's an
amazing hour of TV.
So I came back for "Epitaph Two," the last episode of that
second season.
And then I'm suddenly a lesbian, which is cool.
I got to flirt with Maurissa Tancharoen, who is one of my
best friends.
And she is shooting "S.H.I.E.L.D." right now.
You guys have to follow her on Twitter, Mo Tancharoen,
because she's tweeting Instagram pictures from
"S.H.I.E.L.D." set, and I'm so excited for them, because it's
going to be amazing.
Let's see, I'm going to refresh this page again,
because I'm not getting all the comments.
Bear with me for a second.
Oh, there I am--
this very cute little elf--

she's very cute.
And by the way, she was hired and not
supposed to have a line.
And she didn't know until she got to the set that they
didn't give her a line, because she was so cute.
She was from Brazil or something, which is odd to me,
because she's in Canada.
And I was, like, what are you doing her? --Or Portugal, I
can't remember.
Anywho, let's do some more comments.
Selandir says, "will we see your character in Dragon Age
III." I'm not sure.
They haven't asked me back.
Tallis is a canon character, because she was in the "Mark
of the Assassin, DLC." But if they asked me back, I would be
there in a second.
I, actually, haven't done a video game
voice in quite a while.
I was turning down them down a lot, because I was like,
"enough with it, Felicia."
And I did "Guild Wars II," which was an amazing role, so
I was like, "OK, it's enough." But now I'm like, "hey, hire
me." I love this guy and his terrible
ears, and I love Dean.
I just love the scenes with Dean.
And when I was doing some interviews with this, I could
not express how fun it is to work with Jensen.
He's so good, and he's such a nice guy.
And I think that we have a good rapport.
Like, I'm kind of a smartass.
And he's a smartass, too, so there is a brother-sister,
kind of, dynamic there.

"Dollhouse" needs to come back.
"What's--" it's Maurissa, and it's Mo Tancharoen.
Mo Tancharoen.

Maybe go to "Dr. Horrible" and just search "Dr. Horrible" for
the last name spelling, because I usually spell it
wrong all the time.
LivePlayOnline asks "how is Dr. Hannah doing?" Dr. Hannah
is a zombie from Tabletop.
Just search "Last Night on Earth," and watch it.
It's very funny.
I think his Tumblr still lives.
Somebody is keeping it up.
Oh, I love this scene.
I love this kind of, like, me refusing to back down.
And I really wanted to hang out with Dean and try to solve
the mystery.
I love the fact that Charlie is not, kind
of, a simpering girl.
I really love that.

I don't know who else, probably nobody is watching
along, and when I look at the TV, it's, kind of, wasting
everybody's time, but whatever.
"Can we see Cubby--" Aimeelikescheese.
No, Cubby's on the front, and I'm standing on the treadmill
desk, actually, because I've got the TV, here, and the
computer, here.
And he weighs so much, guys.
He's got to go on a diet.
He's getting so rotund.
I love how annoyed I am that he's sending me away, there.
I love that.
"What movie are you most stoked for this year?" Wow, I
mean, gosh.
I'm kind of excited about Superman.
I really like Amy Adams.
And although Lois Lane should be a brunette, in my opinion,
she is one actress who could convince me that's it's cool
not to be a brunette.
Oh, this was fun.
Let me just tell you, Vancouver, during this time of
year, it was so gorgeous.
It's like a fairytale world.
We shot "Dragon Age" in Malibu, and every single time
I look at footage like this, I'm like, "oh, I wish we could
have afforded to go to Canada to get all this beautiful
And you, how the leaves are turning,
it's a magical forest.
They were putting smoke everywhere, too, to make it
ambient, but--
This guy makes me laugh so hard.
OK, he could not talk with the teeth, and they decided to
keep it, because I thought it was really funny.
Let's see, "what happened to the "Dragon
Age: Redemption" project.

