Dong Yi, 53회, EP53, #04

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Daddy, maybe we're in good again.
You again?
We're working on it, so stop nagging us.
No nagging today. I'm here to help.
For a month you got nothin', but me, I got 'em.
You did?
We did, and I gave 'me what for, tell you what. Better get their funeral rites ready.
That's not you place.
Don't mind him, he's still addled from the attack. But I've got information.
I know who was behind the attack.
Who was it?
You're sure? The lady--?
I'm sure.
Daddy, you think that's it for Hijae and his mom?
Definitely, and none too soon, after all they did to me.
Oh, I can't WAIT for Hijae to get his comeuppance.
Now that's something worth living for.
Mommy, Mommy!
Sweetness! Sweetness?
Hoyang, did your mother go out?
I dunno, I suppose...
You old bag! Get out here and face me! C'mon!
Why are you acting this way?
Time you get what's coming to you!
What now?
About time, lady!
Wha... 'lady?'
Yeah, you old bag.
Have you lost your senses? What's this about?
You nearly got my son killed, don't think I don't know.
You HAVE lost your senses. Get out.
Well? Show the 'old bag' out.
No, I'm not going anywhere. Today I'm giving this old bag what for!
Nutty old... get her out of here.
Please, stop...
Hands off! This hag tried to kill my son.
What're you blathering about?
Blathering? Still denying it, are you?
Who was set fire to Consort Choi's house and tried to pin it on my son?
It's over for you AND your family.
The authorities are on their way, how do you like THAT?
What does..? What are you saying?
You made my son cry and now I'll see that YOU cry. In blood!
I'm stymied. It's bound to come out sooner or later.
And if he takes the throne, he can't--
Did you hear? The ministers withdrew.
Brother... er, I mean, the Crown Prince took care of it.
Yes, I know all about it.
I swear I'll never do anything to make trouble for my brother again.
I know.
Something serious is going on.
What? The Crown Prince can't be cured?
I'm tellin' you, whatever wrong with him...
they're sayin' there's gonna be a state funeral.
Moron, we only just laid the Queen to rest.
That's my point. But I don't think it's just talk.
The Crown Prince has been looking poorly.
And Consort Jang's been working extra hard to banish Yuning.
I wonder what's wrong with him?
The word's spreading already?
Yes, exactly.
But how? No one at the King's pavilion would dare, so who--
Not him..?
Sir, Consort Choi.
Hm? Consort Choi?
- Your Grace. - Did you do it?
Did you start the rumors about the Crown Prince?
It's not just the Crown Prince. The future of the nation is at stake.
It can't be kept hidden.
The nation? Fancy talk can't hide that you're looking after yourself.
I won't allow it.
Your Grace.
You pushed me to use the nurse.
Fine, I may do just that.
By telling the King how you planned on using her to threaten the Crown Prince.
Do we understand each other?
- Your Grace. - These rumors have got to stop.
Send for Lady Jung and Lady Nam. First we have to deal with the court ladies.
Your Grace.
Pardon my saying, but you've gone through enough for the Crown Prince.
Wouldn't it be better to do nothing?
I'm a consort of the Royal House.
I'm not acting out of pity for Yun or a desire to protect Yuning.
The royal line's future rests on the heir apparent.
It is my duty to protect both.