Madeleine... Anatomy of a Nightmare (1974) aka Madeleine... Anatomia di un incubo

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Who are you? What do you want from me?
Your joy. -Your happiness.
Your odious innocense. -Your stubborn faith.
We will show you what you don't want to see.
You listen to what you don't want to hear. -You'll know what you want to ignore.
No. No.
You can't...
Not him. He's too young.
Help. Help.
Please save him. Help.
No, not him! He has to live.
He has to live!
He's dead. -He's dead.
No! -He's dead.
He's dead.
The usual nightmare? -Yes, and it was worse than normal.
It's frightening.
And that heat. I can still feel it in my brain.
But what does the doll represent?
It's just a conscious representation of your psyche.
Dreams free you of your anxieties. -But I...
It's reality you should be afraid of. -But what is reality?
I am your reality. Isn't that enough?
Where do you find all that security? -In my studies...
In the reality of the unconscious.
You'll never understand...
When you go exploring in the labyrinth of the human psyche...
You can also lose yourself.
Mr. Schuman.
Esmeralda is about to give birth. -Impossible, it's too early.
I'm going to see what's happening. -I'll catch up with you.
When did the pains start? -I don't know...
Gaetano arrived and he was asking about you.
You should've informed me immediately.
'The first manifestation of the subconscious.'
Now she can give birth without feeling any pain...
But I'll have to keep an eye on her.
You'll have to go to Rome alone.
You'll forgive me, won't you? -It must be great to be pregnant.
To hear it coming into the world.
Suffering to give it life.
I'd hear his first screams.
There's nothing we can do. He's dead.
He's dead. -He's dead.
He's dead.
Yes, it must be wonderful to have a baby.
Goodbye, Franz.
Don't be long.
Madeleine. -Yes?
Why do you keep lying? -It's not true, I'm not lying...
And you should know that.
I'll do anything to have a baby...
It would be the only way for me to find myself.
Is it my fault if I can't have children?
Is it my fault if...
Forgive me. I didn't mean to...
Schuman household? Hello?
Hello? Yes, who's speaking?
Good morning! I'll get your father.
Antonio. -Yes?
Tell Mr. Schuman his son is calling from Paris.
Where are you going? -He went to the park.
I thought I saw him in his study. -No, he's in the park.
Mr. Schuman.
Mr. Schuman.
Your son is calling from Paris.
My God!
Why are you shouting?
You know I don't want to be disturbed when I'm working.
I'm conducting a very difficult experiment.
I didn't shout, sir. But your son's calling from Paris.
Why didn't you say? Thanks, Antonio.
Give it here. Thank you.
Yes? Lewis!
You won the race and now you're in Paris?
When are you going to come and see me? -I was hoping you might come here.
What do you say to a crazy holiday in Paris?
Why can't you? Another meeting?
The usual parapsychology. How are the experiments going?
Sure. I'm upset.
Well, if it's any consolation, the weather here is terrible.
What do you mean? I would've bought you an umbrella!
By the way, that camera you gave me is great.
You'll love the photos. Yes, I'm getting better than you.
It means if I fail as a runner...
I'll start selling postcards by the Seine.
Okay, okay. I'll come there.
I'll let you know when. Sure, I'll be there soon.
I missed you a lot, I can't wait to see you.
I'll be waiting. Goodbye.
What are you waiting for? Have you changed your mind?
What's your name? -Thomas, and you?
Madeleine. Are you American?
No, Swiss. From Geneva.
What are you doing in Rome? -I'm studying at the university.
Which faculty? -Philosophy...
Why all the questions? -I just want to get to know you.
I would've chosen philosophy if I'd continued studying.
Where are you heading? -The sea, to have a good swim.
I love swimming. -Seems like we like the same things.
What's wrong?
I think I was wrong to listen to you. -Really? The sea is a lot better here.
Good morning, lady.
He's born. -Yes?
You should see how nice he is.
What are you doing there? Come with us.
Who's born? -You'll see.
How is Esmeralda? Did it go well?
Thank you. Yes, he's a great pedigree.
He can't stop drinking.
