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Good evening!
Good evening!
My name is Elena and what is your name?
My name is Xenia and I am an crafsman from Moldova.
What a working on now?
I am working on bear and I hope to finish it today be sewing its eyes and ears.
It is crochet bear, am I right?
Indeed, it is crocheted by a hook and cotton thread.
Do its paws move?
Yes, his arms and foot can be moved around. Later on I will sew buttons to it, as I did to this bear.
Is there something else you are doing besides crocheting?
I like to sew too. You can see here for example some book covers I did. Also, I make Tilda's rabbit and other different animals such as elephants, dogs, horses.
I see that you have a big collection of different things.
Well, this is because I am interested in all this stuff. First you start with a toy and after that you become so excited that you want continuously to do something else.
Can I see this doll closer?
Yes, this is a doll created within Amigurumi technique.
I must say it is very interesting. Can you tell me since when are you a craftsman and for how long are you doing this?
I crochet for 2 years, but I am considered a craftsman for one year only. I make national embroidered shirts and also I weave.
I have to prepare my loom for working as I am planning to weave intensive this winter.
Thus, we might have the chance to add your woven stuff to our blog?
Of course. More than that, at this moment, me and Mrs. Niculina Tcacenco are working on a folk shirt.
Wow, it is wonderful! As I understand this is the only way to earn money for you, right?
It became the only source of profit since I started to do this as a professional.
Are you working at home?
Yes, only at home.
I saw that you have blog?
I do. It is entitled “lucrumanualmoldova.blogspot” and all my works are exposed there.
As I remember there are not only your works exposed. Do you collaborate with other artisans too?
Usually, if I see something interesting other have…
-You try to promote them! -Yes!
It is written in your eyes that you like what are you doing. Actually, it is impossible not love this beautiful things.
Of course I do!
How much from your stuff do you sell? Are people interested in this? Do they boy your toys?
I would say that not only foreigners, but also our people are interested in my things, because they found them very nice and colorful.
You know, when I am working on a toy, it is not only about crocheting, you have to think about the colors you have to use and the way you want to assort them.
For example, it took me almost a day to choose foot’s color for this mauve bear. In the end, I stopped to beige as it seemed to be most appropriate.
I was looking at my bear while in my mind I was choosing the color which would match it better and…
And though it will be better if it will be a color in contrast with mauve. This is a hard work too. Sometimes, you can create a toy in day. Others might require more time.
- Amazing! - Xenia, I would like to thank you and I hope to see more new stuff on your site soon. Wish you good luck!
- I‘ll do my best. Thank you! - Goodbye!