Mobile phone and health - Methods to reduce mobile phone radiation to your body

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Well...hello :-)
Today i will make a video over the topic "mobile phone"
it´s about advices for the behavement with the mobile phone...
...leading to that as little as possible radiation from the mobile phone reaches the human body
that´s the main issue today
the video has a lenght of about 45 to 50 min.
and that you dont have to watch the full video - e.g. if you just have little time
you can klick through from chapter to chapter and so watch the video in many steps
at first we start by a little introduction
Following i will switch to the advices
At first i speak about the SAR value
What is the SAR value and what can you mind about when you buy a mobile phone?
Following I speak about how you should treat your mobile phone so that as little as possible radiotion reaches your body
Following the issue: How does the mobile phone system work
...then about the comunication between mobile cellular radio system and mobile phone
...about how to find out where are base stations (just for germany)
then a summary leading to a ranking about more and less effective ways of behavour to keep the radion away from the body
..then general advices that were less considered in my studies
and at the end a little video that shows up a simple way to demonstrate the mobile phones radiation with a light bulb
and now: good entertainment with this video :-)
For a long time i occupied myself with mobile phones and their radiation
I writed an degree work aout this issue
...and about all the experiments, experiences and measures i made in this period of time...
...i want to inform you today
So...what i want to do today is: Giving you advises of bahaviour for the treatment and the phone calls with a mobile phone
I just red an article that 90 percent of the germans (and probably of the hole worlds population) have - at least - one or more mobile phones
you can see here: everybody has a mobile phone. everybody needs one
we need it for the work, we use them etc.
the question is: do the mobile phone harm our body and health?
Lets start: There is the Ecolog-Institute (in Hannover/Germany) which is independent
and 5 or 10 years ago they have made an evaluation about how the radiation harms our body
here i have made an graphic: We have here the radiation burden
on the left we have a strong burden, on the right very weak
here very weak
here very strong
what do we have on the right? radiation by Base stations
that means: we have a base station on a buildung
and depending of our position - e.g. being far away from that base station the radiation burden is very weak, so its on the right
e.g. this guy doesnt recieve a lot of this radiation
but: the red guy here recieves a lot of the radiation. Is in the middle of the cone
the greens as well dont recieve too much
the greens are on the right side
the yellow in the middle
and the red ones more to the left
that means: to the left the radiation burden goes strong
my mobile phone is the 5510 of nokia, i admitt its a bit older...
...when its placed near to my head and i make a phone call... the radiation burden is stronger than the burden standing in front of a base station
because the base station is far away but the mobile phone near to my head
on the graphic: to the left the radiation burden goes stronger
this is a line for the limit value (of Germany) and it is close to the values of mobile phones
there are many investigations about mobile phones and health, maybe you have noticed that already
and the question is if our treatment with mobile phones is harmful or carcinogenic
but this question is not easy to respond
because: when is something scientifically proven ?
to understand this i want to explain...
Imagine...there are some investigations saying something about cancer....
so they say there is weak indication
If there were comparable investigations leading to similar results...
so they speak about indications
Would these comparable investigations lead to matching results
so they speak about strong indications
if you had investigation of different approaches with the same endpoint and of this strong indications... they speak about consistent indications
if you had identic investigations leading to the same results...
so they speak about a proof
that means: just an investigation saying anything not is a proof for nothing
you need many similar or identic investigations leading to the same result, then you get a proof
this scale of colours are important, we need them
alright...we have our radiation burden: from the right weak, to the left strong
this is the range of radiation from the base station
this is the range of radiation from the mobile phone
and also our scale of indications and proof. red is important here
so...what was investigated so far?
what is scientifically proven are the thermal effects
they are left besided to the mobile phone line
what means an thermal effect?
probably you have in your kitchen an microwave. what do you do with it? you put some food, soup, water in it.
what happens? its going to be warm. so, basically, microwave and mobile phone is the same. similar type of waves
that means: as well with the mobile phone we have some warming
the word thermal means something going on with warm or heat
our head warms when we are having a phone call with the mobile phone next to the head
and the question now is: are there also happening other things not having anything to do with thermal effects?
cancer has nothing to do with thermal effects. and sometimes we hear that maybe mobile phone could cause cancer
these effects are called non-thermal or athermal effects
and the Ecolog-institut (from hannover) had a look about all the investigations and made some kind of summary
just have a look...
the farther to the right the line goes - e.g. this goes quite far...
this stays more on the left side
the farther the line goes...the lesser radiation burden is needed to let it occure
if this line went to the very right side ..and would be red...then this would be a proof for the thing at very tiny radiations.
that means: as well if you lived far away from a base station, the thing would occure in the publicity very often
but its neather very right nor very red. its just yellow. there are just indications.
here we have Kanzerigonität which means cancer. it goes till the base stations line.
means: there are consistent indications that cancer could occure when you live very close to a base station
So why do i tell all this stuff to you?