This is my friend, Thomas. My husband, Franz.
Shall we go? There's no need for us to stay here.
Yes, I'd prefer that because I don't get on well with animals.
Go ahead. See you later.
Did it upset you? -Not far off.
I swear I've never felt so uncomortable.
I don't understand you, why did you drag me here?
And why didn't you tell me you're married?
Look over there, do you want to dive in?
That's our sea, but if you prefer the real thing...
It's not far from here.
It really is a great place, do you live here all year round?
No, we only come in the summer.
We live in Marseille. Franz is a shipowner.
He rests here and dedicates himself to his hobbies.
Like horse breeding.
He was so proud I thought he was the father!
You're so foolish! Franz has other interests...
You won't believe it...
But he's passionate about the occult sciences.
He's famous all over Europe. -So you're a happy wife...
You middle class wives are all the same, you're all hypocrites.
Just listening to you, you sound crazy about your husbands...
You say they're adorable, they're a treasure.
But in reality... Isn't that right?
You're very quick to judge people.
Are you sure you're not mistaken? -You're right.
I'll be right back. You get undressed, dive in...
Pretend you're at home.
Let's have a swim. Isn't that why you're here?
Come on, Thomas. The water's great.
I'm coming.
You were right.
Isn't it great!
Will you stay in Italy?
I don't know if I should kiss you or hit you.
Until I graduate, at least. Then I'll be faced with a new problem...
To go on living in a middle class that rejects me.
Rejects you?
Or to ignore it and live how I want, following my more genuine impulses...
To find out who I really am, and what I want?
Stay as you are. -Sometimes I scare myself.
When I think that I could die without resolving the doubts I have.
Without knowing the divine moment of the evasion of the soul.
Of its fusion with the universe.
Just think what it would be like to have a cosmic conscience.
I'd like to change man, change society...
But not like so many people say they want to today...
I hate violence. It's something I really hate.
But maybe it's necessary, sometimes, to defend fundamental aspects of humanity...
...that are sacred to me. The world is in ferment.
Everyone talks about peace, about human dignity...
Yet all we do is encourage brutality and vulgarity...
And hypocrisy.
Something has to change, we can't go on like this.
Perhaps I'm playing for both sides, perhaps I'm delusional...
But I'm definetely a nuisance. Am I boring you?
No. Not at all.
I was suprised when you came up to me this morning.
Because I liked you straight away, you seemed so clean...
So helpless.
And I said to myself, "He's a real man."
If I have a baby, I want it to be like you.
All that swimming has made me hungry, I'm going to grab a bite to eat.
Do you want something? -Sure, why not.
I'll call you when it's ready.
Don't drive too fast. -Okay.
Thomas. It's ready.
Hurry or I'll eat it all myself!
There's too much light, don't you agree?
Have a seat. -Yes.
Aren't you hungry? -Sure I am! I'm dying of hunger.
I go crazy for sandwiches, what about you?
If they're good, me too.
Have you ever made love to a married woman?
Would you sleep with me? -Do you want to have fun at my expense?
If you just want to excite me and nothing more, then tell me now.
Then I'll say goodbye and leave, without wasting time.
Don't you know that it's the expectation that's the real magic moment of love?
I want to shatter your indifference, first.
You make me angry, like that.
Go, I don't want him to find you here.
You're beautiful.
Then it's not true that you don't like them?
That you don't get on with animals.
Not as much as you. I love everything that's real.
Pets irritate me.
It would be great if they were free.
It's a form of protest that's been debated for many centuries.
It all depends on ones concept of freedom.
This is a discussion that could take us very far.
But it's not the time or place for it.
And I'd like to talk to you. -Talk to me?
Yes. About Madeleine.
She's affected by paranoid hallucinations...
Dominated by the influence of an illness of a sexual nature.
Her psychiatrist says I should indulge her every whim.
Whatever it may be.
Something unpleasant happened to her in her adolescence...
Something that upset her psycho-erotic equilibrium...
Forcing her to escape from reality. -Why are you telling me this?
Because you can help her. -Help her?
Sorry, I have to go Mr... -Schuman, Franz Schuman.