It's on Machinima, so just search "Dragon Age:
Redemption," and it'll come up.
And then we did "Mark of the Assassin," which was a
downloadable piece of content at the same time.
It was a really fun project.
We did it on a really low budget, and I think we did it
really amazing.
We built everything from scratch, and I researched
"Dragon Age" like--
Even David Gater, the writer of "Dragon Age" was like,
"whoa, you know a lot about this game."
So I'm no joke when it comes to research.
I'm kind of a nerd that way.

Silver Harlow asks, "how long before you stalk Jensen and
Jared and make them a G&S show." I think
third time's the charm.
So if they ever have me back, I think that I will overcome
my shyness and be like, "hey, when you're in LA, there's a
coincidence, I've got a bunch of shows I would like you to
be on." That would be, kind of, amazing.
I don't know if they're gamers or not.
I mean, I think we were talking about some FPS games,
but I don't know if they're tabletop gamers.
But the cool thing about that show is that most people
aren't, and then they will go away, and they
love tabletop gaming.
Let's see, this chat will be archived, by the way, on Geek
& Sundy, so no worries if you miss some of it.
Ironcastle24 says, "not easy watching you live and watching
'Supernatural.'" I know, but if I waited until 10 to do it,
I would be sleepy.
"Was the relationship between Dean and Charlie entirely
scripted, or did you and Jensen add your own elements
into it," Rautayrttii.

You know, it was all scripted.
We didn't do any improv at all.
I, actually, think that writers have
a really hard time.
It's a very hard job to write.
And that's why they're writers, and they're paid for
it, and it's work.
And when you see a good script, you don't want
to mess with it.
Sometimes you might just throw in a line at the end,
somewhere, where you know they can edit it out.
But generally, you just do what the page says, unless
it's an improv comedy.
So we just did that, but it's the fun part, the things that
you add as an actor.
You take the script, and you make it your own, like the way
you look at somebody or doing something with your hand or
picking up a prop or taking a prop off.
Those are all things that aren't in the script.
And you're like, "hey, this is what makes me feel
comfortable." So it's whatever makes you feel comfortable to
deliver the lines, in a way.
And it took me a lot of years to learn that, believe me.
I've done some bad stuff.
I think now, I'm like, "oh, you just have to own it." It's
like a dress, you've, just got to figure out how to put it on
so it will fit you.
That didn't work, because sometimes you'd have
to change the dress.
You don't want to change the dress--
terrible analogy.
OK, let's see.

"Why did Charlie go into the woods by herself--" elicit77.
Because Charlie can handle it, yo.
Charlie is not a simpery lady.
OK, flyingmidnight--
"come to Seattle." I am going to be in Seattle.
I'm going to Emerald City Comicon, and I'm going to
stalk Valve.
I want to do a tour of Valve.
Thanatos796 says, "was the Princess Leia tattoo your idea
or the writer."
That was completely the writers, and when I read that
line in the last script, I, literally, laughed out loud,
because it, kind of, made me want to get that tattoo, yup.
ElizabethSwanson asks, "are you excited for Elder Scrolls
Online?" You know, I'm interested in it.
I saw that the beta opened up.
And I was thinking about emailing a friend of mine to
see if I could get in there.
But it's interesting, because I love "Skyrim"
and the way it looks.
And the "Elder Scrolls Online" seems really different.
So what I'm most interested in is to see how the crafting and
the open world, kind of, feel got translated, because that's
what I love about "Skyrim," is that I'll just log in to feed
my orphans that I adopted and arrange my gems.
And then I'll kill a dragon and I'll log out.
That's really satisfying to me, so I hope that they have
that in the online versions.
I love trying new games, and I wish I had time to
stick with them more.
MMOs are pretty hard for me.
That's why I play a lot more indie games, lately, because
you can just log in for two hours and be really satisfied.
Anyway, let's see, more questions.
Dawn Vorndran asks, "is it true that there's a new 'Dr.
Horrible' in the future." I don't know.
I know they're working on the "S.H.I.E.L.D." which is the
biggest TV show that will ever happen.
I'm going to go to the set.
I'm going to bug them, and hopefully they'll let me come
to the set after they settle down.
But from what I understand it's going to be the most epic
project ever, and my friends are doing it.
And I'm so excited for them.
They are going to rock Comicon's face off.
Let's see, "Attending WonderCon 2013,"
Ironcastle24 asks.
Yes, I will be attending, and we'll be having a panel for
Geek & Sundry and might be announcing some new stuff, so
J. De La Rosa asks, "similarities and differences
between Codex and Charlie." You know, they're very
different girls.
I don't, actually, think Codex is necessarily a fan girl.
I don't think that she's a pop culture addict.
I think she's a really quiet reader, to be honest with you.
And Charlie is all about pop culture.
She's all about references.
She's all about her fandom.
Codex just loves gaming, and if you ever read the comic
that I wrote that goes with "the Guild," Codex was,
actually, not a gamer for a long time
before you see the show.