This was just en evaluation by Ecolog
I also wrote you some links in the description area. if i speak about here you can look for links in the description
what i want to make clear: there is investigation about this issue and also results and many indications.
because very often its said: there is no proof. yes, thats true. ther isnt. but there are many indications
so...there is much investigation and what shall we do??
the 1st manner would be: we ignore all the investigation and just continue as we did so far. everybody has to die one time...
the next would be: we just stop using the mobile phone
i have to admit: i did not just do measures with it...i also do use it daily, means also i do continue using it.
also after i made lots of measures with it. means..until today i didnt and do not abstain having and using mobile phone
so i want to advice a 3rd way:
when we have 2 areas: left is the consume of mobile phone and to the right is the health so there is also an average quantity
the smiley shall indicate this area. i am searching for this average quantity
means i dont want just say: there is mobile phone consume and it has nothing to do with health
neither lets throw away all mobiles, just like that we can stay healthy
i want to show you up a different way
the question is: how to minimize the radiation effectively that goes to our head and body?
To reach this, to use an mobile phone like this, there are some possibilities
the 1st...and i guess that you dont hear that for the 1st time..mind the SAR value of your mobile phone
this is nothing new. thats just 1 possibility
the next thing is: right behavour with the mobile phone.
probably yout going to ask yourself: how to behave different? type a number, take it to my ear
and how to act different? talk about that later...
the 3rd: mind the communication between the base station and the mobile phone
probably you didnt hear something about that we are going to speak about that
1st: SAR value. What is the SAR value?
specific absorption rate
the sar value for different mobiles is different, to find out for your mobile phone there is a link below
imagine this would be the head of a puppet and filled up with jelly
here would be the mobile and for measuring the sar they let radiate the mobile on full throttle
the mobile phone can radiate in different strength
and we let it radiate full throttle now
the grade of warming at this maximum of radiation is the size for the SAR value
the unit for the SAR value do we have here: W/ kg
kg is the mass, W is more or less the warming
mobile phones with low SAR value has values at 0,25
there are also others that radiate to the maximum
mobile phones are not allowed exceeding an value of 2
So there are mobile phones having an value that is very near to the max mark
e.g. this has 1,95
so what is to say? if i want to have less radiation to my body i have to buy a mobile phone with a tiny SAR value
this would be the easy manner of thinking. and it isnt wrong.
Lets have a look on the factor between the tiniest to the biggest value
so we have to divide the biggest through the tiniest value.
i prepared this: the factor is between 7 and 8
SAR values of mobile phones are different in the factor 7 - 8
The SAR value is the 1st option to minimize the radiation to the body
Now we come to a thing i actually did at my university: i made some experiments
Nothing bad, be calm..just some experiments with devices to measure radiation
i want to show this
this is my mobile phone, i already showed this
and this is new: this is a device for measure radiation
so this and the picture is the same, just looks different
and what i did in these experiments was...
..that is placed device and mobile phone in a specific distance to each other
it was in a different angle, ok
so i measured radiation in different distances
you cant measure without distance because the company of the device says...
...that its forbidden measure like this so you need a minimum of distance
thats what i did
There is made a phone call with the mobile phone. The radiation of the 1st minute is captured with the device. It is called Maschek
I measured in different distances: 25, 40, 60, 80, 100 cm.
The results of these experiments you can see in this graphic.
The 1st measurement between advice and mobile phone (25cm) you can see here
the 40 cm are here
60 cm
80 cm
100 cm
that have been 5 different measurements
so if we look at that now
i will now speak about the peak levels of the measurement or the graphic that was developed. peak means highest point
here is a peak
on the left here we have the unit V / m, electric field strength
but i dont want to say too much about units, i want work more with the figures.