It's late, I have to go. -Without saying goodbye to Madeleine?
She would be upset.
Here she is! You're lucky.
This way you won't waste any time.
Goodbye and thank you. -Come back sometime.
Let's go.
It's strange. It seems like...
It's like I'm seeing you for the first time.
But I'm sure I know you.
I'm sure of it.
We do know each other, don't we?
Yes, Madeleine. Don't you remember?
Don't pay any attention to it. It happens often to me.
I'm sorry.
But I don't even remember your name? -Thomas. -Thomas.
Right, it's true. Thomas.
Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by things that are too big for me.
It's like I'm at the mercy of an unknown force, that I'm afraid of...
But I can't escape it.
Sometimes it possesses me. It transforms me.
It stirs up sensations that drive me to a painful spasm.
I don't know how to explain it. Then I return back to normal.
Like that. -You must have had some sort of shock...
A trauma, perhaps?
I can't tell my dreams from reality any more.
The story of the reeds, for example...
Franz says it's just a nightmare, but I've seen that place.
I felt it. They...
Who are you? What do you want from me?
Everything. We want everything.
Your soul. -Your happiness.
We want your blood. -Your youth.
You won't be Madeleine any more.
You will be the personification of our desires.
I haven't been myself since that day.
They've taken control of me.
Don't you realise it's absurd? It's just a fairy tale.
A silly fairy tale someone told you when you were still a child.
Naturally, that must have scared you.
Try to see sense. -Do you think I'm crazy?
Is that what you think? -No...
I just think you have too much imagination.
And you're trying to run away from your banal life.
Then who am I? -I just told you.
You're a lost soul.
It was a wonderful day. I haven't felt this happy for ages.
Who knows if we'll have more of them.
Would you be offended if I said not like this?
Offended? Why should I be?
Quite the opposite.
If you say it, this means only one thing...
That this meeting was also important to you.
And important things, nice things, are unique, right? -Yes.
But it's difficult to convince oneself.
People delude themselves thinking they'll find happiness for sale in a supermarket.
Where can I find you? -I don't know...
Near the Spanish Steps. Perhaps?
With the hippies?
Why not?
Let's head back.
It's late! -What will your husband say?
Franz? He's not my husband, he's my lover!
Good morning, sir. -Good morning, Giovanni.
You're early. -I was impatient to be with you.
Antonio, take care of the luggage. -Right away.
This place has changed. -You haven't been home for a while.
You're Lewis, right? -Yes, I confess!
How did you know? -I guessed.
Look, there are photos of you everywhere in this house.
It's true. -It's not like you're a famous actor!
Welcome home. -Thanks for the welcome.
I didn't know my father was so obssessed with me!
Look at that photo, it's like a Picasso...
Where's my father? -He's gone away for a few days.
He's gone to London on important business...
So important it forced him to interrupt his holiday.
Does he want to buy the entire British fleet...
Or does he want to sell his, so he can go and hide in Tibet?
I can't wait to see him. I haven't seen him for a while.
I live with my mother in the States. They're divorced, unfortunately.
I'm talking away and I haven't even asked you who you are?
I'm his secretary, Madeleine. -I approve of my father...
Unconditionally! -What are you getting at?
Are you busy today? -Very... I'm at your complete disposal!
That's why I'm here. -Then I'm sorry for you...
But I'm frighteningly demanding, you'll see!
What are you drinking? -A Coke.
Two Cokes.
Those Negro's dance really well. -Yes, they're very good.
Did you see that blonde's legs? -Yes, I saw them!
Listen, is there's any chance my father might delay his return?
You should be ashamed of yourself. Is that how much you love him?
What if I tell him everything? -He'd be very happy...
He'd say my son takes after me.
Or he'd say, "Typical reaction from an only child raised by his divorced mother."
Do you think he'd be right? -What do you think?
That's fine. Thank you.
These days have flown by. -Too fast!
It reminds me of... Of when I was a child.
When school was about to start. -Let's not talk about school!
It was a nightmare for me. I liked studying...
But I was allergic to rules. I liked going out with my mother...
