TAB TWO: Interview 1997 (subtitles). Joo Kraus & Hellmut Hattler

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JOO KRAUS: We met while playing pinball.
Hellmut then invited me to his birthday party. That's 10 years ago...
Yeah, we have now 10th anniversary!
He was working on a song, and there was space for a solo.
We locked ourselves in the studio and worked on it. That's how it all started.
I didn't know KRAAN before.
And Hellmut had seen me only once.
HELLMUT HATTLER: Over time, I may have gained a wide range of experience.
With him it was just this incredible talent that was there from the beginning.
And he has started earlier, so he had already caught up when we met.
That's why things didn’t matter in terms of age difference.
I was at a point where I realized: It's getting a little bit boring with the old geezers. (KRAAN)
And Joo was just fresh and has brought his experience. That was brilliant, was perfect.
At the beginning, each of us came up with fragments, which we then put together.
Or we looked for complementary ideas.
Then, during programming, we proceeded to jam with the loops.
And from jamming, we went to composing, and gathering ideas.
Therefore the lable "Jazz" suits pretty well.
Because it produces a flow of adrenaline, hormones and sweat.
Joo serves the technical side, he's the programmer.
And I'm rather sitting around, making a thoughtful face.
And when I have a sudden intuition, I'm running around, and...
JOO: The other day you fell asleep, right?
HELLMUT: Yeah, I fell asleep! That was after the tour, since I was really worn out.
JOO: That was really tough!
HELLMUT: Everyone has some kind of pattern, a preference for certain harmonies.
And as I'm a composer, you'll always find my mental pattern in the pieces.
Composing is sort of a valve to express myself.
The bass is the perfect instrument for me to let out what is hidden inside of me.
I do a lot of rhythmic stuff.
I do a lot of rhythmic stuff, just add a few notes to some triplets.
Well, maybe nobody else makes it in this way.