She's just, kind of, a more conservative, quiet girl who,
kind of, got trapped in bad circumstances, and thank
goodness, found friends through gaming.
And Charlie, if somebody broke into the house, Charlie would
kick them, take a golf iron or something and hit
somebody in the face.
Codex would probably apologize for not having the door open.
Let's see Wolfuz and a lot of people are asking about "Big
Bang." I, actually, know Bill Prady.
I'm sure, if you follow my Twitter, you've seen us tweet,
from Comicon, especially.
I really like that show.
I love a lot of the cast members, as well.
And I would be honored if there were an opportunity for
me to be on it, but--
Oh look, I'm waking up.
God, that is the hardest thing, to have your eyes
closed and wake up and acting.
I'm not even exaggerating.
It's extremely hard.
I have twitchy eyeballs, so whenever I've died, which is a
lot, people are always like, "your eyeballs are twitching."
OK, this is creepy, right?
This is super creepy.
Hand it to the actress, Tiffany, for wearing that 20
pound thing on her face.
It was challenging.
I mean, it's a real skull--
skulls are heavy.

This was super fun, because I love the idea of this, kind
of, magical tent in the middle of the woods.
And I like the decorations.
Oh, there I go.
This is such a fun gag.
Oh, how cool is that?
True story, not true magic.
"Do I have any tattoos," Robert Tyree asks.
No I don't.
I've always wanted one.
I, actually, have wanted an 8-bit anchor, and instead of
getting one myself, I wrote it into "The Guild" for Season 6.
That's what I do-- wish fulfillment--
I write it.

Let's see, "do I miss 'Eureka'?" xBrokenxStarsx00--
long name.
Yes, I do miss Eureka.
I, actually, saw Colin Ferguson the other day, and it
was a really great reunion.
I saw Wil Wheaton very recently, as well.
And I'm just really grateful that we're all still friends,
because a lot of the time that you're on a set, you don't,
really, see anybody afterwards.
I've been very fortunate to be involved in-- that was a
really long monologue, and it was creepy with that thing.
I didn't forget my lines, but I was almost forgetting.
How pretty is she?
Tiffany is very pretty.
I was honored they picked such a pretty fairy for me to--
OK, look at this.
Look at that hamball acting, come on.
It's not hamball, it's just I had a lot of fun.
And the AC, the guy who does the focus, he was, like, every
single time, he was laughing at the end, because I had to
go from terror to interested to turned on--
kind of fun.
Anyway, let's see, what else do we have here.
I'm not in this scene, so--
"if you could play one board game which Jensen, Jared and
Wil, what would you want to play." Oh gosh.
I would probably want to play D&D, just because I love role
playing and rolling for skills.
I love skill checks.
And there are some other games that are really good.
I love Agricola, but I don't think it's a Jared, Jensen,
Wil, kind of game.
Maybe "Dominion," that could be fun, card building.