Or travelling with Dad. Reading, too...
Staying at home. Just like you, I imagine?
To be honest, I didn't really like staying at home.
Your parents got divorced, but mine...
Mine argued all day long, and they ruined my childhood.
Not only that, but they also left me deeply traumatised.
To think, you seem like serenity personified.
I'm serene with you, but it's different with others.
Thank you. -For what? Feeling comfortable with you?
What's wrong, Madeleine? -Nothing.
I'm scared of myself.
And what you don't know, what I don't know.
Perhaps you won't like it, and I want you to like me.
It's all been so simple since we met, like all my problems have been resolved.
But now I'm starting to have doubts again.
If I can just find one shred of happiness in this life.
I think it will be easier if we try together.
Good night, Lewis.
Damn it! You're great! Like a pro.
And you're incompetent!
It's completely different without wheels.
Let's see if you can beat me.
Now you're provoking me.
Got you! -It's not fair, I stopped.
Careful, you'll make me fall.
Do you want to get rid of me already? Is that how it is?
You won't succeed so easily.
This pond is deep. It doesn't seem like it but it's deep.
I've never been here before but I recognise it.
Ponds are all the same.
Madeleine. What's wrong?
Don't you hear it? A strange sound.
What's got into you? Sounds?
What? -I hear it.
Tell me what you hear? -It's coming from the reeds.
Wait here. I'm going to have a look.
Madeleine. -Lewis.
What's going on? -I saw her.
Who? -Take me away!
Calm down.
Who is he? -You're terrible...
I can't even receive phone calls? -You can't make me jealous.
Who is Thomas? -Some guy.
And? -Half hippy.
And? -And he's my brother.
Your brother. Couldn't you have told me earlier?
No. We've arrived, wait here.
Hi, Thomas. -Hi.
Why did you call me? -I hope I didn't upset you?
No, I'm just sorry I wasn't there.
I called you because I had a strange feeling you needed help.
I can't even tell you how it happened, but it was an irresistible impulse.
Some sort of telepathy. Look, I'm not in love with you...
And I never was. I even have a girlfriend now.
I have a boyfriend now, too. -That's great.
I hope he's right for you. You need someone to help you.
I found him! -Have you left Franz?
Why? Should I? -Of course.
It's so hard to choose.
I find it's a lot easier to accept compromises.
I haven't come here to argue...
I wanted to tell you we're having a party in Lewis' honour...
Franz' son. I want you to be there.
Bring your girlfriend, I'd like to meet her.
I told Lewis you're my brother. -Your brother? Why?
I don't know. But it's too late now.
See you tomorrow.
I find the womens liberation movement is a very interesting phenomenon.
Don't you agree? -Yes, of course.
After all, the youth of today are right beside us.
Have you heard the latest Bacharach album?
Yes, it's good, very good. -Divine!
We saw him in concert last year. -Really?
Excuse me for a moment.
It's so boring. -Don't exaggerate.
I could die of boredom. -That's not a bad idea!
Dying at a party. I'd make all the papers!
Everything okay? -Everything is okay.
A woman of my cultural esteem must be at the avant-garde...
I keep telling my husband, but he doesn't understand me.
You travel a lot, and you've seen so many things...
What have you got to say for yourself?
Pardon? -Are we going forward?
To be honest... -Has it stopped?
What? -The women's liberation movement.
I don't know much about these things.
It doesn't interest me, I'm sorry.
You're a handsome kid, you're excused!
Just like a beautiful woman would also be?
You see, this is why the women's liberation movement...
Fights with all it's strength.
This is why we've decided to burn our bras...
The symbol of female slavery. -Excuse me, I...
These men!
What a house, I thought they only existed in the movies.
I couldn't live here. -May I?
To your thoughts.'s all part of the system. -I surprised you!
Brainwashing this little girl with all your puritan ideas.
Come on, let's dance. -You keep an eye on your sister!
The prawns are formidable. -No, they made me ill recently.
I can't, either. I'm always on a diet.
All alone? -As you can see.
Lewis has stolen Mary from me. -May I sit down?
Of course.