The peak value of this measurement is 14
Lets have a look how the peak values change in different distances
(25cm) here we have 14
(40cm) we have between 6 and 8, means 7
(60cm) we have 5
(80cm) 3
(100cm) between 2,5 and 2,8
means: the more distance we have between devise of measure and mobile phone the more the radiation level gets down
From 14 to 7, means halve
7 to 5, less 40 percent
5 to 3, almost halve
3 to 2,5
we also could make a curve
means: the radiation level reduces with higher distance to the mobile phone
the question is: how much does it reduce?
i want a factor for 1 meter distance. the problem is: i cant put the measure device directly to the mobile phone
so i compare the single measurements i have done
from 40 to 25 the value almost doubled
so i say that from 25 to 0 the value also doubles
it also could be factor 3 or 4 but is just say, well alright lets say it doubles
so if it doubles we have with 0 cm not 14, we have double which means 28
so if i compare it with this measurement, which had 2,8
so we have 28 and 2,8. This is factor 10
So we say it is factor 10 or more of radiation less if we keep the mobile phone in 1 meter distance from the body
1 meter: factor 10 or more
remark: the mobile phone is not an isotropic radiator. example: the sun is an isotropic radiator
the sun radiates in all directions the same
a mobile phone doesnt. because of this you cant treat it like this. means you also cant calculate with it that easy
you saw the graphic. and i want to pick out just one measurement of it. the very left one with the 25 cm
and i show this one here on the right
this measurement concists of 2 parts
the part on the left
and the part on the right
at the beginning the radiation rises up very high to the value 14
and then - seconds later - the value falls down to 2
so you can seperate a phone call in 2 parts: the call setup at the beginning and the actual phone call (after call setup)
so if we have a look at the difference
actual phone call has 2 or 2,1
call setup has 14 or 13,9
so more or less 14 and 2. What is 14 divided through 2? 7
So the factor here between call setup and actual phone call is 7
but i measured many many more calls and according to my experience the factor moves between 3 and 30
means the call setup was sometimes just 3 times of the actual phone call and at the maximum 30 times of the actual phone call
that was variable
if we have a look here: 7 and 2 or 1,5, so its factor 5
(60cm) 5 and 0,6; factor between 8 and 10
(80) 3 and 0,3; factor 10
if you see through many measurements you see that it variates in a window between 3 and 30
these here have been had values between 4 and 8
so you see there is a difference in the radiation between call setup and actual phone call
so for summary: the difference is between 3 and 30
so whats the upshot?
a phone call consists out of 2 things: call setup and actual phone call
and that the difference moves in a factor between 3 and 30
there is a difference of radiation according to the distance to my body
if i keep the mobile phone away from my body i can decrease the radiation about the factor 10 or more
so: its important to keep it away (while the call setup)
so..the 3rd thing i talked about:
What is meant with the sentence: communication between mobile phone and base station?
the new issue is: how does the mobile phone system work?
Lets imagine: our whole map would be substituted through a field of little 6 angled areas
they speak about little cells, you probably have already heard about that
If the net or the cell is overloaded you cant make a phone call
..because too many other phone callers are in the system
ok..lets imagine: i am there and this is my mobile phone
and i want to call my girl friend
but i dont now where my girl friend is
if she is at home, or with her mother or father, or if she is at work, or with her friend at cinema, of if she is cheating..
i dont know. anyway...she has to be around somewhere
so what i do is just: I type in the number of my girl friend and press on CALL
what happens? the mobile phone radiates
it radiates to the Base station
this base station is in the same cell as my mobiel phone
now the base station knows: he wants to call his girl friend
but, neither the base station knows where my girl friend is, but...
...somebody knows...the switchboard knows (according to google translator, no idea if its correct)
so know there goes a signal over cable to the switchboard
this graphic says that there is also a connection to the telefone. but i dont want to call this, i want to call my girl friend
the switchboard knows my girl friends mobile phone location, so it sends the signal to the base station in this cell
to communicate with the mobile phone the base station has also to radiate
the mobile phone recieves...
it could be off
maybe it is on and on stand-bye so i could make a call
maybe she has a call to somebody, so my mobile phone would say like: the participant is unavailable
but..if she is available and the mobile phone on stand-bye the mobile phone will confirm: yes, i am available
so radiate goes to the base station, over cable to the switchboard, to the base station, to my mobile phone
and then we have a CALL or CONVERSATION
and exactly this way i just called CALL SETUP..what i was talking about before
and while this call setup there is transmitted no voice, i cant say anything
so these 15 seconds of keeping away the mobile phone is not bad at all
so i can - very effective - reduce the radiation that goes in the direction to my body
so its not bad at all, keeping it away while the system has to search for the other mobile phone and to setup the call
next question: is the intensity of radiation of my mobile phone always the same?