Let's see, you guys are asking a lot of things, and
this time is flying.
Oh my gosh, we only have 20 minutes left.
"You look too white in this lighting," I
know, dude, I know.
First of all, I'm too white, that's just a given.
Second, the back is really dark, because it's nighttime
outside, and I couldn't bring in professional lighting to
make it look better.
So I mean, come on.
There we go.
"What's the favorite project I've ever worked on," Renehta
Wilcox asks.
"The Guild," obviously, because it's my baby.
I do everything on it.
I write it, I co-produce it, and I have a great team of
people who helped me make it better than I ever
imagined it would be.
And then "Dr. Horrible" just because it was such a
And we had such an amazing time onset, and it was
everybody just getting together to put on a show,
which I think is the best part of filmmaking.
When it becomes, kind of, a chore, then it's just like
anything else.
It's like going to an office job, but when you really feel
like you're all creatively working with each other and
just, really, being fulfilled and making stuff that's
awesome, that's when you feel like, "hey, I've made it, this
is why I do
this." Let's see.
"Do you like anything from the guys who do 'Rooster Teeth'?
Like 'Red vs Blue'?" Tori Dryg asks.
I love the "Rooster Teeth" guys.
Actually, I was in Australia in November, and I hung out
with a couple of the guys from one of the podcasts there.
And I've known Burnie Burns for a very long time.
They are actually, in Austen, and I'm from Austen.
Oh wow, look at this--
fairy porn.
I mean, look at that.
I did not notice how pretty those cameras were on that
I mean, look guys, there's a little bit of tension, here.
And I am not a lesbian, but I am honored to play one on TV.

I love that dress of hers, too.
They did a really good job with that one, as well.
Yeah, now I'm busy watching myself.
All right, I'll answer some questions.

"What do I think about South America," Rodrix Caca.
I would love to go to South America.
I've never been.
I've been to Central America, and I've been to Honduras and
Belize, and I loved it.
So I would really love to go to Peru, and I would like to
go to Andalusia.
Is that a place?

"Do your seductive face," anzboarder735.
OK, so it's this.

That wasn't it.
That was stupid.
"Maybe you can do a part on 'Warehouse 13.' That would be
awesome." I mean, I would love to do that.
I, actually, saw Eddie McClintock
last month or something.
And he was like, "come on." And I was like, "OK." And then
nobody called.
But they're not even shooting right now.
I think they're waiting for a pick-up, which I'm sure
they're going to, because I love-- you know, I love the
steampunk woman.
What was her name?
Somebody help me out.
I don't know.
I'm going to reload, because I'm missing
some of these questions.

Uh oh, what's happening.
I think she's coming on to me, guys--
these fairies, ravenous.
Let's see, "there are a lot of guest actors in 'The Guild'
Season 5, I want to see it on G&S." UThereWitDaFace.
Season 5 is on Geek & Sundry, Season 6 is on Geek & Sundry.
We just finished a couple of weeks ago.
And a lot of people have been asking me, "is that the last
episode of 'The Guild.'" OK, I wrote it in a way that if it
were the last episode, everybody would be satisfied.
And I can't tell you how hard I cried after I saw all the
comments of people being upset, but also saying, if
this is the end, that was the best way you could end it, and
please do more.
So that touched me.
Whoa, I was just making out with a lady.
That looked pretty graphic, guys.
That was a lot of face chomping.
I have never done that before.
True story-- lady lips, just like man lips, except softer,
no stubble.
What was I saying?
I can't remember.
"Would I ever consider 'The Guild'--" anyway, yes.
You can watch Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on Geek &
Sundry with no credits.
They're cut out so you watch them like a movie.
And I did commentary.
You can turn on annotations.
I did a commentary with me and my producer, Kim Evey.
Every 10 seconds we have a behind the scenes tidbit.
That took us 25 hours, so go ahead and watch it.