You've found yourself a fine woman.
She's a ballerina, right? Look, she told me.
Do you want to dance? -If you want to.
Thank you.
Excuse me. I must attend to the guests.
My usual.
...and he says, "No, Marquise, it was a mirror!"
Do you know the one about duck and the orange?
There's a duck, in France...
Do you know the one about the Englishman on the hijacked airplane?
"Nobody move, we're armed..."
They contact the tower "We want twelve million dollars."
The passengers fight back...
The plane loses height, finally, it lands...
The passengers are being interviewed...
"Tell us something about the flight."
"Horrendous!" -"Who? The hijackers?"
"No", says the Englishman, "The tea, it was very poor quality."
Here you are. You can have your slave back...
I warn you she's a feisty one. -Uncorruptible! Are you sure?
A Coca-Cola. -Yes, sir.
Nice. They're all nice here.
Are you okay? -I feel great.
I wouldn't say that looking at you. -I just want to laugh and have fun.
She must have had too much to drink...
It happens when someone isn't used to drinking alcohol.
Do you want to lie down in my room?
No, I want to dance all night.
She's an object of consumption...
They're taking advantage of her because they're weak, try asking me to strip!
She's drunk.
Let Madeleine take care of her. You'll see her when she's better.
No, I don't want to. Let go of me!
I'm fine. I want to dance.
I want to enjoy myself.
What are you drinking? -It's strange...
I've never seen her like that. -Evil always comes from deep down.
Don't worry, she'll get over it.
It won't be easy.
You can go, I'll take care of her. -Very well.
Let's go next door.
Our guests are asking about you.
And Mary? How is Mary?
Better. She's sleeping now.
Please take me to her. -Don't be so foolish.
I told you she's resting. She'll wake up in a few hours.
And she won't even remember what happened to her.
Goodbye, little brother. -Goodbye.
Am I intruding? -Heavens no! How is Mary?
Don't do that, you're making it worse.
I'm sorry, but I told you I was polygamous.
No, no. Don't apologise!
I see you haven't wasted any time. -And you? Leaving me alone all night.
You abandoned me, great! What do you think I should do now?
I think you should kiss me.
You'll take Billy for a walk as soon as we get home.
He's been alone all night, poor thing. He must be so bored.
But it's almost two o'clock. -Exactly, he'll need to pee.
Listen, how long will it take to get home?
Three hours. -Are you crazy?
An hour at most. -In your car?
What are you doing tomorrow? -Lunch at the embassy.
I turned them down. I'm not missing the game tomorrow.
I don't like watching it on TV. -Sure, it's better at the stadium...
You don't need to tell me that. -Are you kidding?
You can see more on the television than in the stadium.
It depends on where you sit. Get a front row seat, then tell me.
What is he waiting for?
I'm coming, goodnight. -Goodnight.
We've finished. Poor guy, he was already dead.
The medical report? -It's ready, don't worry.
Thank you. -Goodbye.
So the party had already finished...
And only the servants could've seen him entering the pool.
And what did you see?
His body was floating when I arrived.
Perhaps he drank too much? -It's possible...
If you've ruled out it out as a possible suicide...
Then there's no other explanation. -Right, at least for now.
I'd still like to see you all in my office.
Just a few formalities to iron out. -We're at your complete disposal.
I have something to say...
It's very personal. -Okay.
Strange things have been happening around me for some time.
Things that trouble me deeply.
It's too much, I can't go on like this.
You mean you're dumping me?
I don't even know what I want anymore.
I liked you at the start...
I felt protected.
But now...
Yes, you fascinate me. But you also scare me.
Who are you?
And what power do you have over me?
I need to think seriously about myself.
Yes, yes. I understand...
But which one?
Mine, of the woman in front of you now.
I don't care about the other side of me.
Right, according to you she belongs to the past, but you're also part of the past...
Don't you know?
Every moment that passes doesn't belong to the present any more...
It's already part of the past.
It's just a memory. Real or fantasy?
Nightmare, perhaps?
What's true and sensible about what you say?
The moment you say it, it's not real anymore, but was it ever?
I don't know. I can't keep up with you.