Lets imagine...this is the base station
there are different persons in this imagine
here is the cone of radiation
and persons in this cone - like the red one - are exposedvery strongly
he recieves very much of this radiation
this (yellow) person less and this (green) person least
because they are not in the cone
this doesnt mean there is no radiation but it is less than being in the cone
the intensity of mobile phone radiation, what does it depend on?
in this cone the reception would be quiete good
means that also the mobile phone - even of the red guy - just has to radiate tiny amounts to be great recieveable for the base station
and if you are here or here, in a location more shielded of radiation
the mobile phone had to comunicate louder
imagine...somebody is standing next to you..then i could comunicate very quietly with this person
imagine this person stood 2 km away from me i had to shout very loudly
so...the closer we are the quieter i have to speak...with less intensity i have to speak
similar situation with the base station and the mobile phone
the better i get understood of the base station the less voice or intensity i have to give
if i am in an area very isolated...e.g. in an underground car park
and i want to speak to the outside...i cant just speak normally, i had to shout very loudly that persons outside could understand me
similar wiht base station and mobile phone...
the intensity of the green guys mobile phone is increasing radiation to the maximum...until it gets feedback of the base station
the base station says: go on this level of radiation, in this one i can understand you sufficiently
if you went i below i couldnt understand you anymore, keep being at that level of radiation
so the mobile phones radiation depends on the base station
means the mobile phone never radiates the is different not always the same
intensity..........depends of reception and distance to base station, but that isnt necessarily true
these two people - even though they have different distance to the base station - have different reception
and this guy - being very near to the base station - has very bad reception
you cant say that globaly...but in the free landscape it is valid
that: the closer you are the better reception you get
what do you think? if you are being right before the base station, your mobile phone is comunication with the base station
and lets say..because they are very close to each other...the mobile phone has to radiate very little
lets say: the value 1
and now lets imagine..we are in a basement or underground car park
where it is that isolated that the mobile phone had to radiate with the maximum level of radiation
now imagine this value, lets say it is double would be 2...10 times stronger would be 10
imagine...................ok, i am gonna tell you
it is factor 1000 (for GSM system)
means in an area very isolated the mobile phone radiates up to 1000 times stronger
than in an area where it can comunicate to the base station very easily
this is GSM..but we have also UMTS...guess what factor we have here??? i am gonna tell you
factor 100 millions, 10*10*10*10*10*10*10*10 or 80 decibel
GSM: 30 decibel, UMTS: 80 decibel
all the time i spoke about base stations, probably you gonna say: i have never seen one
neither i have any idea hot it looks like. You dont have can get information out of the internet
just go on this adress ( it says how we can find the localisation of an base station from the internet)
(if you have an advice how to find base stations out of germany please give comments or mails) you can find out where are base station in your area
the post number for heidelberg....
and now this site shows me where are base stations in my area
we have 7 base stations here
if i lived in the Moltke street i had 200 meters to the base station
means, if i want that the mobile phone has just to radiate little that it is understandable for the base station
and less radiation goes also in my direction...
so i go very close to the base station
and if i dont want the base stations radiation to hit me to much i stay in big distance to the base station
but you can see very clearly the localisation of the base stations
so lets go back to the original question
How to minimize the radiation effectively that goes to our head and body?
What behaviors are the best?
I set up my personal charts
On position 3 is the one you already know:
Buy a mobile phone with a very low SAR value
we found out that the SAR value of different mobile phones just differs in a factor between 7 and 8
so that is the least factor you can protect yourself
you can buy a mobile phone with low SAR value
but it is not the only factor how much radiation affects your body
lets continue: Position 2...i let you have a look what we have here...then i will comment it
there is it again
the base station had to put up lots of radiation to... (reach the mobile phone)
the mobile phone also has to increase radiation...
we have a that strong system that here in this room the mobile phones are reachable
even though we are very isolated here
we have call setup and call entry
sms output and input
mobile phone turn on and off
these are the mobile phones operations in that it has to radiate very strongly
we spoke about call setup which is here
but also in case of call input - when somebody calls me, i dont realise that right away - the mobile phone has to radiate strongly
not just the base station, als the mobile phone has to radiate strongly
you cant notice that
i can tell you but you cant do anything because you dont know that it is coming
sms output and input
very important: very important, you write text message and if you wrote it
now i send it to my girl friend, and in the moment of output...the mobile radiates again...
so it definetely makes sense keep the mobile phone away in this period of time
while sms output and input
well.. i dont know neither when the sms message comes, i just received one
and also in the moment of receiving the mobile phone has to radiate a lot
and also while turning on the mobile...