OK, WantASkyline asks, "have you been to Japan or any other
Asian country." No, but I want to go to Japan so bad.
I want someone to take me to Japan.
I think I would do really well there.
Ugh, I would really have a good time.
I love Japanese things and video games, and yes,
I would love that.
Anyway, "would you ever consider 'The Guild' to go to
TV or theatrical movie," GamersGrind asks.
So anyway, to complete the story that I interrupted when
I was making out with a girl--
spoiler alert--

I don't know what the future "The Guild" holds.
I usually wait several months in between seasons to figure
out what to do.
We've had six amazing years of a show that has changed my
life, primarily because of you guys.
And if we were going to do something in the future, I
think it has to be something different,
something fresh and new.
But the crazy part is I have a lot more stories to tell with
the show, and I think that in a different format, it might
be awesome.
So everything is on the table after I get the Geek & Sundry
stuff situated.
So I will let you guys know, and just stay tuned.
Let's see, "who are some of your favorite YouTubers
outside of the G&S family," Jordan K asks.
I am in love with "Daily Grace" and Hannah Hart.
I adore John Green and Kate Green.
I love Brandon and Freddie over at
Freddie Wong's channel.

I love Jenna Marbles.
I mean, she's hilarious.
I think she's a brilliant comedian, and I think she
should do a TV show.
I think she should stay doing what she's doing, too.
I think the times when we remembered, "oh, you should go
to TV to be legitimate." I think that this
is legitimate, guys.
I feel legitimate.
"You should stop by Fort Hood, sometime--" oh, that's funny.
My dad used to work there--
true story.
OK, 117, I should come to Portland.
OK, I, actually, have a schedule on my website, but
I'm getting my schedule for the year, so go there.
What is this preview for?
Is that "Nikita"?
She's so skinny and pretty, super skinny, but super
pretty, kind of like a doll.
I love her.
All right, "I've got to watch this episode.
Dang, dude." Yeah Eli, I make out with a girl-- spoiler.
"How long did it take me to write Season 6," Wohlfea asks.
Well, not enough time.
I, actually, wish I had had a month and a half more time for
Season 6, but I had to get it out by the end of the year or
finish it by the end of the year.
So we had to shoot in September.
And it was, actually, quite hard for me to find the time
to write the script between Comicon--
Whoa, I'm saving my fairy.
Look at us.
We're the same size.
We're both very cute.
Oh look, those feathers, that's a special effect.
Now I forgot what I was talking about.
Oh yes, so I wrote the whole script in,
probably, two months.
I had outlined it a little bit before, so
that's always helpful.
I always outline everything.
I would recommend, unless you have a game
plan, don't start writing.
At least have a loose game plan.
Or if you're so writer's blocked that you don't start
writing and just procrastinate, write a
terrible 30 pages.
Like literally, set out to write the worst thing you
could possibly write.
Deliberately write bad, and eventually you're going to get
something good out of there and go back and outline and
have a better idea of what you want to do with it.
Let's see, "greetings from Indonesia." Hi Caveman712.
Angel Whisperings asks, "what advice would you give to
budding actors." My advice would be stay local, get
experience before moving to a big city, and find other
people to make films with.
Learn all the different crafts on a film set, because you
might not even want to be an actor.
You might want to be something else on a film set, or you'll
get experience watching other experienced actors and
learning from them.
Watch behind the scenes, read good acting books.
But really the best thing you can do is
practice, practice, practice.
And you can make your own web series.
Find a play and film it.
You don't even have to write anything.
Just get a play and put it on film and watch yourself.
And be objective about what you think you do really well,
have people give you input.
And hone what you're doing, because it is a craft.
I came to LA, and I did not know what
the hell I was doing.
It was a couple of years before I even got one job.
Because I should have gotten more
experience before I left--
best advice ever.

Oh, look at that!
Sword fighting, again, with that little LARPing sword,
which is super fun.
And there was a stunt guy there.
And I was supposed to roll, but we didn't have time for me
to roll across the room.
But watch this badassdom, OK, I'm going to stop with the
questions, because watch this.
I'm going to drink while I watch this.

