Floor Flusher (1953)

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Popeye the Sailor
Floor Flusher
Oh dear! That drip is driving me crazy!
Well, that's the end of that drip.
My cake!
Why that runt Popeye. He ain't getting Olive this time.
Get out of my way, shorty.
I was here first, you big Bluto.
Boys! Stop that leak!
I'll fix it, Olive.
Not so fast, runt.
There you are, doll face.
Oh, thanks. You fixed it good, Bluto.
Oh Popeye, you're wonderful!
Popeye, you did a great job. I know when I'm licked. So, away I go.
You know Olive, he ain't such a bad guy.
[laughs] That sap certainly fell for that line.
Wow! Another leak!
Oh my gosh!
Oh Popeye, the rug!
I thinks the pipes in the cellar needs fixing.
Hey Olive, here's the droop that's been causing the drips.
Popeye, look!
I'll saves you, Olive.
Oh no you don't.
Don't you come near me! You, you floor flusher!
Help! Popeye! Help!
Save me, Popeye!
♪ I gave a Bluto a whipping, and stopped all the dripping. ♪
♪ I'm Popeye the plumber man! ♪ [toot! toot!]