taking it, typing in the PIN, put OK, mobile phone logging has to increase radiation
also while it turns off
by the definetely it also makes sense to turn it off in the night
its left to everybody if he or her wants to receive sms or calls in the night
but it probably is not too bad tu turn it off in the night
and while all this situation put the mobile phone away from your body
i wrote different things into the clips
we found out and is said that between call setup and actual phone call the radiation differs in factor between 3 and 30
and the different radiation between having mobile phone close to body and keep it 1 meter away is factor 10 or more
i didnt measure the different radiations for sms output / input and mobile ohone turn on and off
i cant say something about that issue
but what i can say is that these different values (more than 10 and 3 to 30)
is absolutely more than if you just consider the SAR value
so that these simple behaviors are even more effective than just consider the SAR value
so these were the positions 3 and 2
lets have a look on situation 1......
Just have phone calls with the best possible reception
Because in the GSM system the radiation variates in the factor up to 1000
between basement and in front of base station the radiation factor can differ up to 1000
this is GSM
for UMTS it is 100.000.000, not imaginable
means the mobile phone radiates very differently and the actual radiation depends from the base station ( because of your location)
to make an upshot of these things here
It doesnt too much matter with what mobiles you make your phone calls.
it is more important where you make your phone calls, better with good reception
because the factor it is about is very high
well...these are the things i dealed with very intensively
now i tell you some general advices that you can also mind
e.g. using shielding material
you could use aluminium paper
but there is one thing to notive
Attention: No complete shielding, just in direction to head and body
means: when you take your mobile phone and you isolate it completely
the only effect you get is that your battery is getting low earlier
the mobile phone has to radiate stronger
in all directions - outside of the isolation - there has to be the same radiation than before
So inside the isolation it has to increase the radiation to reach the base station with double, 5x, maybe 20x more radiation
so if it radiates to the basestation 5x stronger, it also radiates to the body 5 times stronger
so, because it has to reach the base station like before, therefore it reaches also the body like before
so you didnt win anything
if you shield it completely
what actually makes sense is that you just shield it in direction to the body
what i can show you...i also have it in my own pocket
here i have shielding material
it is double layer
i have it in my pocket...always
well.. i have it in this position to my body
here is the pocket, here the shielding material
here is the mobile phone
here is my body, genitals etc.
once i measured that
i measured that with the material 10 percent of radiation coming through and 90 percent are reflected
i didnt follow this measurement, just values of experience
it should be measured continuous
this is the first thing
means you can use shielding material
but just in one direction
if you isolate the hole mobile phone you will win nothing
the next thing...
while phoning use earphones
but if you do...keep it away from the body if possible
alright...when you keep the mobile phone away from the body...
dont keep it away like this...
better like this
so that between the mobile phone and me is the hand
i didnt measure that but i guess it could also take away a few percents of radiation
so this is the perfect manner how to behave while call setup and while any phone interaction with mobile phone system
Just make phone calls in silent areas
I will push in another video after the lecture
i measured with a light bulb next to an interacting mobile phone
you probably cant say that for 100 percent that the mobile phonse radiation depends on the surrounding volume
means that in a very noisy club the radiation would increase because its very loud
and that if i entered a silent room the radiation decreased because of the fact that it is silent
you cant say that to 100 percent, but apparently in 90 to 95 of the cases
and you will see it also in the following video
so with a pure conscience i would also recommend this:
Just have phone calls in silent areas
so we came through..Thank you very much for your attention
i hope i could give you some useful advices for the issue mobile phones and its system
What you will do with that knowledge...i dont care about that
well...i care about that. It is your body. And you have to decide what you do with it
i just wanted to give you advices and inform you about my results of reasearch
Thanks for your attention
so we have here a big wire
which consists out of 2 big and 1 small wire
and the little wire (which is a light bulb) is brazed between the 2 bigger wires
and if you have a phone call and in this time you put this big wire next to your mobile phone
so the radiation of the mobile phone causes a movement of electrones in the wire
so they move from one end of the wire to the other
so there comes up a stream
and if this is very strong the wire lights up
means the radiation of the mobile phone leads up to a shinig of the wire
and the idea is that through the level of shining you can say something about the level of radiation of the mobile phone
the more shining....the more radiation
so you dont need a expensive measure instrument, just this little wire that is made up easily
so this could also be an interesting idea for schooling (because it is very cheap)
so: more radiation...more shining
interpreting: the more shining the more radiation
now i make the phone call is just mailbox
and you can see very clearly..if you talk very much (it is bright) and if you are silent... is just blinking and if you are louder... ( it gets brighter)