Check out the dagger flip.
You've got to be kidding me.
I did that.
If you can do that?
Well I doubt it, because that took a lot of practice.
That was six months of "Dragon Age" dagger training.
Actually, in Vancouver there's a sword fighting school.
They also do real sword fighting and falconry and
other crazy stuff.
And I saw it in a van on the way to set from
"Eureka" one time.
I stopped, and on the weekends, when I was doing
"Eureka," I went and took dagger lessons.
And that's the reason why I did "Dragon Age." Oh look, my
hair looks good.
I mean she's really pretty, but I look okay.
Anyway, "how was it making out with a fairy."
Ooh, another kiss.

Oh, I just got distracted, I was kissing a lady.
It was fine.
I mean, whenever you can kiss anybody, man or woman, on
screen, it's awkward, super a little bit awkward.
But it was fine.
It was the first I ever did it.
Did it a second time in that scene, and there you go--
I mean guys, just kiss what you like.
That's my philosophy.
OK, "you heard about Pluto, that's
messed up, right." Totes.

"Steampunky character with H.G. Wells," thank you,
I love her.
Let's see, oh, 127 comments.
You guys are on it.
"Would I want a role on 'Doctor Who'?" Supsarizna.

Yes, but I'm not British.
And that's kind of a problem, because it's a
show shot in Brittain.
I was hoping to get on "Torchwood" when they came
here, but they did fine without me.
So there you go.
"What do you think of the Steam Box that's coming out in
the future," Carlos Rosal asks.
I'm super excited.
They were supposed to have it.
There was a rumor that it was at CES, when I was the
ambassador there a couple of weeks ago.
I went to the booth, and I tried to weasel my way in.
It didn't work.
I love Steam, as a service.
I buy a lot of games on there.
Whenever I'm depressed, I'll get on there.
And I'll download a pony game or some sort of stupid, girly,
fairy game.
And it makes me depressed, but I play it for four hours, and
then somehow I feel better, because it's trash.
That's what I do.
And then when I'm in a good mood, I download the awesome
games like "Baldur's Gate" and "Hotline Miami" and other kind
of indie games.
Ooh, I think I'm stalling.
Anyway, Michelle Wiggins asks, "how do you make a web show?"
Michelle, that's a pretty general question, man.
The basic is that you get a camera.
You put someone in front of the camera.
You film it, and you upload it.
That is the basic.

It's a little bit like filming.
It's filmmaking.
You make a film in a smaller way.
You can just do a webcam.
This is, kind of, a webshow, isn't it.
I mean, I have a show.
Like I said, "Vaginal Fantasy" is my romance book club.
And that is just for ladies on Google Hangout.
And that's a show, I think.
So I'm sorry, I think we're stalling a little bit.
Anyway let's see.
"Did the fairy compliment my kissing,"
BenderTheCat007 asks.
No, she did not.
You don't want to be inappropriate, at least
skeevy, like "hey, that was great, you're hot." I mean,
you're working with the person, so you want to be--
"Do a dagger flip, now--" Ben Wong Jr. No, I'm not a dagger
monkey, OK, and I don't have a dagger with me.
But I did that.
That was not CGI, or anything.
If you're doubting me, I'm coming to your house, OK.
"What advice would you give to geek girls?" Memorysdaughter.

That advice I would give is just to be a geek, and you
happen to be a girl.
Just love what you love, and don't apologize for it.
And if people try to cast aspersions because you're too
hot to be a geek girl and accuse you of being a poser,
that's their problem.
They're obviously not somebody you want be friends with, and
there are plenty of other people you
want to friends with.
So just be confident in what you love.
That's what I do.
There are things that I like that people
would think were weird.
And I don't care.
I mean, honestly, you've got to like yourself, more than
pleasing other people.
Because at the end of the day, they're not picking you up at
the airport, those jerks.
I don't know what kind of advice that was.
Let's refresh one more time.

