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but has got sat around the whole time network marketing kyani and aren't sure and
uh... i hand waving the white flag of surrender
well it's not worthless hitchcock child but the the best i can do
wiley-liss around that
three years of the same away from nutritional copies i will tell you must
love story why it's going to take a picture of a minute
but i've stayed away from these original copies will be genius
yet we know ninety eight percent of the income of the topic of our news
all for nutritional properties
i believe the figure something like the whole day
thousand millionaires had been made as a direct result of network marketing
copies and all that copies
kyani is now a very well respected industry
and check the business model
and ninety-eight percent of using cameras come from nutritional properties
i've done of all i thought traveled the length of shipping shipping clubs i've
done taping through business model that has not been proven
and most of those comes out as well that film
and i
and i have not made the decision to join the company
it's a nutritional company it's a seven year old company called paddy
and i believe it's a sleeping giant
that just woke up about the amount reasons why
but first let me give you my quick short story blasted with nutritional
properties and i don't think too many people who could tell the story like
i co-founded and i was caught one of the company
called triggering the flagship product was transvaal
of local appropriate arkansas
and uh...
diana property around two thousand one cup which is laid out a copy grew to or
hundred and forty-one
dollars in sales
argue that covered for up to our kids to avoid the issue start kyani 0:01:49.520,0:01:52.299 we moved out of what's going on top of the diana
yet that moved to a fire dealt with with the story
at that have moved to afford us with the facility
although i think for example if the dollar business going on but lee
growing out of the company i was very instrumental for help in that company
chief that growth
and i decided to leave that company to start my own vitamin kyani reviews property at that
time in two thousand
the online into the online
online dot very prominent i want to start up online tropical get smart mines
dot com
and after five years of stronger that company because i didn't do this model a
business plan
and if you remember that he was able to let you down all the dot com suppression
could raise money for the business plan attitude doesn't reach of the house of
slow armstrong paying bills getting has been delayed
had anticipated response
i don't know what the rest of the comp country but in new york new jersey
tri-state area
every day you could get on t_v_ without it without a promotion from terms block
affairs far beyond the coast guard to lay down the coast but most likely come
up with that
you turn on the radio every single opens up the benediction small commercial
strips while commercials
my son's markets there fred what affect went out
mine rivlin's kato they found out my domain to get out of historical
mcdonnell every time i i i think that she won't respond
how often are opting out dot that would be kyani here to view your interest what's
going on
he's adorable recover constructed and all that
couldn't stay away from a strong financial and i got back into network
and i stayed away from nutritional problem i have a great story isn't it
anyways let me give you a couple of reasons why i think i am
is a sleeping giant that just woke up first and foremost a seven year old
company for the last couple months they've doubled inside the united states
midshipmen so i didn't go
by the way kyani international amateur europe internationally infliction countries
the owners the old three eight billion dollar companies that's why it would be
beyond three billion dollar companies
and they believe had it will be done before
number two outcome-based products make up for a second change people's rights
eight people who live
some people live in this regard pain and suffering with some of the illness and
elicited on that same we guarantee that your opinion of this is going to solve
the problem but there are plenty to testimonials
going to be true where people's lives and injured by these products
but a plant and this is what i thought they did change the paper and a whore
five months ago
everyone's checking in the double or triple a month later or two months later
based on the page plant some people's checks even tripled
uh... and that's a lot of his death a copy just paying out fifty over fifty
or about one hour fifty percent believe me but
clint bolick every baalbek onto the property
that came out fifty percent plus
now how can they do real simple
they all but three other billion-dollar copies they do not need the revenues
from this company
by both copies to more than seventy percent margins
they hope kyani they are happy with ninety seven months with the help me
the bodies were discovered to live on what does that mean more money for a
whole bolted for locations below
and also recall whole forgot what it does cost
is used to call for the industry
what was happening i think i've seen about that i never forget my producers a
couple days ago
are sold on video
effect is the first video on this website the introduction of a brand new
of your prospects isn't that what you do see that the conventional second
by virtue of the fifty pounds on investment with this prospect insisted
i got efforts value which is right here when i saw that first video got my
attention i want you to do
and i'd just like i spent the whole day like a little kid just checking out all
the you tube videos finding out as much information as i could get on unkind
and it turned out to be from out of fact
and a couple days quality after that i i saw that video and our kyani pentagon into
what learning more about how did we had an interview with a gentleman
a multimillion dollar keep coming to get this multi million dollar income earner
was copies of seven years
diligent half a billion dollars in sales grew
left that caught your eye candy about four months ago
and find out why he did in the white leaders and now joining patni wife this
is a sleeping
generate that just woke up since that interview
i disagreed about three days ago i believe blessed to have yet to be
and if you will join i promise you'll understand why
this is what i find it
the big income earners are commenting attrition copies we got handy right now
sleeping giant we've got that participated in the the ownership
uh... individual parts picture that they will not be on the street recruit the
next week you gotta go system in place
from the air force's but the bottom line in the ability to get people find it for
and his video prospects isn't designed just to do that
well absolutely and ah...
all that that recognition habitat comes but he doesn't know and all that and
other animal
making that argument over qualified for call deputy carpool business urologic
and united states they don't
that would be recommending to the white house
and the coffee or lunch box of five hundred dollar amount was up to five
thousand dollars a month
uh... at fixing credit ones all that money above and beyond the kyani coupling
became very clear that came out the star wars is that what the residuals
uh... or i could say at this point
do you get to check it out the city that interview what's the rest of the videos
and uh... addition just that you can to make the tough decision dog who i can
just pull
that's where the money is ninety eight percent of the become what has come out
and ritual copies we got hands on your company
we've got everything in place that is that the ownership
of the product line
uh... mounting shortage where people are started google leaves a comment on board
introductions for your prospects is that would be to do something to behold seven
so we have everything up let's go ahead and diluted and if you have any
questions or wait for members on this website you know i love
well that's what year
enjoy kyani the rest of the website dot last time i hope to become part of the budget