Don't confuse me. -Do what you want.
I've never put chains on your wrists. -No, never...
But that's even worse.
I'd rather be a slave...
Once the chains are broken, it's all over.
But it's different for us.
There's an invisible rope that ties us together.
A rope you have to help me break.
I need to be alone for a while.
To reflect.
To put my brain in order.
All these nightmares that linger within me.
The doll, the reeds...
And now Thomas' death.
All things that destroy. Taking away my will to live.
I'm upset about that poor kid's death as well.
Life is a gift from God and it's a shame to throw it away.
You have all the time you need to reflect, Madeleine.
I just want you to be happy.
I know. Thank you, Franz.
What's wrong, Madeleine? -Nothing.
I'm scared of myself. Of the woman you don't know.
Who even I don't know.
You might not like her.
And I want you to like me.
Sometimes I scare myself.
To think that I might die without ever resolving the doubts I have.
Every moment that passes doesn't belong to the present anymore.
It's already part of the past.
It's a memory.
Reality or illusion?
A nightmare, perhaps?
If I can just find one shred of happiness in this life.
I think it will be easier if we try together.
I couldn't sleep.
I was thinking of Thomas. Why did he kill himself?
I don't know.
But let's not talk about it anymore.
I just want to be with you.
It will be dawn soon.
Have you ever watched the sunrise? -No, never.
It's a great sight.
It's like a ritual. A ritual that's repeated every day.
In a temple as big as the world.
But for me, today, I see the sunrise in your eyes.
Because you are my world. -I love you, Lewis.
So much!
Hold me close, and never let go.
No matter what happens. -I promise.
I told you so many lies. -It doesn't matter.
But it will be different now. I want to make love to you.
I want to have a baby with you.
Franz! No.
Hold me close, hold me.
What do we have here?
Madeleine is my wife.
Did you know? She's a slut.
You really didn't know? -Lewis...
Don't listen to him. Yes, I made mistakes, I lied...
But I loved you with all my heart.
Sure, exactly like you loved all the others...
The ones you slept with. -This is the other side of you...
The side you were afraid of. It was all just an act.
What a fool I've been, now I get it...
You're a nymphomaniac. You disgust me.
Please don't!
Lewis, my love. Please don't believe him.
The experiment has yielded positive results this time, professor.
Who knows what that poor girl's been through?
A few more moments of hypnotic sleep...
And your wife will forget about her nightmares...
And this natural (?) should (?) her subconscious.
Do you think these recurring nightmares will come back?
It would be great if I could say no...
Unfortunately, in cases like these...
We can never be certain of the complete, definitive, emotional (?) of the psyche.
But these modern therapies we use give comforting results.
It all happened the car accident...
She had one breakdown after another. -It was a serious shock for your wife.
She feared for her life. -And I for hers.
She was pregnant. She had an abortion.
What I don't understand is why her dreams were always of an erotic nature?
There's a perfectly logical explanation...
The disability she suffered, following the accident.
These things can deeply trouble a young woman who is in love with her husband.
Perhaps the thought that she couldn't have anymore children with you...
Yes, but in Barcelona, soon after the accident...
I had an operation, and I'm completely cured.
Yes, we know this as well, but your wife was already in a state of shock...
She was upset about losing the baby, who she loved more than herself...
She broke down. It seems logical.
In these psycho-hypnotic sessions...
My colleagues from Geneva and I have carried out a deep inspection...
...into the patient's psyche, searching in the most remote areas...
Trying to remove all the...
How do you feel? -Fine, now.
As though I've been liberated of a great weight.
Take her home, now, and let her rest.
You'll be the best doctor for her.
Yes, professor.
Do you think she'll return to normal, professor Schuman?
It depends on what you mean by normal?
A peaceful, happy person, with no problems.
In that case, Mary, we would be God.
I had an idea, let's go to Madrid next weekend.
Are you listening to me? What are you thinking about?
About Franz.
Please take me to my husband. -But I'm your husband!
No. Don't lie, Lewis.
It's not true. That's not the truth.
Subtitled by Tony Hart. July 2010