I have to refresh it and then mute the picture, that's why.
Let's see, "what indie games should people be looking at
right now," Jason LeBouef asks.
Wow, that is good.

The ones that I've been playing a lot are like the
"Legend of Grimrock," which is very much like an old school
wizardry game.
I love FTL, which is a spacecraft simulator, and it's
a strategy game, as well.
There are a lot of really good ones.
I should do a blog or something, because I've been
playing "Towns," which is a Steam Greenlight, actually.
And "Mark of the Ninja" is super cool.
Oh good, this is the last scene.
This was, actually, the first scene we shot,
which was super awkward.
Because you know, the first scene, you're always, like,
getting into the rhythm of it, and my hair looks
good, which is good.
They have people that make it look good.
That's why.
I haven't combed it in a couple of days, here.
Isn't it beautiful?
Vancouver has yellow leaves, which is very
lovely in the fall.
And I love my outfit.
They should have let me keep that.
oldsoul93, what's the key to my success?
I am completely myself, and I work really hard.
And that's it.
I found what I really, really love that doesn't feel like
work, and I just do it with more effort than most people.
I just don't stop working, which is not a healthy thing.
But the fact that I found something that doesn't feel
like work, I think, is the key.
Sometimes it's not always easy, and I
don't always love it.
And I don't always think, "hey, I should be doing this
sort of thing." But at the end of the day, hours will pass,
and I'm online with people or making a video or writing
something, and I really only do the things I love.
And I'm very lucky about that.
But it was because I'm different, and there weren't a
lot of people making web series five years ago that I'm
here, right now, and because you guys like me.
Because if nobody subscribed and nobody watched, I would,
definitely, not be here.
Oh this scene, guys, check out the hair.
Are you kidding?
I mean, that is a wig.
He did not grow his hair out like that.
And Jared just looks amazing with that little ponytail.
I mean, are you kidding?
He's right out of "Assassin's Creed 3."
But this is hilarious.

OK, that's my favorite thing in the whole episode-- that
dude running in with the Frisbee.
Yeah, look at that, really funny.

Let's see, "where can I watch 'The Guild'?" Michelle asks.
Right here on this channel.
So Geek & Sundry has all "The Guild" seasons as movies.
You can also order them on DVD.
They're on Netflix streaming, as well.
Season 6 is only on YouTube, this YouTube channel, Geek &
Sundry, right now, so that's the only way you can see that,
but I would love for you to watch it.
We started the first season in my garage with two women and a
camera, and by Season 6, we had a crew of 40 people, and
we shot on location and everything.
So it was, kind of, really a fairy tale story about how to
get something made and get it out there.
"Where can I find your book club, and what's it called,
'Vaginal Fantasy'?" Yes, it is.
You can find the forum on Goodreads in the groups.
And you can find the videos archived here on this channel.
So if you go to the Geek & Sunday channel, you could see
a lot of the shows.
You could also go to our website, but we have a brand
new website going up in two weeks, so that you can find
the shows a little bit easier.
But you can find them on the website Geek
& Sundry, as well.
"Do I remember who Jesse Cox is?" I don't.

Let's see, flyingmidnight, "can I hug you at Emerald
Comicon?" I try not to hug people, because I get sick
really easily, but just tell me you are flyingmidnight and
I will give you a pass.
Oh gosh, five more minutes.
Let's see, I already gave advice for
aspiring writers, Antonio.
You can watch to thing.
"Do I like anime?" JamesBeck asks.
I am not educated in anime.
That is one part of geekdom that I don't know a lot about.
And you know what I like is things I
don't know a lot about.
Like tabletop games, didn't know a lot about them before I
did "Tabletop." Now, can't get enough of them.
I'm having boardgame night on Friday.
My brother is a huge boardgamer.
He was into boardgames before I even did the show.
Let's see, "what about stuff with day9?
Will you do more stuff with him." Day9 actually has a show
on this channel called